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Rich Table. Ala carte or chefs tasting?

That is a toss up. I trust those chef's 100%. That being said I usually want something specific off of the menu as well. So you could do the Chef's menu and then order any additional dishes you might want to try

Miller's East Coast Deli, San Rafael has closed

When Moishe Pipic closed I thought that was the end.

Looking at the blog, it's like they removed most of the traditional Jewish foods. They removed the Chicken I'll likely only go back for Matzo Ball soup.

wow, what a change! and brought back Boar's head

Miller's East Coast Deli, San Rafael has closed

Felt like it was a few doors down. Milly the woman with the Polaroid camera used to frequent it. They had Beef tongue and one of the best pastrami sammys. ohhh what a flashback!

Miller's East Coast Deli, San Rafael has closed

I forget what sammy my boyfriend gets but I think its the buffalo one.

I get the Matzo ball soup, chicken salad, chicken liver (not as good as the one from House of Bagels) and that is about it. I rarely get anything else. They are the closest thing to me that resembles the old Jewish Deli that used to be next door to House of Bagels...what was that called?

Richmond District Recommendations, Please

Sushi at Kitaro
Mexican at Tommy's
Gordo Burrito
Hard KNox
Royal Market for produce and proteins

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

Upcider on polk. Great cider list, good view of polk st, decent flatbreads/salads/etc

Dirty Water - SF

Named as slang for whiskey.

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

I just had lunch there last week and was reminded of how good it is.

I am an east coast oyster fan and they had a nice selection.

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

I agree. I grew up on Gordo's being the best burrito, and while I have found better, that is still a really awesome option for me.
And I'll Throw Nick's crispy taco's and the burritos from there as well.

Restaurant Walkable to Fairmount [San Francisco]

Big 4 and maybe Mason Pacific?

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

I recommend Bix constantly

4505 Meats to take over the former Brother In Laws/Da Pitt BBQ at 705 Divisadero [San Francisco]

and the butcher shop is closing, becoming belcampo!

Trip Report: San Francisco with my Foodie Son...

Thank you so much for your detailed report, it will be great for future visitors.

I love IN N Out because I do not eat fast food for ethical reasons and IN N Out is the only one I can eat. meat delivered daily, everything made in house, nothing frozen(except the shakes). I personally order a double double with grilled onions and two packets of sauce.

the micro-climates are truly difficult to navigate because you really do turn a corner and BAMM 15 degree difference.

UGH and yes...the crazies...

It is very interesting to hear the impressions of SF from a visitor.

old-school high-end for celebratory dinner


old-school high-end for celebratory dinner

Prospect? have you done the new Fog City?

Or Epic since the chef change?

old-school high-end for celebratory dinner

When was the last time you went to Bix?

Jason's Greenbrae--a service breakdown

did you email them?

Extensive food advice required - let's get this party started!

you could stay near the embarcadero and be close to the ballpark.

The Hotel Vitale, the Hyatt but even from Union Sq its really easy to get to the ball park.

Top 5 restaurants in San Francisco...?

This can easily turn into High end vs places we love to eat and don't mind spending money at.

"High End" (and if you are sticking to that concept please let us know)
La Folie

Favorite places I can easily spend a lot of money on:
Rich Table
Foreign Cinema

Firebrand Brick Oven Bakery [Oakland]

I am a HUGE fan of their bread and I am so glad to see that they can expand to other restaurants and now retail.

Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

Looking forward to your report on all that you and your son did and ate!

NEW: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, SF w/ PIC

And it sounds like they are moving to LA. So I wonder if there will be another just like it but in LA.

I'm curious because it was just a few months ago that they were broken into and only the recipe book was stolen...not the money

NEW: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, SF w/ PIC

WEll this is a curious turn of events, especially after the mysterious break in.....

Chef and Instagramer are leaving....have left

Nice early Sunday dinner in Palo Alto, plus transportation help

Thank you for an awesome report back!

And Congrats on your Son's graduation

Starbucks to close La Boulange

for half of what he sold it for?
Unless they own the real estate then the land is more valuable I would think.
regardless on my personal thought on their food, they seemed highly successful.
Will Starbucks keep the recipes?

Starbucks to close La Boulange

I wonder if someone will swoop in ans buy the brand and return it to what it once was.

Guddu De Karahi closing/moving? [San Francisco]

Another SF food trek - June 25 - anyone interested?

Not "better" per say. The Marina is the first location. The Mission is their "flagship".

Another SF food trek - June 25 - anyone interested?

Which Tacolicious are you thinking?

Hunan Home's chili sauce [San Francisco]

I am really bad at knowing the difference between the cuisines, so I could not speak to it being very Hunan. I think it's pretty Americanized. I mean they have Lemon chicken.
But I find the taste and flavours good and I always enjoy my self. Of course it does hold fond memories as I have been eating there since high School.

My families go to place was always Yuet Lee.

Oh Spice comes in when I order something else, which I occasionally do, usually a poulrty dish