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Help finalizing restaurants, deserts, cocktail/speakeasy, as well as opinions on SF staples

I love that Stones Throw made it on your list. Near by for great cocktails is Verbena

Restaurant for 16th birthday lunch?

Fog city

Restaurants for kids' parties? [San Francisco]

Check out the park chalet. Pizza's, hot dogs, you can rent half of the restaurant and part of the out side that has a tree perfect for a Pinata. The left side if you are facing the beach

Restaurants for kids' parties? [San Francisco]


How Old are the children and are you looking for a theme? specific activity?

Polk St. Indian Restaurants SF

I live in the neighborhood and have not been impressed by any of the sit down Indian places. I am really interested in hearing if there are some favorites out there. However I have found a most wonderful Indian place that delivers to the area, and that satisfies my craving.

Family gathering in Berkeley: restaurant and caterer ideas, please


Noise, Small Plates, and Mason Jars: Local Food Writers on Their Biggest SF Restaurant Gripes

#29 was my most favorite!Followed by #20!

Salumi and Charcuteri in San Francisco

I am trying to create a list of the best Charcuterie and Salumi plates served in SF restaurants.

So far my favorite has been at Leopold's, however looking to the chowhounds for other options.

Thank you in advance

Dim Sum Club (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

I too am in disbelief. That place has been thru so many reincarnations. The hotel is essentially dorms for AOA and some tourists who do not know better.

Looking for a few more reports before I go...Im totally suspect

Best restaurants in SF for 120-person wedding reception dinner and dance party?

I was at the StrEAT food park last night for the La Cocina event, and one of the facilities people was telling me you can rent out the park for weddings, etc. It is not formal, and def funky, but may be a good alternative. Live music is ok there and it would be catered by food trucks.

just one more idea to throw out there.
Tho overall i think something like the Cabin or the GGYC is going to be the best budget option for you

Best restaurants in SF for 120-person wedding reception dinner and dance party?

Farmshop, tho it is likely pricey as well. Bar Boce might be fun. I don't know enough about Jack London, but look around there. Oakland will be less $

Saint Frank Coffee Shop (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

I love them. over and over again. But I do not like Sightglass or blue bottle. I find those places to be too sour and I prefer a darker roast and with some bitterness.

What I get there....the Almond Mac Capp. They make this amazing Almond Macadamia milk that I can not get enough of. I also like the coffee tonic if im in the mood for something iced.

I love the space. clean, bright and not cluttered. They have an awesome coffee lab upstairs as well.

They are largely South American but they just went on a coffee sourcing rip to Africa, so I am very excited for when that gets roasted. They roast at Ritual.

Have you tried wrecking ball?

Best restaurants in SF for 120-person wedding reception dinner and dance party?


What day of the week and what time of year are you looking for.
Not a restaurant but I will throw out the Golden Gate yacht Club. Fairly reasonably prices and good catering.

Also check out

When your family just has to have bread bowls...

have a Boudin bread bowl at the Boudin factory. They aren't THAT bad

Belcampo Meat (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

I have not dined there yet only because last i checked they still did not have a liquor license. However i did get some bacon burger ground beef and it was DELISH, tho their bacon is VERY fatty and little meat, so the burgers shrank significantly. the flavour was incredible.

Replacements for retired favorites?

Sourdough Leek bread from Fog City Dinner. Tho I think I can find the recipe

casual Friday night dinner place in Pacific Heights? [San Francisco]


millennium? [San Francisco]

Are they suggestion it for a specific reason? Like being Vegan?

Honeymoon splurge dinner in SF


So a kosher meal? or just not in the same course?

First few places that come to mind are

Verbena (accommodating to dietary restrictions)
Roka Akor
Cocotte (request the table under the stairs)

Dirty Habit @Hotel Palomar [San Francisco]

Yeah...Its a tad weird.
but he even said so him self " Do I want to make chicken wings every night? No. But Ill make the best damm wings you can taste"

plain and simple...5th floor was loosing money so fast...

"Old Palm Springs"

Melvins. Nothing else touches it. Also, let me know if you want the opposite recommendation as well. Something so new School

May 19, 2014
smatbrat in California

eating in SF with a kid and allergies

sf is well versed in allergies. I would simply inform the restaurant when you make your reservation. Only other recs would be to not do Thai as there are peanuts everywhere.

Girls weekend - Friday dinner [San Francisco]

Beretta, La Mar, coquetta would be my recs

La Ciccia is great

Dinner suggestions-Near Larkspur Landing/Marin County


Bars/Dinner before Ballgame [San Francisco]

21 A

Mission Rock resort

Is it true that SF restaurants barely make profits?


You can intern with me anytime!
There is a difference in being successful and being open. Being open day after day is not always a measure of success in a restaurant.

One place I opened in Boston, returned investment in 3 months. They predicted one fiscal year and they were knocking it out of the park that they started making money on week 3 of being open, that rarely happens.

People who "love to cook" or "love to eat out" often have no clue what it takes to serve the paying public. Knowing what to do, how to do it, and different ways of tackling a whole slew of different problems....

There is a huge difference in owning a restaurant and running a restaurant. Smart owners hire experienced managers and do not try to do it them selves.

I can go on and on and on. I will say that SF is insane when it comes to opening and running a small business, and specifically a restaurant. As mentioned above, some landlords have a % of sales go towards them. Highest min way with zero tip credit, SFHCSO, and SF Sick time are 3 of the biggest profit killers.
Cost of items that flux. Labour that goes into prepping these items. People will judge a dish based on cost but have no idea how many man hours and prep went into the dish getting to your table.
Guests that linger way past closing time with less then 3 sips of wine in their glass....they do not realize that the server sticking around to be sure their water is filled....just went on over time and it's costing the restaurant $16.12 an hour to keep them around, but the table stopped spending money 2 hours ago...

on and on....

I do not think there is a way to direct message on here, but I am happy to answer any questions in relation to running a restaurant.

Walkable in the Marina? [San Francisco]

my fav thai in the neighborhood!

Walkable in the Marina? [San Francisco]

Bin 38, Verbena, Stones throw, A16, Terzo, Tipsy pig(tho can be a scene). Many options

Wood Tavern-ish in SF?

Range comes to mind.

best price on Guinness Pub Draught cans?

I am exactly the same way and I find that Safeway has the best prices with the club card