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Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

I will be in Pitt in July and would love to know what you have discovered thus far.

I live in San Francisco, so I have Asian covered here.

about 24 hours ago
smatbrat in Pennsylvania

business trip to san francisco

Is there anything specific you want to try?
Have you been here before and had some favorites?
Are you from somewhere that is lacking a certain type of cuisine?

Lers Ros Thai - SF - Report

Did not recommend them.
She may have not known what pork noodles I was referring to, but she spotted my list, picked it up and put an astrix next to it and said " I do not recommend"

Inside Scoop---New Look?!

I personally do not like the new format. It reminds me of the style which is why I no longer read the SFGate.

it's cleaner but feels like a tabloid.

thoughts on the new look and design?

Lers Ros Thai - SF - Report

Thank you all for your suggestions.
You contributed to an outstanding meal.

The Hayes Valley location does not have the #'s so I am glad i wrote down the names of dishes.

Koh Moo Yand: this was Wonderful! thin slices of the pork( I think shoulder) and the sauce was so delicious! I will order this again and again.

The Koong Chae Nam Pla: the raw prawns. I appreciate that our server warned us about the level of spice and that they were raw. No problem on either. I personally removed the giant piece of garlic on each prawn. This dish reminded me of my favorite dish from Lotus of Siam, the charbroiled prawns. While very spicy (for me) it was such amazing flavour I could not stop eating it.
The Pad Kra Prow Moo Krob: the pork belly. While very good, I think this was my least favorite of all of our dishes.

Thank you again!
Oh when I showed the server my list she told me to cross off the Pork Noodles....

Junior's "BBQ" ( burger )

I work right there. Thanks for the tip, but how low quality beef are we talking?

Lers Ros Thai - SF - Report

I knew someone would come through with the links!
Thanks Robert

Lers Ros Thai - SF - Report

I am going tomorrow night with a party of 4. The Hayes Valley location before the conversation with John Waters at the Norse.

I have gone before and I always like it, but I do find the menu overwhelming to decide what to eat while in the restaurant. I always feel like I should have planned a head with a few dishes that I know will be stand outs.

Dietary restriction for me is no crab, all other seafood it ok.

What are some of your most favorite dishes? Or any other recent threads that mention your favorites.

Thank you!

The Bimini Twist

That is very interesting. The few I red on Trip Adviser seemed like they were visitors "best meal we had on our trip".

The Bimini Twist

Thank you. I should have mentioned I did google it prior to posting.
I wonder if anyone has heard about it or gone to it.

The Bimini Twist

Has anyone heard of this? Or Dined with them?

I was looking for places to eat in Pittsburgh on TripAdvisor and wondered what SF restaurant was ranked #1. Figured it would be Gary Danko...Nope its The Bimini Twist.

Californios [San Francisco]

William Becket has gone, he mentions it in a few places

New shave ice shop in Cupertino

The Huli Huli has them as well, SF Bayview. Though I am pretty sure they are not homemade syrups.

Fisherman's Wharf Starbucks to serve booze. [San Francisco]

I was thinking they should do it at the California and Spruce location

Chronicle top 100 2015

I always find it interesting to see What Michelin chooses and if Bauer agrees.

Also that he apparently tried to get permission to go up to 150.

Franklin BBQ pop up mid-May?

Soooooo who went? reports?

48th wedding anniversary dinner in SF

Just a note, the under the stairs table is at Cocotte not at Aziza

SF birthday dinner for a 7-year-old

If you can handle Jekyll and Hyde, you can def handle the Tonga Room.
I LOVE Musee de Mechanique.
As a child growing up in SF that was absolutely one of my favorite activities.

I have never eaten here, so i really can not speak to the food. But it is on my list of places to try just because it's under water in a light house

Other fun themed restaurants would be Straw. It's pretty small carnival themed and the Tilta while is one table available to groups or 3-4.

Too bad Teatro Zanzini isn't open yet!

SF birthday dinner for a 7-year-old

I had a birthday there in my early 30's.
Is it "foodie" food? absolutely not!

did I enjoy it because of the atmosphere, yes!

Is there a place in NYC that would fit the bill? we can probably find something comparable in SF.

Kinda depends on what kind of 7 year old we are talking about.

48th wedding anniversary dinner in SF

Aziza is great but certainly not walking distance. French ,off the cable car line in Russian hill. And they have this one table under the stairs that is super private and romantic. You could certainly request that spot

SF birthday dinner for a 7-year-old

I was thinking the same thing for Mission Bowling.

When a menu is not a menu

Some chefs like that element of surprise, or they thing you will like it.

Wor Won Ton SF

My favorite Won Ton is from Taiwan Restaurant in the Richmond dist. But I am not sure if it is Wor Won Ton

Lunch at Pier 39 for large group [San Francisco]

If I have to eat at the Pier, and it can't be IN N Out, then I do Alioto's or Scoma's.

A little further away and I would see if Fog City can do it.

Commonwealth, SF: Report

Thank you for the reminder to get back there soon!

NEW: Trestle, SF North Beach 3-course Tasting Menu w/ PICS

Thank you. I LOVE Stones Throw so I am very much looking forward to trying this.

San Francisco with clients

Alfred's as Robert Mentioned is my most favorite steak house.

5A5 would be trendier and it is next to Kokkari.
Roka Akor would work for sushi

I second Flytrap!

Good food and beer for a visitor and new residents?

really? I think their selection of beers is great and not limited to just THEIR beers.

It's been a few years beer wise.

Good food and beer for a visitor and new residents?

Beer Garden in Hayes Valley
Certainly any of the brewery, 21A, Southern Pacific, etc

Hopwater distribution
Bartlett hall
Stones throw

Lunch Spots Between San Francisco And Mendocino

The very top of my Must Try list for next time I am in Healdsburg is Barn Diva

I havent been but Ive been really really wanting to