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LivingSocial Coupon for Morimoto Napa

It would seem like it. Not a great deal, but a good one.

I would verify with the restaurant that they are really offering this.
Often times sites like that put specials on sale and when enough people buy them, then they contact the restaurant and say "see how many people love this offer, do you want to offer it?"

Approaching Wine at the French Laundry???

I was speaking with a former FL Somm last year about this kinda thing. One of the best things he told me is "I love when people are on a budget, because then I actually get to work. Find that one awesome bottle that fits their style and their meal with in a price point. Much more fun and harder to do than when someone has a huge budget and can order even more options"

Pacific Heights and Marina District recommendations please [San Francisco]

Ahhh Welcome to my neighborhood.

I agree with Terzo and Delarosa.

my personal favs (I walk everywhere):

Stones Throw
Cafe des Amis--- I sit in the bar and have oysters, muscles, cheese and wine--- one of my favorite dinning rooms and bar in that area

Tipsy pig---but can be a little Frat Row ish
Bin 38---love the charcuterie and cheese selection.
Leopold's--- my favorite charcuterie in that area
Brazen head
Bistro Aix
Le marais bakery

Recommendations for dining around NYE/following weekend. [San Francisco]

goldang195 Would you say that Verbena is safer but just as creative?

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer,Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

for me the worst is sightglass. It's just so light and sour.

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer,Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

I will go to them as well.

Sometimes the only option around
I like a dark roast. I do not like light roasts as you get with all the third wave places

Local Xmas/Holiday Snack Food Gifts

I found some of my local favorite at the La Cocina Holiday Pop Up Store
I personally went a bit wild for the Chocolate Covered Alfajores.

La Cocina is opening a pop up shop starting November 28th-December 24th. The shop will feature lots of their great vendors including Claire’s Squares, Kika’s treats, Don Bugito, Rickshaw Bags and more! The store will be open Black Friday and some of their program graduates will be serving food during our Tree Lighting event from 4-9pm that same day. Make sure you stop by during the holiday season to get all your family and friends gifts!

New Years Eve and Nob Hill [San Francisco]

Mama's is still good. I prefer the brunch at Original Joes over park Tavern. Although I do love the avocado toast at Park Tavern.
Also, not mentioned on here, but The Square does brunch.

*** While I do like park Tavern I never bother to read Bauer's review of them mainly because his boy friend is an investor. So I personally believe there is some bias there.

New Years Eve and Nob Hill [San Francisco]

Great! Personally I love the lobster ceviche and the crispy octopus there a lot! Not sure if it will be a special/different menu.

Chez Papa [San Francisco]

New Years Eve and Nob Hill [San Francisco]

Range is one of my favorite restaurant in SF.

what is your dream NYE?

Tablehopper reports on The Progress [San Francisco]

One thing I really like about them as a group is they make it VERY clear what to expect when you enter the door.

So many places serve family style and do not tell you until the server gets to the table. It changes the way some people dine. Especially some older people I know who want their own entree. It's like they get ahead of any potential problems by being very clear. Same with the reservation/walk in policies

Yet another craft beer hall: Hogwash now open in Union Square [San Francisco]

I'm going to Bartlett on Saturday and really looking forward to it.
Love Mikkeller...been curious about Hop Water.

For some reason I can never convince my self to trek up the hill to Hopwater, or Mason Pacific for that matter.

Cozy & quiet near(ish) 7th and Brannan SF [San Francisco]

District might fit the bill if you are going all the way to 4th.

Cozy & quiet near(ish) 7th and Brannan SF [San Francisco]

Generally a pretty industrial area and you won't find much right there other than mars Bar. Is there a reason to stick to right there? as apposed to driving over to 4th/3rd where there is plenty of places to dine

You are about 5 long blocks from SOMA Streat Food park

SF best steakhouses

For Classic I always go with Alfred's.
For new I go with 5A5
For out of the box a Brazilian Steak house

Dim Sum Club (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

Thank you for asking, greatly appreciated. Cafe Como had beer and wine, so kinda bummed, but I can survive!

Sorry about your morning!

Restos/Bars serving Tom and Jerry drinks? [San Francisco]

This popped up on my Eater

Grab your trusty Christmas sweater and hit Parallel 37 tomorrow evening for their annual Ugly Sweater Night, featuring egg nog, hot buttered rum, and holiday punch for $7 ($5 if you BYO holiday mug), and free bites from the kitchen. The most festive sweater wins a prize.

Hunan Home's chili sauce

I will be there in a few weeks for my annual Xmas dinner. I can certainly inspect closer.
Glad to hear you went there. It is my Go To Spot in China Town.

TAIWAN Restaurant - Berkeley

The one in the Inner Richmond ( I understand they are not related, even with the same name) is one of my most favorite spots. Specifically for the Most Favorite Chicken dish and almost all of their soups (The only one I do not care for is the hot and sour soup. for some reason it's just not good to me and always reminds me of ketchup).

Where can I find great French Onion Soup?

My Go To are always Absinthe and Liverpool Lil's

Restos/Bars serving Tom and Jerry drinks? [San Francisco]

OH! I completely forgot about having it served to me as apposed to making it at home.

I would think maybe the Pied piper or some place Classic SF would have it. But please keep us posted if you find one!

Dim Sum Club (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

What is the alcohol situation at the Dim Sum Club?

New American / Californian Recommendation

That was my thought.
Farm to table in every way possible. And always seems to be on the forefront of what chefs are doing, with out the modernist touch.

Range is still one of my most favorite restaurants in SF.

Marina O'Laughlin on San Francisco's restaurant scene

Thank you for sharing. Great little write up!

New American / Californian Recommendation

I second! Range, Verbena, Stones throw and I have not been to the new Marlowe, but I'm sure it would be great.

Oyster Rookie

I agree 100%, practice and chain glove.
I have shucked over 1000 oysters in my life time, and I still do not enjoy it. I am constantly affraid I will stab my self.

In addition to the safety what Civil Bear mentioned is also true "Serving on the half shell is also a bit difficult for a novice because you will want to keep any grit or shell fragments from entering the oyster."

And most shuckers fully detach the oyster and flip it a time or two.

Dine About Town 2014 [San Francisco]

I have discovered some gems from DAT. And I would also use it to try a restaurant I was curious about...but worried it wasnt worth it. Found both hits and misses

The Enhancements seems kinda odd....

asking participating restaurants to get also just kinda silly to me. Chefs are creative all the time, especially based on relationships with farms.

And I dont want DAT to be a departure. Like Torina said, you got a good sense of what they had to offer.

I will be curious what menu's look like and how many really participate in the $85 level

Dine About Town 2014 [San Francisco]

What do you think?

I find it somewhat complicated compared to the traditional way of doing things

Dine About Town 2014 [San Francisco]

So they are changing Dine about town this year.

GGRA is taking it over and will be re-branded as Restaurant week. They are offering different tiers of participation and it is up to the restaurant to decide at what level they want to participate. Has anyone read or seen the new details?