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best hot spot for a Saturday lunch with the girls?

is there a food or neighborhood preference?

El Cerrito pub crawl

I agree with the Taco Truck!

Where to open a bottle of Champagne (legal or not) ?

Walton Sq is cute and close by.
But I personally would go to the Embarcadero sculpture garden area. by the punch line on the upper level.

2015 Tomato Dinner - Oliveto

I don't know that it has happened yet, but I will tell you I had one of the best Tomato dishes this season at Olivetos two weeks ago.
Salad of Early Girl and Sweet 100 tomatoes with avocado mousse, Pecorino cheese, and fried garlic

Best Hippie-Yuppie Food In San Francisco? (Help a Tourist!) :-)

Seed and Salad? Or Seed and Salt in the Marina?

I'll add to that list Nourish Cafe

Rangoon Ruby New Burmese on Polk St SF

Thanks Hyper!
I know someone on this board lives across the street (saw that mentioned somewhere)

Funny, I picked up Bobs at 8:15 on Tuesday with no line, almost a 2 hour commute due to an accident on Octavia and Market...donuts were not the best I've had from Bobs. Usually bobs is awesome and these were meh. not as frosted, not as soft...

I live in the neighborhood so parking is not an issue for me. But the Jug shop does parking for $10

Rangoon Ruby New Burmese on Polk St SF

Any more reports?
I was thinking of walking there for dinner tonight

The Rotunda at NM

If you enjoy afternoon tea, then I suggest going for tea service. The Rotunda, The Palace and the Ritz (thought have not verified if they still do this) have lovely tea service. I find that you have to actually enjoy that sort of thing. Small Sandwiches, a sugar high from the pastries and cookies, the buzz of either tea or bubble. It's an experience.

Lunch for me there is very "lady's who lunch". I can not comment on it other than when my gals and I get together for a 3 hour lunch with wine...we will often do it here because of the "feel" of the experience.

50th Birthday Dinner in SF for Less Than $300

Bix would be my first choice.

Nojo closing 8/14

They opened about the time I was working at Boxing room. And I remember being really excited to try them and then there was something about their reservation policy that was what i consider rude. Of course this many years later, I am not sure what it was. But it put me off. And then I simply forgot about them

Dinner for Two, $500

oh I totally forgot! Bix

Nojo closing 8/14

That is interesting.
I never went, but really want to get there now.

Dinner for Two, $500

If it were me,
La Folie
not necessarily in that order and I am interested in Californios

Eat Up, new reviews for the Chronicle, not authored by Michael Bauer

Anyone used Good Eggs/Fair Share specialty food delivery services?

spawns another many food delivery/meal delivery start ups are going to last?

Amazon and google are delivery as is Safeway and of course CSA boxes.
And then the "we send you everything you need and you cook it" places: like Blue Apron
and finally the prepared foods: spoonrocket and sprig

Oh and another category, which is the office delivery ones. Were the entire office is given lunch, but not from the in house cafeteria.

Prior restaurants in current Marlowe location (4th & Brannan)

Most recently it was CoCo500

Decent restaurant near SFO?

Coco Frio, new venture by Manny Torres and his wife, opening soon

softly opening, hard open on Sept 1st

Service charges off the table in Oakland

The California law was established by the Dave and Busters case allows for tip pooling with employees who are not direct to customer, ie. the BOH and bartenders.

Managers can not touch the tips.
Managers can touch a service charge. However there is a case going now that questions the language of service charge and most lawyers (post healthy Sf fiasco) advise that restaurant use language other than "service" if the house is going to keep any of it.

In the past the way restaurants got around laws that did not allow for sharing with BOH is to have the kitchen employees run the food to the table, like SPQR.

SFGate: What does San Francisco smell like?

Pot and piss

Anyone been to Le Colonial recently?

I think a lot of us stay away from Slanted Door because its touristy, pricey and hard to get a reservation. I prefer Out the Door on Bush if I want Charles Phans food.

Family Vacation in San Franciso

The Sea Lions
Best Sports store for apparel
Hyde Street pier
Maritime museum
Buena Vista and a stroll through Ghirdelli
Watching Sourdough at Boudin
my most favorite activity of all: Muse' de mechanique (still heart broken they moved it).
The War ships on the other side of Muse de Mechanique
watching people swim in the bay from Aquatic park
Stroll through the Cannery.

and of course getting to Alcatraz.

I grew up with the wharf basically being my back yard, as a kid that was the best thing. Pier 39 anytime I wanted. yes, most locals stay away. But I go fairly regularly. That being said, I imagine it's like Pike place to locals of Seattle or Times Sq for New Yorkers. I understand its a tourist destination. While I wouldnt waste my time with Ripley's believe it or not, or the rainforest cafe. I find great enjoyment out of the above activities.

Family Vacation in San Franciso

That is an option depending on how one is going to do the wharf.
If I started on the pier 39 side, then sure, I might wonder into NB for food later. but if I am starting at Hyde, I would either eat at the wharf or keep walking past pier 39 and get something on the embarcadero.

Restaurant recs near Union Square

Unless you go somewhere super meat-centric, you will find veg friendly restaurant all over SF.

Kin Khao would be my top choice.

Family Vacation in San Franciso

If I eat at the wharf, I will eat IN N Out burger.

That being said, I have had good meals at The eagle cafe for brunch and fog harbour for dinner.

Scoma's and Allioto's .

Or I will walk to North beach or to Fog City, pier 23

Beverage industry sues to stop San Francisco health warnings on soda

Soda is the new Tobacco. I feel like I am reliving the label wars and children advertising of the 70's and 80's.

I wonder if the Surgeon General were to release a warning about Soda and obesity, if it would have the same effect as when the Surgeon General released the statement for Tobacco.

Friday Lunch in SF


Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

as seen by people whom are trusted

Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

I presume it's not a bigger deal because 1. no one can dethrone Bauer 2. most people just know that this is how you play the game. It's sad when some restaurants don't know how to play (Epic being the most recent).

Ive invested in a restaurant after the license has been obtained, so I can not speak to it being a matter of public record.

The accounting company that runs their books will have lists of all the's been verified that MM name is on a few lists of investors

Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

oh apologies, It's his life partner.
He is the one who is really friends and investor of many restaurants in SF.

And since MB usually dines with him, it is even more obvious when MB is visiting your establishment. He usually send MM in first, hoping to not be recognized.

Like when A16 posts on Facebook a picture of Shelly(owner) with MM hugging at the anniversary party....