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Goat Cuisine in the Bay Area

Not sure if you saw this

Join CUESA for our Seventh Annual Goat Festival, a celebration of all things goat! The festival takes place at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market (at Embarcadero and Market Streets).

10 am - 1 pm: Bring the kids to play with adorable baby goats from the San Francisco School and Toluma Farms in the petting stable in the south driveway near the Sur La Table store.

11 am: Goat cheese tasting class with the California Artisan Cheese Guild (ticketed; check back for details).

12 pm: Goat-themed cooking demo with John Stewart-Streit, Hog’s Apothecary.

All festivities take place at the CUESA Classroom (under the white tents in front of the Ferry Building) unless otherwise noted.

During market hours, look for delicious goat-inspired creations from artisan food vendors in the market.

Event link:

No goats will be harmed at Goat Festival!

Jeremiah Tower v. Michael Bauer on FB

Oh that's the best part!

Jeremiah Tower v. Michael Bauer on FB

Off topic, but have you all ever read JT's instructions for lettuce?

Rangoon Ruby New Burmese on Polk St SF

It's meant as is "Marina people who can not *be hispter trendy* in the Marina can do so on Polk."

Or that Polk is the more *gritty* street compared to Union, Fillmore and Chestnut.

Rangoon Ruby New Burmese on Polk St SF

Many of my friends in that neighborhood refer to Polk St as "The Mission of the Marina"

I wondered what was going to take over for Sushi Rock, thanks for sharing

Jeremiah Tower v. Michael Bauer on FB

I enjoy a "feud" like this is it further encourages other Chefs to come out and say basically "Bauer, we don't give a crap what you have to say about us". I know many chefs who would love nothing more than to walk up to Bauer and say "Hi Michael, you are welcome to dine here any time you like, however we do not wish to be reviewed by you".

Chowdown Lunch Report: Farewell to Capp's Corner in SF's North Beach

Oh How I wish I could have joined you! What a fabulous chow report and send off for them.

Jeremiah Tower v. Michael Bauer on FB

Awesome! Thank you for sharing

Join us for lunch today 4/13 at Capp's Corner in North Beach (San Francisco)

Oh Im sorry I missed this.

How was it?

Girls lunch pre-Union Square shopping [San Francisco]

Le Central would be my first option.
The Rotunda would be the other option if I wanted to do "fancier"

Mother's day brunch

I'm not sure what special means to you. Places where I would feel comfortable to bring a baby and takes reservations would be

Park Tavern
Magic Flute--- this may be the more *special* one
Presideo Social Club
Stones Throw

And on Mothers day I think people are more *understanding* of a child/baby being there

Fog City tonight [San Francisco]

Here is my latest post on Fog City

Lazy Bear Review [San Francisco]

Thank you. I was looking on the site and could not see a price.

They are doing a matthiason dinner and Ill be curious what they will charge. They are limiting it to 40 people

Festive restaurant for a group of 10-12 in SF

How important is quality? Ambiance?

I mean the Tonga Room comes to mind, although the food is not of quality.

Great places near AT&T park [San Francisco]

Great places near AT&T park [San Francisco]

My favorite spot in that area is Primo Patio. I never know when they will be open, they have kooky hours. The back patio is great on a nice day.

The Creamery
The butler and the Chef
someone was just telling me about a place that is lunches and fresh/organic/etc
farmer browns/little skillet
Tender Greens
Koh Sumai and the Monkey (not sure if they are open for lunch)
The Yard at mission rock, I have not been my self but drive by it.
Flytrap if you feel like a little walk.

English cider in San Francisco?

There is a cider tasting in April. looks pretty great according to the list

Lazy Bear Review [San Francisco]

How much are the tickets?

Hawker Fare in the Mission [San Francisco]

I couldnt hang with it. I tried really hard. I added more rice. but I could barely tolerate the smell. of the three of us one person had no problem eating it.

Boxed water in SF

Gotcha! Thank you. I really had no idea about boxed water doing that.

Boxed water in SF

How very interesting. I had no idea. Thank you.

If I'm in this situation I wonder which is a worse impact on earth?
Do you know? I was thinking the energy/oil in making plastic bottle and how many of them do not end up in recycling VS something that would deteriorate with time.

Mission Impossible ? Good Japanese in the Mission District . [San Francisco]

Said they were going to take a few months off and then look

Mission Impossible ? Good Japanese in the Mission District . [San Francisco]

Last day is April 10th.
Owner's uncle wants the space, already signed the lease

Boxed water in SF

a lot worse?
I love my hetch hetchy!

Often I have to host meetings/event and provide individual water to the attendee's. I rather give them a box over a bottle.

It's shocking that no matter how many times I ask/tell them to bring their own water...they fail to do so.

Suggestions for lunch only M-F restaurants

Brick and Mortar but with only a parklet for seating...Hazel's Kitchen

Napa/SF split week?

Absolutely! People routinely go for just one day. Going mid week is a great idea, but def check to see who is open as they will close on random days.

Yahoo Says Best Chinese "Restaurant" In California is Something Called The Chairman Truck

And it is opening as a restaurant with expanded menu.
Drove by yesterday and the sign is up.

Decent-quality-not-expensive sushi in SF that's pretty good?

Kitaro on Geary and 21st in the Richmond

Boxed water in SF


Has anyone seen Boxed Water is better actually sold in San Francisco?
If so , where?

Liholiho Yacht Club, SF w/ PICS - get the Baked Hawaii dessert!

Great pics! That dessert looks amazing. Thanks for the report!