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Capp's Corner gets a new life.

It mentions that mid meeting rumours were spreading while they were still at the negotiating table.

It will be interesting to see who this potential other tenant is that is making an offer on the space. I don't know why someone would go after such an regulare watering hole with the intention of changing the concept/name/etc.

I could see someone trying to buy it and keep it going.

Any potential buyer/renter who changes things and pays more rent than Capps should fear a backlash from the community. It's a short walk to other regulare watering holes.

about 14 hours ago
smatbrat in San Francisco Bay Area

Moving to North/East Bay

Check out ALbany, El Cerrito, Kensington

Based on what you have said that is an area I would choose.

about 17 hours ago
smatbrat in San Francisco Bay Area

Polk St. [San Francisco]

4-8pm, but they often run out of sides. Never seen them run out of chicken.
Monday and Wednesdays. I generally get there by 6:15

walking distance of fishermans wharf

In N Out

Polk St. [San Francisco]

Yeah he said last night they save it for the Ferry building and its just too much set up etc.

Last night they had pork knuckle and lamb.

Polk St. [San Francisco]

I will remember to ask tonight when I am there picking up my weekly chicken dinner.

Moving to North/East Bay

I agree with Robert. Did not see Alameda. You can eve find a great victorian there.

Polk St. [San Francisco]

No. Just the chicken, potatoes and currently brussel sprouts.
They will switch to a cold corn medley salad once sweet white corn comes in season.

They are offering a few order ahead specials in the future, like a leg of lamb you can pre order for a specific pick up date.

Moving to North/East Bay

If I had a choice, I would prefer Marin.

In Marin I would check out Strawberry village, There is a Pizza Antica there as well (disclosure, I work for that company), IN N Out burger, Plant organic

The Marin Country mar at Larkspur landing

Farmshop and Marin Brewing are my go to spots there.

Corte Madera

I am a huge fan of Blue Barn.

I would encourage you to consider Fairfax and San Enselmo as well.

Other North Bay favs would be the Buckeye roadhouse.
Too many to list in Sausalito.

Fog City, SF reopens Mon 9/23/13 for dinner

I went last night for dinner at 6pm.
It was slow when we arrived and filled up quite a bit, but never super busy.

First and foremost I find the web site hideous.

Sweep the Leg

Bulleit Bourbon, Cacao Nib, Ancho Chile, Gancia Americano, Citrus Honey, Walnut Bitters

Nice balanced cocktail, not too sweet at all. Served with one giant ice cube.

Had a few Sweetwaters from Hog Island. They kept reminding us that these were local.

Deviled Eggs

Grain Mustard, Crispy Quinoa, Bacon

I like their deviled eggs. By far not my favorite in the city, but very solid and good.

Brussels Sprouts

Asian Pear, Ponzu, Togarashi

Nice sweetness from the pear.

Spiced Lamb Skewers

Tomato, Red Onion, Lemon, Vadouvan Yogurt, Butter Lettuce Cups

I had this before and really enjoyed it. Nice Vadouvan and it's a make your own lettuce cup which I also enjoy. The crisp texture with the softness of the ground lamb. It was a tad on the salty side. or at least I wanted to drink a lot of water after each bit. While yet still enjoying the flavour and seasoning

Wagyu Flank Steak Frites

Shoestring Fries, Malt Vinegar Mayo, Chimichurri Sauce

I prefer my Chimichurri a tad more finely chopped, and theirs was more chunky. The MR steak seemed slightly under cooked, but we don't mind pink. The Malt Vin mayor was my favorite part of the dish

I enjoy the space. I generally enjoy the food and with only one of two "edits" to the seasoning, I would enjoy it more. Had a nice Rose' as well.

Service is just kinda odd here. I can not put my finger on it. It's almost awkward....

Private Dining for marriage proposal

Like underneath the Giant Bow and Arrow!

Tasty Italian Meatballs for a birthday celebration?

I still have not been. I can not tell you why that is. i was at Fog City last night talking about how I had no issue returning to Fog City, but for some reason I can not get my self to go to Tosca. Those were two of my childhood staples and if anything Tosca is more true to the original than Fog City...I just can not seem to do it and I really want to check it. out!

Private Dining for marriage proposal

Seriously, we could collectively help you plan this. I know of many locations that would be incredible. And restaurants near by for celebration.

Private Dining for marriage proposal

I was thinking the same thing, a hotel.

Or many places that are not crowded in public that offer incredible views as well.

Polk St. [San Francisco]

I LOVE Leopold's!
I second UpCider for the best cider list and fairly good flatbreads. Plus great people watching from above Polk.
At Toast, the Hasbrown hill is my personal fav.

Polk St. [San Francisco]

Having been part of the opening team, I too am very curious. I'll likely try it next week or two.

Craw Station (Inner Sunset, SF) - Report

Thank you. I have always wondered. Any idea where they are getting their crawfish?

Best Bar Steak in SF ?

I was at Park Tavern last night, at the bar and what do you know, they have one. I was not in a steak mood, so I can not attest to how it is. but it does exist

Polk St. [San Francisco]

I did a search of the board and while lots of posts talk about Polk St, none are dedication to Polk St.

SO many changes and new things going on that street.
The new Rotisserie spot
This new Gelato place
Basik and the Acia bowls
The Roli Roti Rotisserie truck on Mondays and Wednesday at the Jug Shop (OK technically that is Pacific st)

what are some of your favorite Polk st spots?
New things coming that you are excited about?

Takeout ideas for bar party (San Francisco)

Check out La Cocina and their list of clients who cater

Looking for exceptional birthday cake with milk chocolate as the star...

My friend had her wedding cake from here. I had never heard of them before. The cake was good!

Looking for exceptional birthday cake with milk chocolate as the star...


They may have a recipe.

That may be the issue, if a bakery is not familiar with baking with milk Choc than they would likely want to test the recipe etc in order to ensure it tastes great. Almost an investment on their part.

Where can I find aji amarillo?

This may sound unusual, do you have Peruvian restaurants in the area? Considering how little you are going to need, think about calling them and asking where they would recommend, or if they would be willing to sell you some.

At La Mar they would often do this for people

Arguello, Presidio [San Francisco]

That is the exact reason I have never been to Arguello. Both times I have tried to go as a walk in, they were closed for a buy out. And I ended up at the Commisary

A few days, kid friendly, staying financial district

So you are basically staying in Chinatown.

Alfred's is in the alley next to your hotel if you want a steak house option.
I haven't been to Nan King in years. my go to in Chinatown is Hunan Homes. Others often suggest Z&Y.

Near the exploratorium I really like the *new* Fog City.

Recommend Park Chow. Another option would be the park chalet just cause the kids can run around on the grass. but the food is not to be raved about. Bugers/pizzas/fries

You are close enough to the ferry building. you can also walk North Beach all the way into Fisherman's Wharf

Dining on Sunday in SF - close-ish to BART


Are you visiting from Boston, or already live here?

If you get to Suppenkuche right when they open yo will not have an issue. Or put your name down and enjoy some of Hayes Valleys offerings while you wait.

Lyft may be cheaper than a cab ride home, as a side note.

Other thought, tho far from BART is Leopold's on Polk and Union. Then you have Polk street to drink along after, including one of my favorite spots Robber Baron.

"The last sommelier standing — where are all S.F.’s wine pros?"

And I would add that in some places the servers are Somms.

The last restaurant I managed we had Four level 1 and Two level 2 in addition to our wine consultant who was going for his Master Somm.
So while some restaurants may not employ a Somm on the floor for every service, a lot of people working are Somms.

Please tell me your favorite dim sum and favorite sushi in San Francisco?

Best vs Favorite.
Yank Sing and Akiko

Favorite: City View and Kitaro

Very tentative tourist plans, open to suggestions!

And if you choose Boxing room (I second the muffaletta suggestion) but also Arliquine cafe is around the corner with lots of to go items that travel well and last

SF Trip report from a Londoner

Thank you for the report. So interesting to hear of others experiences in SF.

I will be curious where are you are going try next time.