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Camp BBQ

I had not heard of it. But a quick glance at the web site, and they open at 5pm. Not available for lunch.

Further down Geary is Kitaro sushi, a personal fav of mine in that area.

about 15 hours ago
smatbrat in San Francisco Bay Area

Nothing but Forgettable Fancy Tasting Menus at Bay Area French Influenced High End Restaurants - RANT

As much as I did not love the food at Cafe des AMis, I always felt it was the most french/Paris bistro feeling. The vibe and ambiance felt like Paris to me. I enjoy Absinthe for that reason as well.

Le Central is still my day time go to for french.
The evening go to is

Basik Cafe: Acai Bowls | San Francisco

Ya know, I looked for that and no. Everyone sitting there was using the Bio Bowls. Two sizes and the price difference was 11 or 14. honestly for 3$ more you might as well get the large.

I will say that I prefer them melted so far. Im still eating it (thing is HUGE) and i prefer the more liquid compared to the cold almost icy/froyo kinda texture.

I can certainly see getting on and going for a long walk/stroll/picnic with it

Basik Cafe: Acai Bowls | San Francisco

I went this morning at a little after 8:30. The parking gds were in my favour and there was no line.

I ordered the Puna and the Forager. one for me and one for my office to try.

I like the base of the forager better than the puna. its a tad sweeter.

everything is made to order. I watched them slice the fruit for mine. nothing was precut.

Two larges and a cup of coffee $31.00

Nothing but Forgettable Fancy Tasting Menus at Bay Area French Influenced High End Restaurants - RANT

Not sure if Paulo is reading a long
but he just did a bit on bay area tasting menu's

Nothing but Forgettable Fancy Tasting Menus at Bay Area French Influenced High End Restaurants - RANT

I was thinking something similar. About being Seen at a Scene. Where as SFers just want to be the first to be there, eat there, discover there.

When I first moved back to SF in 2008 I was shocked at Yelp's usage. IN Boston, where I had just moved from, No one used yelp for food. Yelp was for nail salons and dry cleaners. Not for restaurants. That was still left to the professionals to give opinions on.

This has changed since then.

Ethiopian food

Ever since the Blue Nile closed I have not found a place I love. Can anyone recommend a restaurant? Preferably in SF?

Private room for grad party with no wine corkage fee in SF

I dont know of any place with out corkage. However if you are in the wine biz, I would reach out to one of the locations that buys your wine, as they might be willing to do it.

Nothing but Forgettable Fancy Tasting Menus at Bay Area French Influenced High End Restaurants - RANT

I am fairly certain that is why Crenn changed things right after her second star. She wants that third star

Why are they standing in line ?

Ya know the other day I was looking for lunch near by work, dogpatch/bayview, and I saw a taquieria and was like OK I can do Mexican for lunch.

Walked in and the line was 15 people at least. I'm thinking, OK I just found some place I never knew about and it must be good if the line is practically out the door.

It was good, but the reason everyone was in line: Taco Tuesday for $1 tacos.

Is Philz Coffee That Good?

I like Philz. It was, for me, the first coffee house that did individually brewed coffee. Took the Starbucks/Peet's model but with fresh cups of coffee. And I like that I can get a variety of coffee there.

I prefer a really dark roast. I do not like sightglass/blue bottle/etc I find the roast light and the coffee sour. I prefer thick and dark like Molasses.

At Philz you can get a variety that suits any taste.

Looking for SF Walking Foodie Neighborhoods

Excellent list. I will add in 21A and Nova as well as Primo Patio.

Why are they standing in line ?

WE just like lines. It means in a city with a gazillion places, the one with the line MUST be good.

Basik Cafe: Acai Bowls | San Francisco

And it just went to everyone's In Box via Urban Daddy, so I have a feeling its going to be busy for a while.

Looking for SF Walking Foodie Neighborhoods

You can def have a drink and a meal at the bar at Aziza. Kitaro Sushi is a personal fav as well. and you can not forget Tommy's.
Sometimes I really miss living out there

Looking for SF Walking Foodie Neighborhoods

I'm never really clear on when it goes from Dogpatch to Potrero.
I love the little stretch that is where Hazel's kitchen is. Nice coffee shop, parklet, and I love Hazels.

Is it true that SF restaurants barely make profits?

Don't start one in SF!

Looking for SF Walking Foodie Neighborhoods

I love this. We do this as well. Pick a street and just walk it to discover things.

Davisadero is next on our list of streets to walk.

Bobo's Steakhouse [San Francisco]

It's good. Solid.
Service is good. There is also the Lounge portion.

However my favorite steak house in SF is Alfred's. Some will vote Harris

Best dim sum for group of 40?

City View could do it. They have a downstairs dinning room separate

French Laundry Contact info [Yountville, Napa Valley]

You will have to look and see when they are re opening.

make a reservation
Please note that the restaurant is now closed for renovation. Please check back for more information in the coming weeks as we confirm details regarding the planned temporary kitchen.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We serve dinner seven nights a week and lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We offer a nine-course Chef’s Tasting Menu and a nine-course Tasting of Vegetables, each priced at $295. Dinner reservations are available from 5:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. and lunch reservations from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Reservations are taken two months to the calendar date and can be made daily by calling our reservationists between 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. at

Sunday brunch for Easter

I have. I have never gone on a Major Holiday like Easter. But I have been for Brunch and Tea many times. I enjoy the brunch, service has been good. It's a higher quality than you would think. It is however $$. So I am not sure the value.

Sunday brunch for Easter

I would not eat at Top of the mark.

The Fairmont in the Lauren Court might have one.

Campton place is given a lot of love on here.

Sunday brunch for Easter

Places that come to mind first

Boxing Room
Park Tavern
The Garden Court in the Palace.

Dinner in SF to replace Presidio Social Club? Garibaldi’s?

I think that would work as a replacement. Solid neighborhood spot.
Parking can be very difficult in that area. I almost always end up parking on California after circling the block many times

Basik Cafe: Acai Bowls | San Francisco

I tried to go today at 2pm....

Verbena on Polk, SF

Very interested to watch the changes unfold:

Entertaining a picky visitor: suggestions we both can enjoy

WEll most places will handle Glutton Free with out issue.

I only know SF, so i can not suggest specifics. But almost anywhere can handle dietary restrictions

Palm Spring restaurants

I like Cheekys for breakfast/brunch.
Spencers for lunch, never dinner.
Melvins for drinks and a killer chicken pot pie, for me I only go at night
Workshop Kitchen is the most "SF" restaurant in the dessert in my opinion. I always enjoy my self there. Interesting interior. Must like communal tables.

Please update after you visit

Feb 20, 2015
smatbrat in California

Have you seen this kind of Taco?

I just got back from PV Mex and I took one bite and said out loud " I have never tasted anything like that before in my life" Which is a rare statement.

I can not think of the last time I tasted something so different from what I have tasted before.

I was hoping to either find it or be able to recreate it. The sauce is likely going to be the most difficult part to recreate.

Thank you!