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Beverage industry sues to stop San Francisco health warnings on soda

Soda is the new Tobacco. I feel like I am reliving the label wars and children advertising of the 70's and 80's.

I wonder if the Surgeon General were to release a warning about Soda and obesity, if it would have the same effect as when the Surgeon General released the statement for Tobacco.

Friday Lunch in SF


Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

as seen by people whom are trusted

Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

I presume it's not a bigger deal because 1. no one can dethrone Bauer 2. most people just know that this is how you play the game. It's sad when some restaurants don't know how to play (Epic being the most recent).

Ive invested in a restaurant after the license has been obtained, so I can not speak to it being a matter of public record.

The accounting company that runs their books will have lists of all the's been verified that MM name is on a few lists of investors

Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

oh apologies, It's his life partner.
He is the one who is really friends and investor of many restaurants in SF.

And since MB usually dines with him, it is even more obvious when MB is visiting your establishment. He usually send MM in first, hoping to not be recognized.

Like when A16 posts on Facebook a picture of Shelly(owner) with MM hugging at the anniversary party....

Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

I can certainly tell you that he is not the investor. Mike Murphy is. And Bauer denies it.

His partner is an investor in Park Tavern. And the Cavalier.

Help me formulate a plan for TONIGHT: SPQR, Progress, State Bird [San Francisco]

Out the Door is another option. Dosa. Woodfish house
1300 Fillmore.

I think it's good you have back up plan because Tuesdays are popular for State Bird. and 3 is harder to seat than 2. I would call and see if they have a cancellation, ya never know. Oh and Fat Angel...

Dunkin Donuts coming to the Bay Area

How much did they have to pay ro open in SF? Since they clearly are the formula retail that our city does not allow with out a hefty price tag to the city and a non profit

Dunkin Donuts coming to the Bay Area

DD just makes me miss Boston. But no, I doubt I would frequent there.

Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

I love the guys behind Belga and I frequent it because it's in my neighborhood. There is no way it deserves 3 stars. 2.5, ok but not 3. and the entire neighborhood expects those prices to by next month.

Japantown area [San Francisco]

Fillmore st is great for eating/shopping, etc.

Delfina pizza
Out the Door
Social Study
1300 (love the shrimp and grits)
Elite Cafe
Fat Angel!!!!!

Short walk to Hayes valley, longer walk to Marina/Russian hill, but not a bad walk. Takes me 30 min from Polk and Broadway to Fillmore and Geary.
State bird, progress

Potrero Hill area? [San Francisco]

You are staying in my dream location. I would love to live on 18th and Missouri.

Hazels Kitchen for breakfast/lunch
Chez Mamman
The Formage shop
Neighbor bakehouse
Serpentine (not a personal fav of mine, but most people like it)

I can easily go on and on.
The T line to the ball park is super easy, on a nice day you might as well just walk it...your like 3-4 stops away. The main PITA with the T line is that it runs every 15 min and 3rd st has long lights. so you can easily miss the train simply because you can not cross the street to the platform. I miss many a trains this way.

Where should 4 friends eat while staying at Parc 55 in SF for the weekend ?

I second the suggestion of Kin Khao.
I have not been to the new BDK, but that is another suggestion.
I like Bartlett hall, Mikkeller bar, Huxley

Millenium Rockridge? [Oakland]

Thanks Robert considering it is one of my options for tonight. Greatly appreciated review!

Whisky & Spirits @ Wingtip (San Francisco)

It is upstairs. It's a very masculine lounge and its wonderful. I have only been as a guest so i am not sure if they changed the membership rules, but they did just announce a new workspace there

Treat your self in Berkeley/Oakland, near the Claremont Hotel

I havent made my mind up just yet, so it's still a possibility. Eric Tucker was the mentor of Chef Sean Baker whom I love. And I am certainly interested.
ITs someone of a debate of Wood Tavern, Millinium, possibly room service/hotel restaurant, or pick up salted meats and lovely cheeses with a nice bottle of wine and pic nic on the grounds or in my room.

Michael Bauer's efforts to remain anonymous

While I agree, he was recognized and most certainly received reviewer level service once recognized, that is actually the part of his whining that pisses me off.

It's no secret that I work in this industry, and we are in a hiring crisis. And the Host position is the hardest to fill. Add on to that the increase in cost lately to restaurants (ACA, Healthy SF, sick pay, increases in rent, min wage increases, the list goes on) and it's hard to find a great host at 15-16$ an hour. And when you do find a terrific host, they want to move in to serving because that is where they make real money. While I agree 100% that it is one of the most important positions, I have also gone round and round with my owners trying to justify paying someone 18$ an hour, and I almost always loose that argument for labour costs.

When I worked in Boston, a restaurant of the level of Epic, would have a manager dedicated to the host stand every night. SF just can't afford that.

Finally, a lack of understanding of how restaurants work. So his table was not ready, why? likely because the people sitting their are taking longer than the allotted time the restaurant planned for, or they were late, or their 3rd party member was late, things happen. Why was there an open table and why wasnt he seated there immediately? Maybe that table had gotten up 5 min after Bauer arrived, maybe it was being held for a party at 8:45 or 9pm.

Did the host do a good job? absolutely not. I'm really sick of his diatribes against the host stand. If Epic fired the host...s/he will find a new job in NO time!

sorry for the rant, i'm really annoyed by this post of his

Treat your self in Berkeley/Oakland, near the Claremont Hotel

Thank you all.
A stroll to Rockridge, where Wood Tavern is would possibly fit into my desire to be lazy.

I've walked that many times and if memory serves a bus goes there, the #7?

I think my main resistance to A16 is that I live close to the SF location. And since I'm never in Berkeley/Oakland, I feel as thought I should take advantage of something different.

Treat your self in Berkeley/Oakland, near the Claremont Hotel

Fournée Bakery.

Thank you!

Treat your self in Berkeley/Oakland, near the Claremont Hotel


I am curious to see how it is doing in it's new home.

Treat your self in Berkeley/Oakland, near the Claremont Hotel

Not really fancy/expensive, but I am open to that.

I guess I have in mind nice wines/cocktails, good quality food, nice solo dinning/bar.
Was originally thinking of oysters and charcuterie. But I am open. Maybe some really nice sushi?

On the other hand if someone thinks the room service there is great, I would be open to that as well.

I never get over there and knowing that I'll be at the Claremeont, but somewhat lazy (just being honest) regarding how far I want to go from the property and will need to eat dinner.

And included could be a stroll to Star grocery/Semifreddi's and pick up my own assortment. I literally have not been over there in years, so I don't even know if Star is still open.

Treat your self in Berkeley/Oakland, near the Claremont Hotel

Thanks Robert.
I had thought of something like Adesso.

Going to check out your suggestions

Treat your self in Berkeley/Oakland, near the Claremont Hotel


I'm staying at the Claremont for Sat night and I am wondering what is easy to get to location that a solo diner could treat themselves. Im not interested in going to to far from the hotel, but understand that a bus may be involved as I'm open to things outside of walking distance, but I dont want to go to like Lake Merrit or Temescal.

Where do you dine in Oakland/Berkeley as a solo diner looking to treat themselves?

Good dinner spots for one near the JCC (Calif. & Presidio)? [San Francisco]

It's a pretty decent cafe, with a large selection of items but I would not call it a restaurant.

is not too far from there.

Good dinner spots for one near the JCC (Calif. & Presidio)? [San Francisco]

Reviewing: Meritage @Claremont Hotel (June 2012) [Berkeley]

Has anyone been recently?
I'm staying at the Claremont for one night only and debating eating there, room service, or FINALLY eat at one of Oakland's finest(I never cross the bay...I'm one of those SFers)

Lunch location between Pac Heights and Noe [San Francisco]

Jane on Fillmore
Out the Door on Bush and Fillmore

Help with 25 person wedding reception restaurant ideas?

Presideo social club as well.

SF can't miss..

This is a pretty decent list

Help with 25 person wedding reception restaurant ideas?

Do you have an ideal part of the Bay Area?