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Dinner after Nutcracker - Large group, kids and food allergies. Help please! [San Francisco]

It is pretty casual. They have a Tilt A Whirl instead of a Booth. just throwing it out there as another option.

about 7 hours ago
smatbrat in San Francisco Bay Area

Yank Sing Settlement Labour Dispute [San Francisco]

They are constantly being interpreted by the courts and it is your job as a responsible business owner to understand those changes. There are many resources out there that will provide better, in depth, understanding.

Interesting that most of the people who are GGRA members understand it perfectly fine. Between HRIdeas, AOCsf, Vine solutions and Merchants Accounting...there are plenty of resources to go to if you do not understand GGRA's presentation of the fairly black and white legal compliance. I have actually attended GGRA seminars on these topics AT Yank Sing.

I believe Yank Sing got a head of the issue after a legal group was brought in. I would be very interested to know if any employees brought it to managements attention before Chinese Progressive Association became involved. They are now doing right by both their employees and the regulations and labour compliance in San Francisco and California.

This is certainly not an issue to become outraged over, for me personally. and as i stated above, I will still continue to eat there.

about 7 hours ago
smatbrat in San Francisco Bay Area

Yank Sing Settlement Labour Dispute [San Francisco]

In this day and age, you have to be pretty ignorant to ignore Labour Laws in San Francisco. I understand that some of the immigrant population may not know their rights, but the owners are more than aware of their legal requirements and compliance regulations. Especially of such a large restaurant that has been doing business for a long time and are members of GGRA (who sends out compliance information all the time to their members).

It is certainly not the worst violation I have ever seen. And I certainly will not stop eating there because of this.

about 9 hours ago
smatbrat in San Francisco Bay Area

Dinner after Nutcracker - Large group, kids and food allergies. Help please! [San Francisco]

Luna Park is closing at the end of the year, so get it now!

Take a look at Straw, It will be harder for the adults to choose what to eat than the kids

Otherwise I concur that Boxing Room and Dobbs Ferry are the way to go.

about 9 hours ago
smatbrat in San Francisco Bay Area

Crab season is upon us

Meat-centric in SF for large group

I would take the Espetus!
or Bix.

Dinner after Nutcracker - Large group, kids and food allergies. Help please! [San Francisco]

Are you trying to be with in walking distance of the ballet? Dobbs could work, tho noted not great food.

Boxing room
The Grove
Totally off the wall but super fun... Straw

Meat-centric in SF for large group

Is there a certain quality and price point you are looking for?

that is the first place that comes to mind
Izzy's, Bobo's, Alfred's (a personal favorite of mine)
Of course Epic

Crystal Jade, Embarcadero Center, San Francisco.

I further speculate that the rent there has got to be INSANE and it is such a large space.

Yank Sing Settlement Labour Dispute [San Francisco]


Today, Yank Sing announced that it has reached a $4 million dollar backpay and benefits settlement for 280 affected current and former employees. Between its two locations, Yank Sing currently employs 90 full-time staffers (30 hours or more per week) and 60 part-time staffers. On an average weekend, Yank Sing will do more than 1,000 covers a day at its Rincon Center location, and another 300 at its Stevenson location.

Nominate your favorite restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area for "Best of 2014"

Week in San Francisco – Montrealer and first time visitor needs help with itinerary

Hello and welcome.

In ‘n’ Out: Take a look at the secret menu. I understand some hounds don't care for it. I however am a huge fan. Go to the one in the wharf since you will be there anyways and not much else down there is worth eating. Tho maybe an Irish Coffee at Buena Vista.

Tonga Room: Super cheesy and also charges a cover fee, no matter if you are eating dinner or getting drinks at the bar. Last I checked it was $10.00 per person, so factor that in. It is also on top of Nob Hill, so take the cable car (muni passes cover cable cars)

Fried Chicken/Southern: Personally Boxing room is my favorite over all others, Other hounds will have their own favs.

Off the Grid has a burger alley food truck that rotates.

my favorite food trucks are Bacon Bacon( specifically for the Fried tomato blt...but not in season)Chairman Bun,

Wrecking Ball Coffee (Cow Hollow, San Francisco)

No, to be honest, they were deeply engaging with a couple sitting at the counter and I was that girl DESPERATE for some energy in order to finish my walk home AKA a zombie.

It will not sway me from going back. I really like their coffee. Was patiently awaiting their opening.

The temp is one of the main reasons I love St Frank( I know, not well loved on here) that and they make a killer Almond Mac Cap.

Football Saturday, breakast/brunch...near Berkeley but out of heavy traffic? Must be Veggie Friendly

That was my first thought. Park, walk to Gather.
For your friend not going to the game, can they take BART?

Wrecking Ball Coffee (Cow Hollow, San Francisco)

I went in about 3 weeks ago just for a shot of espresso. I am a fan of their already. My only feedback is that, for me, the espresso was a tad too hot. I like to be able to drink my coffee right away and I had to wait 3-5 min.
I like the minimalist space, the counter, HUGE bathroom.

Crab season is upon us

I was just looking at Mission St Oyster for tomorrow night and they have it on the menu. not sure of the preparation just yet.

Recommendations for Nov trip to SF please!

So where did you end up eating?

Concert at the Addition in SF. Where to eat?

Not sure if you have decided where to eat, but here is the menu for the Addition. I am curious about the food.

One Day in SF

NOPA would be a 5 min drive, not including the parking. So if you are cab/uber/lyft then you could easily make it over to NOPA.

DOSA and 1300 have 10:30 reservations available. Those are with in 2 blocks.

SF restaurant during large conference

Annabelle's Bar and Bistro
Fly trap

One Day in SF

It could work. State bird will still be serving by the time you get into the city.

I have to check Ame's hours.

NOPA will be serving late as well as Alta

One Day in SF

I don't think anyone has mentioned Aveline or Sons and Daughters.

Otherwise your idea of Campton for lunch and Benu for dinner sounds great.

Lunch depends on what specifically you have in mind. Being that it is crab season, and I think you may also want oysters, you can do swans, ferry building, waterfront, waterbar, taddich, sam's.

Best Burger near Broadway/Sansome? [San Francisco]

Bix open face black truffle burger

15 Romolo for the Big mama burger, or regular burger


Best Burger near Broadway/Sansome? [San Francisco]

For lunch or just in general around there?

Alkymists: palo alto: worth a try

I find this line VERY strange:

• Seller invested over $1.0 million in the past two years. Please do not talk to employees.

Help Please, Sunday 28 December

I'll just throw out there All Spice.I have not been but I have people who tell me it's great. It's Cali with a touch of Indian.

Turkey: getting one this week to practice on, and spatchcocking

I am not sure who might butcher one for you. I would think of maybe 4505, Olivier's or even Golden Gate meat are worth a phone call.

I found this thread but I am not sure how helpful it will be to you

One Day in SF

I'll throw into the mix Coi and La Folie

Concert at the Addition in SF. Where to eat?

1330 Fillmore.

Has anyone checked out the Addition menu now that it is not Yoshi's?

Good places to eat/drink in and around the presidio. [San Francisco]

Liverpool Lil's