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Communal dining in SF?

Fly Trap is the first to come to mind.

Restaurants near Union Square [San Francisco]

In addition to what everyone else already posted. Annabelle's is one of my go to spots. Bartlet Hall is my new go to

anonymous food critics

Some may fail to spot him ( I remember the Baker and Banker hostess incident very clearly). However most FOH employees who have worked in "Bauer reviewable restaurants" certainly knows what he looks like. And more important than what he looks like, they know what his partner/boy friend looks like. Bauer almost always sends his DC in before him self (often a test of if they will seat a partial party or make them wait for the full party to arrive----a Bauer pet peeve)

Upscale Sit-Down Lunch (Not Brunch) on a Weekend? [San Francisco]

Coqueta always feels very posh and lush to me. Like it oozes wealth. Can never pin point why I feel that way.

La Mar has a larger dinning room, covered patio with nice water views.

The food is very different. Coqueta is tapas and family style. absolutely meant to be shared.

La Mar, can be shared, or you can have your very own dish.
La Mar has more of that La/Vegas feeling to me.

Verbena on Polk, SF

I have been informed that Thursday is his last service.

I am not sure when we will begin to see radical menu changes.

SF Restaurant Week January 21-30

Eater put out its usually 6 best of/worst of

I was looking at the list last night and Im honestly not overly interested in any of them. Im not sure if it's the new format, or the price range, or the restaurants them selves are not that exciting. Either I have been to them, or go often or they are places I am not interested in going to.

Hogs and Rocks looks like a fun one, but I eat there often enough.

I used to look at it as either a chance to discover a new place i never heard of before OR a place I didnt' want to spend a lot on, so i looked for the value. Now it doesnt seem like a value, and the places on the list are nothing I havent discovered.

Please report if there is one that looks stellar or one you experienced and loved. I would like to participate but havent been excited about it this year

San Francisco report - January 2015

Im sorry to hear about the drinks at Kin Khao. Yes the first time i went there I circled the block a few times to find it.

Im so glad you are enjoying your time in SF!

Dinner for 9 for under $1500 [San Francisco]

Perbacco would work.

Depending on how adventurous the group is, you could use the private room at Verbena.

If you do not require a private room, Stones Throw could be a good option as well.

Flytrap would be another option. Alfred's for steak. Fog City, Waterfront, La Mar, the options could become overwhelming. I think a lot of places can accommodate your request

Avant garde, modernist, quirky recs?

"That said, Atelier Crenn indubitably goes the farthest in that international school of making food unrecognizable"

That may be my all time favorite statement from you Robert!

San Francisco report - January 2015

Thank you! Looking forward to the rest of your trip reports!

May want to edit, it's called State Bird Provisions...not named after the insurance company.

Taking advantage of an airmiles/dining rewards offer to spend $30 at qualifying SF restaurant in exchange for 2K United miles. Which are worth visiting?

Of this list...Here are ones I have been to or would consider

Aux Delices---I actually LOVE this place. Thank you for reminding me of it. The Caramel Chicken is my absolute favorite.

Elephant Sushi---- this was actually JUST reccomended to me today. Apparently there is one in the TL that is only open like 3 hours a day, across from Philz.

Chouquet's----On Fillmore? Not a bad little french neighborhood spot. I tried it for DAT 2 years ago

India Curry House--- Never actually ate there, but it's my GO-TO for indian take out. It's in an Irish Bar I am told

Bubble Lounge---- can not speak to the food, but the Champagne selection is great!

La Urbana--- both talked about places, I have never been
Ike's Place--- never been but all the rage.

Il Cane Rosse

Pancho's Mexican Grill/Pancho's Mexican Grill
Blowfish Sushi

Verbena on Polk, SF

Went last night and had a truly wonderful meal. Ended up with most of the menu and some really wonderful tasty cocktails and glasses of wine.

Sprouted seed bread
chèvre, grilled onion, beet sauerkraut
Josey Baker bread
Verbena butter

Chicories with pumpkin seed milk dressing
shaved radishes, fl ax seed streusel---------Always fantastic, that dressing is really amazing

Parsnip and dandelion greens
apple, buttermilk, pickled green tomato

Spaghetti squash with kabocha squash hummus
avocado, hedgehog mushroom, breadcrumb----- stand out dish for sure. But glad i had bread. It needed a vehicle to eat it, other than scooping large spoonfuls into my mouth

Charred carrots and lime pickle
quinoa, cilantro yougurt, date-huckleberry vinegar ----what that Chef does to carrots is amazing

Meatballs with mushrooms
farao cabbage, Hungarian wax pepper, horseradish, dill----so good and complex and layered.

Beef tartare and tofu skin
clam escabech------ WOW! this was one of the most unique tartare I have ever had

Smoked duck wings
satsuma mandarin hot sauce, benne seed---- I have to get these every time. They are so darn good.

Of the cocktails these were teh stand outs for sure

Snake Oil Noir
rum, black garlic, balsamic, ancho chili

Harvest Moon Milk
rum, hay, sherry, clarified goat milk, lime

I plan to go back for brunch as well before he leaves.

Saturday lunch spot near Pier 33 (and not at Ferry Bldg) [San Francisco]

I always forget about Henry's. That is a fun space.

Saturday lunch spot near Pier 33 (and not at Ferry Bldg) [San Francisco]

I have and I thought it was great. It's solid food that is somewhat creative, tho nothing that challenging.

I thought the service was attentive, even if I had far more food and beverage knowledge than the server. warm creating. Beautiful space and solid food. I certainly recommend it.

On Sat & Sun they serve brunch though...not lunch

Nice Restaurants that are baby friendly

That is what I was thinking, Like Saison/Benu/Coi

But if she is thinking more Rich Table/Verbena/Absinthe/Mason Pacific...then she should be fine

Saturday lunch spot near Pier 33 (and not at Ferry Bldg) [San Francisco]

Fog city

Nice Restaurants that are baby friendly

A lot of places will have high chairs.
But if you are thinking of Coi, benu, Saison, Crenn style of really nice...I would not suggest going with a child.

Graduation Dinner in Berkeley/Oakland


Aicha Moroccan on Polk? [San Francisco]

Ill have to try it. Thanks for bumping this

Restaurant for a smallish post wedding dinner - 4 children included

A friend of mine just did her City Hall wedding reception at Garcon.
Absinthe and M Benjamin would be perfect. walking distance, festive, french. Throw Boxing room into the mix as well

Restaurant Gift Card

Do they serve alcohol? If so then it should be easy to find when they were sold from ABC. Or on the Sec of State site you could likely find when the business ownership was formed.

How long ago were you given the gift card?

Verbena on Polk, SF

I am trying to go often for at least a bite. Not sure how long it will take for him to land somewhere new and I am most certain the food will change dramatically.

really hope I get a few of his stand outs over the next few weeks

SF in January

Your staying in Union Sq?
some other places to consider near your hotel:
bartlett hall
Kin Khao

I really like breakfast at Gotts, but I would drop it for something else. it is close to La Mar

SF in January

Interesting. I actually really like the new Fog City. I was a pretty big fan of the old one...till about 2008 when it just went downhill. Not even went down hill, but plummeted. It took me a while to go to the new one, but I thought the interior was great and the food was solid. I enjoyed everything I ate and drank there.

I will agree that in a city with the amount of amazing places we have to eat, that I haven't rushed back. I feel that way about most restaurants

Foie Gras Is Legal in California Again!

Curious where all the chef's serving it tonight got it from so fast!?

Verbena on Polk, SF

Well it is officially announced

Some of us have known for a while.

Take-Out Recommendations on Piedmont Avenue [Oakland]


Rustic style wedding reception venue on a budget

The first places that come to mind with be in the Presidio or Golden Gate park. Also worth checking out Stern Grove.

Almost any venue will require that you use an approved caterer and some sort of insurance for pouring drinks. They will almost never allow you to bring in your own alcohol.

Also check this out for other ideas.

I am assuming by Rustic you mean nature/outdoors/cabin style

Other places that are affordable and maybe more *Urban* than rustic but not traditional, might be more to your budget. Like the Verdi Club

Abbot's Cellar closing [San Francisco]

I feel it all over.
I feel like the more landlords raise rent, the only places that can afford those rents are LuluLemon and Startbucks

Cafe des Amis [San Francisco]

I am truly upset they are closing. Just this past Sunday I had a lovely brunch there.