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Appetizer Suggestions with Lobster Pasta?

The mushrooms sound great - I think hors d'oeuvrrey is just want I need!

Appetizer Suggestions with Lobster Pasta?

We are having a special birthday dinner on Saturday night. The main course is lobster pasta with tomato tarragon cream sauce.

I am trying to come up with an appetizer that is not too heavy but that is really impressive.

Any great suggestions?

Emerald Island Questions - Take Out/Grocery Stores

We are staying in a rental at Emerald Island with friends and family next week. We are planning in spending the days and disney but coming back to the house for a relaxing supper most nights.

We are all fairly good cooks (we think!) and love food. However, there are going to be a number of young children around so we are planning to cook or order take-out.

What is closest /best grocery store?

Does anyone have any recommendations for good take-out in the area?

Mar 06, 2012
emerald_questions in Florida