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Tibisti Foods & Grill

Go here a fair amount. Great value and a dynamite garlic sauce.

Staff take care of customers well.

Turkey Parts @ Famous Foods

Thanks. Good to know

Sour cherries in Vancouver?

At Persia Foods for $3.99 as of 5 hours ago. One on Bdwy and McDonald

Any restaurants serve Horse Meat on the menu in YVR area?

Just bought some today but a la salami. From Euro Deli on Davie. Packaged and looks like bressaola. Haven't tried it yet.

any good place for Rum baba

They are at Patisserie Bordeaux. At least they were a week ago.


Right now? Dunno. I always buy my fresh stuff at the Farmer's Market.

Bought some culinary use dried at Galloways the other day and just made some lavender syrup with it.

UGLI fruit

Last seen at Fresh Street, West Vancouver.

Fresh St. Market, West Vancouver

Was in West Vancouver this last weekend and heard a buzz in the streets about a new supermarket.

Turns out it's this one that has been written about in the Straight and the Sun.

The chile selection alone is worth going for. There must have been over 20 varieties. Some of the rarer ones were shishito, cascabels and chile d'arbol,

The tropical fruit section had some of the more unusual stuff, i.e. mangosteens and ugli fruit.

Frozen food section has entrees I've never seen anywhere else. Stuffed clams come to mind.

Every department seems well represented and I was very impressed.

You've got the British Butcher Shop and the Savary Island Pie Company across the street and down a block.

It's on 17th and Marine and worth the trip out.

Vancouver street food fest returning for 2nd year

We went but if I recall it was a lunchtime on a weekday. Not insane at all.

ISO cane vinegar in Vancouver

I think I've seen it at A & L on Broadway and Cambie

Tamam Palestinian Restaurant, Vancouver

Second that!

Where to find: Soybean paper!

Echo the above. I bought some, rather smallish packet with 3 flavours in. Either T&T or Fujiya.

Yuzu Juice in Vancouver?

I bought mine at Angel Seafoods.

Go Fish gone fishing

I knew there was a reason I didn't remember it!


Thanks GS.

Those links were useful.

Grayelf. Sounds good and I'd go far for some good fish and chips. Not sure the assembled crew will though.


I'll be going over there on a day trip.

Any restaurant recommendations?

Kits Happenings

Kitsilano Wine Cellar is having a pretty big wine sale with a Chardonnay as low as $5.99. I didn't know they had it that um, reasonable in this city.

Thanks for the info on the limes, Grayelf. Will try to make it down there.

Go Fish gone fishing

A VERY temporary sign on the door said they had a new space downtown somewhere. Didn't specify if it was a Go Fish or when it would open.

Thoughts on First Nations' restaurants?

I was just at VCC yesterday and checked oyt Wild Salmon's menu. More sophisticated in some respects than in 2011. Salmonberry ice cream sounds interesting.

Crescendo - New Oil, Vinegar and Seasoning shop on South Granville

This is a couple week old place on 3030 Granville.

It's a German franchise that's got vinegars in barrels and oil in containers out of the wall. Other side of the store has dried herbs and spices in jars on the wall. Good concept and it delivers.

They've got olive oil from Greece, France and Spain but what got me were the nut oils - pistachio is dynamite and there's even a cedar nut one.

The vinegars are something special too. There's calamansi, mango, quince, along with more usual suspects, balsamic vinegars.

Where I spent my money though, was on the low acidity vinegar. Four flavours, fig, raspberry, apple and my favourite, date. Paired it with avocado oil for a dressing Transported.

This one's worth a tumble.

Where can I eat pasta with sea urchin (Uni) - french restaurant in Vancouver

Uni season closed about a week ago.

Duck Eggs in Vancouver ??

Dong Thanh, 1122 Kingsway and a place opposite Kingsgate Mall whose name escapes me on East Broadway are reliable sources.

chinese restaurant -vancouver

Gotta say - to my complete surprise, I liked Penny's on E. Hastings.

spot prawns May 2012

Bought mine at Finest at Sea on the day of the May 5th festival. Line was just too long. Got the heads off ones due to easier handling.

Absolute disaster. Complete mush.

guava syrup

I often see those flavoured syrups at Winners on Cambie

Soy Sauce in Vancouver

I was in Konbiniya, and remembering this post, checked out the soy sauce section. All the usual suspects were there but some bottles that were wrapped in paper, all written in Japanese. These were in the $13.00 range and at least, looked the part of what you are asking for.

The staff is vey helpful there.

Fresh kimchi


There's a Korean guy and his wife at the Trout Lake Farmer's Market that make it. They also make one with baby daikon along with other miscellaneous Korean goodies.

Glutinous rice

Yes, LR. That's exactly what the texture was like - zhongzi.

Foodslut's right when she says that is the one to use. I just preferred the one I made with sushi rice.

Glutinous rice

I made the same dish using Thai gluutinous rice for a pot luck. It turned out veeeeeeeeeery sticky. I had better success with sushi rice. The assembled company liked it well enough. I didn't hear any discreet gagging anyway!

Crazy Pizza Toppings

Interesting. I made the pyrogy pizza comment five years ago.

I knew if I waited I'd have my five minutes of fame!

Apr 12, 2012
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