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CHOW Restaurant Data Export Tool Now Available on Your Profile

I am in Torotno an dI think I found what the discussion is about for Torotno and the info for Toronto is crap or rather scheissdreck. What's the loss?

Didn't know that this stuff existed even though I have bee at CH for ten years. Maybe I saw some bits of it as it popped up an didn't pay attention to it.

Why not just post? Th erestaurant can be found.

Initially I thought that he posts were disappearing.

Mar 06, 2012
VinnieVidimangi in Site Talk

Chowfind : Dr. Laffa -Middle -Eastern Veg - Duferin and Finch

The heart of a place like this is the "salads" and bread. With the move they became, "don't give a shit", and obviously and deliberately so.
The soup that I had was childishly unpalatable, the shawarma was Polish.
Everything was expediently done.
The problem isn't that the menu is too large, but rather that the people preparing the food don't know how to cook or don't care. Or to be charitable, they are seeking to please their clientele by cooking mangikike.
There is the old menu and its pricing, the new menu with higher printed prices and now this same menu with the price of many items revised upwards significantly with a black marker. Perhaps you missed the revision.
I have had lots of bad cooking in Israel and good as well and I recognize not caring in the kitchen. I don't think that a place with the standard and style currently at Dr.Laffa would make it in Israel. But chacun a son gout , and the black BMW with the Dr. Laffa vanity plates proves it. Lots of places in Toronto do fine without my custom.