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Landmarc TriBeCa

We went her on Wed. Nite. We were seated upstair because the downstairs was busy. The upstairs is a little deflated by comparison. We ordered octopus, steak tatare and bone marrow. Marrow was the winner. Portion was too large but seasoned well and was spreadable and rich. The tartars was very finely ground. I prefer handcut cubes for better texture and more flavor. Finally the octopus was not cooked properly. It was rubbery and dry. The salad was not well executed , potato crisps were thick n oily. Kalamatas were gummy n not fresh. The rib eye we shared ordered med rare was midwell. It was a poor cut for $38. The much anticipated side of kale lentil and squash was drowned in mustard water my husband wouldn't touch. the wine was amazing. It was a 2005 Amarone that was chocolatey and lush. Well give it another try but order more carefully.

179 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Mar 08, 2012
Melissa555 in Manhattan

Schnitzel+ Teaneck????

On a further note, I have no interest in trashing Chickes. I come to Teaneck to visit family and have been disappointed in the options for years. Chickies actualky used to be our go to. For being so close to the city Teaneck doesn't get the same competition. When we went to Schnitzel plus- I thought finally something to brag about! I have no ties to the company and only a selfish stomach invested in their success. For those interested- I am new to the critic game and have to say it's a fierce stage.

Mar 06, 2012
Melissa555 in Kosher

Schnitzel+ Teaneck????

Schnitzel plus has my vote hands down. The schnitzel is excellent but with all the +'s it keeps me coming back ! There schnitzels are cripsy and flavorful. The space is refreshing and airy. It may be considered fast food- but it doesn't feel that way. There are some healthy salad options and grilled chicken too. Their burgers are inventive and the bun is fluffy with a perfect sized moist burger. They also have soups that hit the spot for a quick lunch on a cold day. If I lived closer I would be at schnitzel plus 5 nites a week.
Chickies is dingy and out dated. The place stinks of old fryer grease and their preparation area leaves one wondering if it's ever cleaned. I realized what I used to find satisfying just isn't worth the risk.
Thank you Schnitzel plus for being a breath of fresh air and options!

Mar 04, 2012
Melissa555 in Kosher