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Range Restaurant (longish post, so in a nutshell : excellent) [San Francisco]

Resurrecting this old post... We're traveling to SF this month and have reservations at Range... is it still worth it? Has it held up over time?

trendy, upscale dining and cocktails?

this sounds perfect. thanks!

Mar 13, 2014
scotcheroo in Metro Portland

trendy, upscale dining and cocktails?


Mar 11, 2014
scotcheroo in Metro Portland

Washington Post's top 40 dishes

Also - The author admits he's vegetarian. I have no problem eating vegetarian but this list seems unduly heavy on meatless dishes.

trendy, upscale dining and cocktails?

Where should some east coasters go for a more trendy, upscale vibe (but not stodgy) for cocktails and good eats? No food or neighborhood preference. Just good food and drinks and not feel out of place if dressed nicer than jeans and fleeces.

Mar 10, 2014
scotcheroo in Metro Portland

Union Market

I bought some fantastic sea bass last weekend from the Fishwife. Yes, it's a little expensive, but the quality is leaps and bounds better than what you get pretty much anywhere in the city. They are definitely on par w/ Blacksalt market.

Panda Gourmet on New York Ave?

Does anyone know if Panda Gourmet serves a dish similar to Hong Kong Palace's spicy fried chicken with sesame stuffed peppers? Is the "dry braised" chicken similar, or the "stir fried" chicken?

Panda Gourmet on New York Ave?

Tried it for the first time this weekend... and it was GREAT. In my opinion the Cumin Beef at Panda was better than the version at HKP (which I also love). The Chendu cold noodles were fantastic, as was the Mapo tofu. We like a lot of heat, and asked for everything to be made "Chinese spicy." We were absolutely satisfied with the level of spiciness.

The staff were also very friendly and accommodating to the variety of customers in the place - some of which clearly didn't know what they were getting into... ("do you have sweet and sour shrimp?")

Acqua Al 2 or other pasta on Capitol Hill

I wouldn't bother with Acqua. It's exceeding mediocre and a little pricy for what you get.
For old-school, red-checkered tablecloth Italian, Albertos on 8th can't be beat.

D.C. with kids (cheap but good eats)

During the week, the crab cake sandwich at Market Lunch inside Eastern Market can't be beat. Get a side of fries and a Birch Beer and it tops out at about $8-9. Also, across the street is Tortilla Café (casual Salvadorian) that was featured on Diners, Drive in and Dives and has great cheap papusas, tacos, and sandwiches.

Old bars in DC - looking for suggestions

Also the Hawk n Dove is closed as well for renovations

Old bars in DC - looking for suggestions

Tune Inn is still closed due to the fire last summer.

Tune Inn
331 Penn SE, Washington, DC

Cityzen bar menu?

Does anyone know if the Cityzen 3-course bar menu is still available? I heard a rumor somewhere that they might be getting rid of it...

Best Mac and Cheese in DC?

Without question - Levi's Port Cafe has THE best mac n cheese in town.

Ba Bay: New Vietnamese coming to Capitol Hill

SO, Nick Sharpe is gone, but i have to say when we went for brunch this weekend the food was AWESOME.

They have several more traditional-esque vietnamese dishes on the menu now (although I wouldn't compare it to an "authentic" vietnamese restaurant... )

Wings are still to die for - best in the city i'd say. The crab-rice noodle stir fry was fantastic. However the game-changer is their new bahn mi sandwiches. On sunday, they had several offered for brunch including a classic style, a meatball, and one with fried eggs. We got the egg version and it totally rocked.

To be honest, with most places near eastern market always super crowded on the weekends for brunch/lunch, i'd choose Ba Bay in a heartbeat.

If you were staying at the Mayflower Hotel and were looking for a bar . . .


Good Meatball Sub in NOVA or DC?

Mangialardo's on the Hill... they are unbelieveable.

Wine pairings at Komi

We had the pairings last night and the pours were very generous. We were also topped off several times if we had finished our wine before the correspsonding courses were over.

Early Sunday Supper - Old School Swank?

Nope - both are closed on Sundays, unfortunately.

Early Sunday Supper - Old School Swank?

Hello - Looking for ideas for a pre-theater supper on Sunday. I have OOT guests and I was hoping to to hit up a cool, old-school lounge for a cocktail and light dinner. Round Robin is closed on Sundays, as are many of the bars that would fit this description... Anyone have any other suggestions?

All this FEAR is making me HUNGRY!

It's still crab season. Get yourself down the the sketchy Maine Ave Market and buy as many jumbo steamed crabs as you want, park yourself at a picnic table and have at it. You will have to take a cab, but they seem to be plentiful around there.

Excuse me, have you seen my pub?

The only downside to Lola's is that it is *tiny.* As in, it seats maybe 30 people, max. which sometimes makes it hard to get in.

Red Hook Lobster Pound DC

I tried it yesterday, and also had to wait over an hour. I had the cold version, and it was very good and stuffed full of lobster, but i'll never wait in that line again. Totally not worth the time and the $18.

DC Metro Center Lunch

Yes, with Ma La dishes, often the chili-infused oil is indeed the sauce. If you don't want so much of the sauce, you can do as hamster suggests or just use a slotted spoon to serve yourself.

Help! Need something chow-worthy in DC...with restrictions.

also you might try some of the restaurants on Mass ave on the Senate side of the hill near union station... the new Bistro Cacao comes to mind, or Cafe Berlin.

Bistro Cacao
320 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002

Best Chicken Fried Steak?

REALLY?! That is totally opposite of the chicken-fried steak I've had there several times. It's always been super juicy and really flavorful. Wonder if you went on an off day?

What's good for dinner these days? Anything in the Union Station/Capitol Hill area?

Also Toscana Cafe for a neighborhood vibe, checked-tablecloth italian. Food has always been incredible there, but there are only about 10 tables or so, so it can be a wait.

Toscana Cafe
601 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002

What's good for dinner these days? Anything in the Union Station/Capitol Hill area?

I tried Chesapeake Room twice, and both times the food has been borderline-horrible. The green tomato crap cake starter was the one lone standout. It's a cool astmosphere, but i'd go there again for drinks only.

DC Metro Center Lunch

Agree with Chinatown express. The noodles in soup and the roasted meats are great and cheap. But stick with those items - don't get the noodles stir-fried (they end up swimming in grease). Also the condiments on the table are awesome, especially the green onion/vinegar one.

Is Poc Chuc still BYOB?

I was supposed to be in SF last winter, but had to cancel. I've been thinking about this place ever since, but I don't think I can drag Hubby there without booze offered. Anyone been there lately?

Poc Chuc
2886 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103