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Saturday night dinner: Providence vs. Mozza

Thanks for all the advice guys. In the end I settled on Providence, as I felt that it was more of the experience I'm looking for. I'll let you all know how the dinner goes!

Jun 06, 2012
Munashi in Los Angeles Area

Saturday night dinner: Providence vs. Mozza

My family will be coming into town for my graduation in the end of June, and we will be going out for a celebratory dinner on that Saturday night. My family is quite into the food scene in San Francisco, and we have eaten well in many other cities as well. My debate has come down to either Providence or Mozza. I know Providence is supposed to put on the best tasting menu in town, but also has a reputation for being a bit over the top or pretentious. Mozza has an incredibly large and diverse menu (not always a good thing), but a great name going for it. Which one would you recommend for a nice dinner for four very experienced eaters (quieter restaurants are definitely a plus, but I haven't been given the impression that it would be an issue at either location).


May 12, 2012
Munashi in Los Angeles Area

Help with choosing menu for 90th birthday party at Bottega

I've been up to Bottega several times for both lunch and dinner, loved it every time. Off of the menu that is already provided I know the short ribs are excellent, slow cooked and moist. The beets (for the antipasti are also great.

If you can try something off of the spring menu, I would highly recommend the polenta under glass (antipasti) . One of my favorite dishes of all time.