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Hopeland on Atlantic Avenue

This would have been a local spot for us so I went in wanting to like it but was disappointed on so many fronts. The service was very poor - slow, unknowledgeable of the menu and the wine list; the menu was more limited than I expected and seemed "pricey". After we received our food, however, that is where the extreme disappointment began! My husband ordered rabbit ($24) and it didn't come with ANY thing on the side (nothing!). It was a small piece of rabbit that was consumed within 8 bites! I had rigatoni pasta with tomato sauce - to find that the past was so al dente that the meal was not enjoyable. We felt we owed it to ourselves and the manager to express our disappointment and after doing so, the manager offered my husband and our friend (who also ordered the rabbit) a complimentary pasta to share, followed by an after dinner port. It was a nice gesture, but didn't nearly make up for the overall experience.

Bottom line, not worth the visit...unless they rethink their prices, their portions, and get knowledgeable wait staff on board.

Mar 03, 2012
sweetpea70 in Outer Boroughs