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26 Hours in Buenos Aries

Thank you for the response, I will give it a try,

26 Hours in Buenos Aries

Thanks again. I like the idea of getting away. It seems like dinner in BA is european in structure - starting much later in the evening. That will allow me to explore a few Panaderia's and m,aybe a pizza place as it seems it is nearly as famous for pizza - like the Brooklyn of SA.

26 Hours in Buenos Aries

Thanks David. I am in BA for such a short time, any assistance is much appreciated

26 Hours in Buenos Aries

I arrive at 10AM on a Sat. in Buenos Aries. I am staying in the Puerto Madero area in BA.

I am looking for a few suggestions;

1) A great Parrilla - when I eat steaks in the states it is Del Friscos, Capitale Grill, David Burke. What should my expectation be?

2) Lunch Suggestions - Since the Empanada seems to be the staple - I would like to sample some varieties

3) Wine - I will be traveling back through BA on a Monday, looking to find wine shop that will help me ship wines home.

any other suggestions for what to do on a Sat night in BA will be most appreciated.