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Restaurant ideas in Hayes Valley

Thanks very much, everyone. I should have mentioned that we are treating someone to a celebratory dinner, so some of the places mentioned won't work for one reason or another. I am a regular at Frjtz and Arlequin, but they don't have table service, and Nojo doesn't take reservations. I was interested in Lers Ros, but the review I read said it's the loudest restaurant in the city (and that's saying something), so figured that would be a bad choice. Same for Suppenkuche. Interesting re: Stelline -- I was there once many years ago -- not sure if it's worth trying again. Also wondering if anyone has tried Dobbs Ferry -- got a bad review. I still miss Breezy's, though the service was bad. And am still pining for Vicolo!

Restaurant ideas in Hayes Valley

I'm looking for a decent mid-priced restaurant in Hayes Valley -- walking distance to Ballet/Symphony. I think I've identified all possibilities but perhaps I'm missing something. Want something less costly than Hayes Street Grill/Indigo/Absinthe. Don't care for the Boxing Room or Delle Stelle, and can't get into Zuni; we don't want sushi. I'm between Canto do Brasil and Mazzat -- a new place I haven't tried yet and it gets mixed reviews. Wondering if anyone has any other suggestions . . . I know I must sound picky but there really is slim pickins' unless you're looking at the high-end places -- thanks!