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Help! Dinner for 8 near South Loop TONIGHT

Hey All! Thanks for feedback! We ended up lucking out with reservations at Tavernita, but all the other suggestions have now gone on my short list for next time!

Jun 04, 2012
Offallytasty in Chicago Area

Help! Dinner for 8 near South Loop TONIGHT

Hi All!

Ive suddenly been tasked with finding a reservation for 8 people....tonight. We're here on a work trip from NY and, well, my boss doesnt plan well. We're staying in the south loop, but are okay with cabs, as long as it's not too far. Unfortunately, the restaurants I know and would like to hit (girl and a goat, purple pig, publican, mercat, etc) arent options for a group this size on this short notice..

So I turn to you! Please help? SUggestions nearby that are GOOD and we have a chance of getting into. As it's a work trip, price point isnt as important....


Jun 01, 2012
Offallytasty in Chicago Area

NYC Foodies in town for Bachelorette Weekend

Thank you! I think Le Bremner also has a 6-person cap on their reservations, but I will definitely check out the others!

NYC Foodies in town for Bachelorette Weekend

Thanks. We won't be up there until the end of April. Do you still think its too late for APDC?

NYC Foodies in town for Bachelorette Weekend

Thanks guys! Yes, the Boys Foodie Weekend thread is totally on point for us, thanks for pointing it out!

NYC Foodies in town for Bachelorette Weekend

Thanks, Im getting that Idea now... What about the others?

NYC Foodies in town for Bachelorette Weekend

Let me start by saying that all I'm looking for is good food! Yes, I realize it's a bachelorette party, but we don't need a crazy, clubby restaurant (were too old for that)....just good food, good drinks and a fun atmosphere.

There will be 10 of us in town for 2 nights (fri-sat) in April. We'll be staying in Old Montreal (I think?) but will travel for food! I think we'd want to stay away from overly stuffy restaurants, but other than that, we're open to it all! We eat anything!

The bride very much wanted to go to Garde Manger, unfortunately our group is too large. We've also heard good things about Piede de Cochon and Gibby's. Of course I know of Joe Beef and a quick perusal of the other boards has me thinking about DNA.

But experts, help me please!

I need suggestions for:

1 awesome restaurant for Saturday night
A different, fun, (maybe more casual, but equally delicious) restaurant for Friday night
Casual, delicious lunch recs for friday and saturday afternoons
Bonus points for 1-2 amazing brunch places!!

Thank you so much in advance!