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Room 11?

Whoops. It was a Friday, not a Thursday that we went there, FWIW.

Room 11?

We went for the husband's birthday last week. The inside was indeed, as reported elsewhere, TINY! But the day we went was nice enough that the outdoor patio was open. Arriving at 6ish on a Thursday, there were plenty of tables.

Cocktails were original and excellent. We had a cheese and meat board (great! but the bread was only so so) roasted cauliflower with tahini garlic sauce (cauliflower was not overcooked as it would be in most restaurants; sauce was tasty), duck with polenta (meh - not bad, but didn't measure up to the rest of what we had there) and ribs with mashed potatoes or something (very good!).

The service was super attentive and pretty friendly.

I'd go back for the cocktails and cheese/charcuterie board, especially on a day I could sit outside. Dinner was better than average, but I wouldn't rush back for it.

Room 11?

Anyone been to Room 11 in Columbia Heights? Thoughts?

Rib Pit on 14th Street?

Love love Adam Express - just be sure to order the Korean food. The rest of the food dowsn't look too good.