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Is there anything better than Boars Head cold cuts?

By no means do I think they are all they're cracked up to be. I just look at what it actually takes to make good deli meat, and what different factors affect taste, freshness and healthyness (not a word but im tired) of the products, as well as draw from my experience having sold and eaten several different brands over the years. Based on that it is my opinion they they make an above average product given wich is impressive given the scale of their business (though a lot of old timers tell me they used to be better). There are a lot of boars head haters on this site, i think some of that is just because they are the big dog on the block now (and because it's a little annoying how powerful their branding is).

Mind you when i say i've sold many different brands that doesnt mean im comparing BH to oscar meyer and hormel, we're talking apples to apples quality stuff.

Mar 02, 2012
deliguy in General Topics

Is there anything better than Boars Head cold cuts?

Boars head brand has very high quality products for being such a large company with broad distributorship. If you have local store that cooks some of their meats in house then they might be able to make a slightly better product, the reason being that they don't have to worry about preserving the meat as much: they can brine turkey with less salt, use literally zero preservatives (besides salt) and don't have to pack their meat in water because all the meat has to do is brine, cook and set in the fridge at wich point it is ready for the deli case. That is literally 72 hrs from raw meat to deli case. Considering it is logistically impossible for Boars Head match that, their products are really freaking impressive.

Edit: I am 25. I have 10 yrs experience in the food service industry 5 of which are in a full service gourmet deli that has carried boars head and many other brands.

Mar 01, 2012
deliguy in General Topics