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What to do with pulled pork

Hello all, I'm looking for dinner recipe ideas for a sizable quantity of pulled pork leftovers (about 2lb).

I'd rather do something more substantial than tacos, sliders, or sandwiches, which feel more like lunch, and may end up making chili that'll last a few days.

Just curious if anyone had any better, more innovative ideas. THANKS!

Mar 09, 2015
loulilah in Home Cooking

2.5lb Pork Butt - how long to cook?

Thanks for your answer. That was sort of the conclusion I came to.

The receipe was surprisingly good for not having marinated overnight. But I found the meat a bit drier than I'd hoped for. (Though I often feel this way about pulled pork.)

Maybe it didn't cook long enough, or maybe the temp was too high.

Would you ever brine a butt? Can you overcook it? Next time, I think I'd keep it in the rub overnight and plan to cook it low and slow for at least several hours (though still not sure how long).

May 13, 2013
loulilah in Home Cooking

2.5lb Pork Butt - how long to cook?

Hello all,

I have a 2.5lb bone-in pork butt. I found a nice-looking recipe from food network:

But it calls for a 5lb butt, and my butt's quite a bit smaller ;-


I haven't found any similar recipes that start with a high temp (500), then lowers (to 325), but I'd like to do something similar.

How long would I cook my butt using this method? Can you overcook a butt?

Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm hoping to get it in the oven tonight (and don't have time for a slow roast...).

May 12, 2013
loulilah in Home Cooking

Roasting vegetables with a brined chicken

Hello all,

Can I cook vegetables in the same roasting pan with a brined chicken? or will the drippings make them too salty?


Mar 01, 2012
loulilah in Home Cooking