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Thai in Spokane?

What is the best place for Thai?

Mar 06, 2013
katsea in Pacific Northwest

Exploring for a possible move to the area....

Portland OR just hosted a Food convention, besides L.A. the only one on the west coast. It got rave reviews. They have more micro brews than anywhere else is what I hear, and of course the wines are well known. The whole of Willamette Valley (south of Portland), I swear is one huge winery, every road has multiples of wineries to choose from. And the Coast is only a couple of hours away. There are too many great places to eat, and without your preferences, hard to recommend one or 2 places. Try looking at and go to their food section. That will tell you a lot. James Beard is from Portland and a foundation of his still operates in Portland.

Sep 29, 2012
katsea in Pacific Northwest

Knife sharpening in Spokane?

Have you tried Mac the Knife at the Spokane Public Market? I have Henckels and Wusthof and been very satisfied with his work. As far as Steve Schmauch, his service is spotty, not always there when he says he will be, hard to get a hold of. He does good work, but I got tired of chasing him down. Until Mac, he was the only game in town, which is why W-S mentioned him. Again, his work is good, but for reliability, Mac is there when the Market is open, does good work.

Sep 29, 2012
katsea in Pacific Northwest

Foodie Disappointment on the Oregon Coast

I am new to Oregon coast, but a few observations. Company of ours went hunting for fresh crab 2 weeks ago (late Sept.). At Kelly's in Brighton they found live crabs, brought them home uncooked and we cooked them here. Absolutely delicious. I have found seafood very expensive, but fresh. The Cannery in Garibaldi has a good supply just off the boats, and for a treat, there is where I go for something other than shellfish. They have shellfish, and usually cheaper than some of the local docks. It just depends if I want to drive an extra 10-15 miles there and back. As far as restaurants serving seafood, they are few and far between. I have yet to find a seafood "shack" where they just serve fresh and nothing fancy. I don't need fancy when I want seafood.

Sep 29, 2012
katsea in Pacific Northwest

meat and seafood in Spokane?

Eggers is generally considered THE butcher shop. They do do their cutting, and I find the personal service so refreshing and helpful. I am surprised at the recommendation of Fred Myers. I have not gone to the Division st. store, however.
As far as grocery stores, I have been rebuffed when I wanted something special. It appears they do not do any cutting themselves, only put out what is sent them. If anyone knows anything different, please post it!
One store where I was treated well, was Yokes on Foothills Dr. I got a rib roast for Christmas, and it was very special. I would say give them a try.

Mar 21, 2012
katsea in Pacific Northwest

POLL: Can you walk to an actual grocery store?

I live in a small town on OR. coast. I can walk to 2 grocery stores. Unfortunately, the prices are high. So, once a week or so, I drive 20 some miles to stock up on basics. I love the small town stores, and try to support them. But, saving 30 or more % is a lot. And the selection isn't that different. Makes me really sad.

Mar 08, 2012
katsea in General Topics

Cannon Beach on a Budget

I went to Cannon Beach to check out the restaurants
and do some snooping.
We were outside Pizza A'Fetta looking at the menu. This guy comes out and tells us, "service is lousy, food bad, atmosphere terrible", then laughs and introduces himself as James the owner and asks about us. Thoroughly charming but we moved on.

Decide to try Bill's Brewhouse. The waitress was exemplar; friendly, great patter but moving all the time, efficient, timely. I was really impressed. The food? The best fish
taco ever. So I am making up my report to as we eat. Then all went to hell. She finds customers to chat with. 3 tables were waiting while she chatted away. She did this in full view of the patrons and the guy behind the bar. He looked disgusted as he took our dishes away.
Finally my partner interrupted her and she got our check. So my critique will
be very different, if I do it.

Then we went snooping and ended up at a gift store (The Good Life). They were playing "Nights in White Satin", one of our favorites by Moody Blues. We asked her to play it again, it was a different artist, but one of the soloists was a member of Moody Blues. The associate knew all that, and was happy to play it again. Ha! Don't I know what she was doing? And sure enough, we bought it. Good service pays off.

The other stores were all over the board. We were ignored to the point
of them getting out of our way, keeping up the patter, as we were
browsing. Then, at other places, people were very friendly and chatty.

This when it is off-season and they need all the business they can get.

Mar 04, 2012
katsea in Pacific Northwest