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4 days in NYC to celebrate 40th birthday...need restaurant recommendations

Thank you so much for the thoughtful recommendations, Kathryn!
Super excited to check out Takashi...huge fan of offal especially tongue.

Totally intrigued by these & on the short list to check out:
Minneta Tavarn (Black Pudding Clafoutis!)
Shopsin's (any of the Slutty Cakes & the Mac'n'Cheese Pancakes...crazy!)
Grand Central Oyster Bar or Balthazar for post-shopping drinks & oysters/seafood

What are your thoughts on these recommendations found in other threads:
Lunch @ The Modern
Lunch @ Toqueville
Lunch @ Jean Georges
Brunch @ Sarabeth's
Any of the Momofuku restaurants
Dinner @ Eleven Madison Park
Sushi @ Yasuda
Any meal @ Gramercy Tavern...worth the effort to snag a reservation?
Spotted Pig


We'll be in New York Friday - Monday so lots of opportunities to check out your recommendations.

Mar 01, 2012
ChiTownDiner in Manhattan

4 days in NYC to celebrate 40th birthday...need restaurant recommendations

My husband & I will be in New York with another couple in June (4 days) to celebrate my 40th birthday & we'd love some restaurant recommendations. Our hotel is in Chelsea but we're willing to travel throughout the city in search of a good meal! We're super adventurous eaters and looking for the following recommendations:

Asian (Dim Sum, Korean BBQ & Sushi)
Seafood (Oysters!)
Nice Lunch
Nice Dinner

Looking forward to your recommendations!

Feb 29, 2012
ChiTownDiner in Manhattan