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Dinner ideas for foodie wanting sophistication and a non-foodie wanting comfort food/meat?

My husband and I are staying 2 nights in the Gold Coast neighborhood, and I am definitely a foodie. I will give love to drag him to Ria or Blackbird (I will never get him to Alinea unfortunately and will just continue to dream), as that level of food is more what I am looking for. My husband is a large portion, meat/chicken and potatoes type of guy. He is more than comfortable shelling out a large amount of money (like $175 per person without drinks, so that's not the issue), but he wants to feel full and not forced to eat something he doesn't care for (not all that great with his veggies).

Any ideas that would allow me to experience an elevated level of sophistication, while letting him get his protein and comfort food fix? I would love to do a tasting menu, but most places require the whole table - and he refuses.

Neighborhood is not important as we will cab it to wherever in the immediate city. Help!

Feb 29, 2012
shink in Chicago Area