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The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

Yonge and steeles

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

Geppetto's, Ryan's, Neptune's Cove, Biffy's, Le Grenouille, Young Lok, Bloor street Diner, The Fiesta Room, Greenjeans, Da Dante, Celestino, Autogrill, The Original Le Select Bistro, the Original Sabatino's, Fenton's, The Jolly Cafe, Bower's, Allo Bistro, Trattoria Primavera, Arlequin, Rugantino and Prego Della Piazza

Former Centro/Vita Sociale

Finally went for a late lunch yesterday. Quite a remarkable morph. The interior boasts striking shell banquets and dramatic red seats. Exposed brick and reclaimed barn wood actually work in this space as opposed to being a design cliche. The bar is classic and draws peoples attentions. The menu is all about clean lines and strong, flavourful Italian standbys. The Roman style pizza was thin, crisp and had good char. Try it with Lardo. Buffalo mozzarella was hand torn like I've had in Italy with great heirloom tomatoes and balsamic agar agar beads that look like caviar on first sight. The porchetta looked stunning--next visit. Service was young, unpretentious and refreshing. I 'll miss Centro, but Vita is definitely what midtown needs: warmth, quality, buzz and fairly priced. I think some of the other restaurants in the area should not rest on their laurels. This place rocks.

Truffle Season - Restaurants

Coppi does it really well. Consistent quality and fair pricing. Boccaccio just landed their second shipment of Alba based truffles. Great on pasta and/or Carpaccio. Nicely paired to the Lamborghini Trescone from Umbria. Serious yum.

Dinner near Dufferin and Lawrence

The Columbus Centre is located at the South-west corner of Dufferin and Lawrence. Off of the main floor is Boccaccio Ristorante. Solid Old School Italian fare. Reasonably priced, great service, nice ambiance.

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Mastroroberto in Woodbridge

Openings 2012 (Toronto)

Drums and Flats finally open on Avenue Road south of Wilson. Rock and Roll inspired menu with an emphasis on wings. Nice reno of the former Honey's Bistro. Great looking patio. The resto look pretty family friendly from what i can tell.

Anyone know about chiu-chow cuisine?

Wow Googs; what kind of fare are you offering from your bathroom buffet? Chiu Chow Boy was introducing this specific style long before any of the aforementioned. Charles, curious when you were there last. They were first. They were approachable to non-sino visitors. They were and still are faithful to the culinary tradition. I will graciously abstain from Goog's commode's set menu for now.

Anyone know about chiu-chow cuisine?

I am yet to discover better representation than Chiu Chow Boy. In particular, their pigeon dishes are stellar. James Chatto, a huge enthusiast of this style of asian cuisine, has written about them extensively if you care to go archiving at Toronto Life. Chiu Chow Boy 3261 Kennedy Road Toronto, ON M1V 4Y1, Canada
(416) 335-0336

Old school Italian

I think Prima's point about certain old school italian eateries renovating to attract younger crowds is dead on. The problem is that it doesn't always work. Coppi made a very bold move with their makeover. They even lost a few faithful in the process. And yet they caught the attention of many who had never been or hadn't been in years. The core cooking stayed strong and they are busier than ever. Little Anthony's revamp is merely an attempt to re-package something that's been loveless and tired for years. Whereas Coppi's owners went to great expense (and risk) to keep evolving, Little Anthony's would have you settle for style over substance. Finally, there is the example of Rossini's, who we discussed previously. They have been consistent in food and service for years. They have a devoted clientele who fill the room 7 days a week. Regrettably, the average age of their clientele is dead. There is very little in the way of young dinership to be found. a reno here would alienate the existing crowds who like things the way they are with no guarantee of attracting a new youthful crowd. Tough call.

Who offers the definitive Caesar Salad in the GTA?

I have found that several establishments have prided themselves on the quality of this salad--even self declaring the best in the city. But who does the CH collective really acknowledge as the best?q

Where to go out for a good (reasonably priced) meal within a 5 - 10 minute drive of York University.

I would suggest Zest Grill. It is east of Keele on the north side of Steeles. The food I simply prepared, fresh market and seasonal. The chef and owner Joe was executive chef at Paese/ L-Eat Catering for years. Best value in a neighborhood devoid of good choices.

Old school Italian

In regards to Coppi, Fausto has been retired and living in Italy for some time now. The current owners are Alex (a former server for years) and Chef Michelangelo. the food and service have never been better (Yes, I've heard all the Fausto stories as well!). i agree with the Putanesca appraisal. it is truly excellent. the boys also currently renovated--the space is now much more contemporary and especially beautiful at night.

Steakhouse with the family

Wildfire is the call. Sterling beef program, Lobster fest, kid's menu, spectator award of excellence for wine list, freaking great Martini at the bar (ask for Val) and free parking at night! Come on! chef Conrad is a grill master of the first magnitude. All else pales desperately in comparison.

Old school Italian

Hi Prima,
As a returning customer, I would try the most simple expressions; Minestrone, Lasagna, Antipasto Di Mare--really great--Why not even throw one of their pizzas in the middle of the table? And most importantly: dialogue with the servers. Some of them have been there for decades and know how to customize your experience.

Old school Italian

No offence Plug. I would sooner frequent The Olive Garden then venture into the once great Mastro's. Have you been recently, the All You Can Eat Buffet looks like an elongated petrie dish!

Old school Italian

Hey Kellz,

I presume by Old School you mean in the style of Italian restos from Toronto's past and not the current trend of La Cucina de Nona--an approximation of casalinga or Italo-Canadian home cooking. If this is the case i can heartily recommend the following;
La Traviata--this Wilson Avenue institution specializes in uncomplicated traditional Italian fare. do not miss the made from scratch Pasta e Fagioli, Spinach Ravioli and Veal Pizzaiola. At lunchtime the room is filled with local Italian business people lost in the nuances of food that reminds them of their mother's kitchen. Ask for owner Joe.
Boccaccio at the Columbus Centre--nestled in the Italian Cultural Institute, Chef Gino Marchetti interprets regional dishes with modest charm. Some things are hit or miss whereas Antipasti and Gnocchi rock. But the best kept secret is the daily lunch special: For 18.00 you get a soup or pasta starter followed by such mains as Osso Bucco, Roasted Veal tenderloin or fresh fish from City Fish down the street. the room is a cosy throwback to another era. Ask for Vittorio.

Finally, a personal favorite-Rossini's on Avenue road near Wilson. Current owner Sergio Zanetti has worked in some of the city's most Italo-centric kitchens over the years yet manages to keep that Old School zeitgeist going. He has gone to great lengths to leave the menu the way it was over twenty years ago yet upgrade to food terminal and local ingredients standards. i defy anyone to show me a better Minestrone! The nicest waiters on the planet and free parking doesn't hurt either.

Hope this helps!

ISO Botargo in GTA

Coppi restaurant, in my humble estimates, sources out the best product made from Mullet and Tuna. i believe it's origins are Sicilian. The fresh pasta chittara with Botarga is beyond reproach.

Is Malena worth a visit?

I stick to the basics; Old school fritto (fresh clean oil--no dark brown fast food chicken finger like product), Gnocchi and any whole fish offering. rock and roll.

Is Malena worth a visit?

Malena has tweaked their concept to the point where they have finally delivered exactly what the demographics want/need/enjoy. kudos to the ownership for not giving up until syncing the right kitchen staff with the right concept. My best meal was last week.