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Five Days in Montreal

Try also BYOB places it's a classic in montreal: Monsieur B, Le quartier general, les heritiers and le smoking vallee!

Lunch Quebec city


Looking for a good restaurant in quebec city for lunch with my family for december 30. We are a gang of 8. My grand-mother is in a wheel chair so we need a restaurant that can accomodate that.

The challenge is: It's a sunday and many places our already full or closes. (cafe du clocher penché, le saint-amour and laurie raphael)

Any other suggestions?


Openings in 2012

They don't know yet for the names...

Openings in 2012

Marc-André Paradis is opening 2 new BYOB : one in verdun on the corner of lasalle and wellington with chef Jean-françois Pigeon (3629 wellington) and a another one in longueuil, 219 St-Jean with chef Jérémie Marcille. Two young chef with good potential!

Openings in 2012

Le smoking vallée will open friday 2 march.

Cheapest grocery store for fruits and veggies?

It's the fruits/vegetables that are not really looking good for the front store or has to be eaten the same week. For a juicer, it's perfect!

Cheapest grocery store for fruits and veggies?

The best is to go to Marché jean-talon and ask "number 2" deals. Go to "chez Louis" and ask Francine for the "légumes/fruits numéro deux"

Foodies Boys Weekend in Montreal

Icehouse you think it's metro? ...not. And Restaurant La Main, is way better than Schwartz's + you can have a beer...

Foodies Boys Weekend in Montreal

You should go to les trois petits bouchons or Icehouse! There is a new fun micro-brasserie call Les soeurs grises. I never been there but the reviews are good!