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Bahrain - best places for a foodie?

I strongly recommend you to try the chicken shawarma at Burger land(exhibition Road or Budayia) they have the best shawarma on the Island,,,,I've tried many but this is the most authentic. Not to forget the Coral Beach at Kourneesh Al Fateh,, has the most delicious lebanese menu with a lovely sea view as well,,, as for a nice Arabic breakfast try Zeit Zaitoun(exhibition Road) for Mana2eesh 3ala elsaj or fatteh, and Albairouti(palace Road for the best Hummus and Foul),I've been here for more than 14 years and I've tried all,my above recommendation is to enjoy a good Arabic flavour in the middle East with affordable prices. Enjoy the stay,

Feb 29, 2012
rachamba in Middle East & Africa

Baking Soda as Meat Tenderizer

It was very interesting all what I've read about the baking soda, it really works well with me, also another way I use is marinating the meat or chicken in yoghurt,,,I come from the Middle East and the yoghurt recepie has been passed through many generations, Indian food involves this recepie as well.

Feb 28, 2012
rachamba in Home Cooking