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Cheap Eats Near Warner Theater

Going to a show Sat. night at Warner and wanted to get a cheap meal (10-15$ pp) before the show, any ideas?

Best Duck in Downtown DC?

Going to be going to DC for my birthday...looking for some rec's on the best duck dish

First Time NYC Visit For 2 Days (Rooftop, Beer Recommendations)

Thinking about buddakan for bday dinner? Good idea?

Oct 08, 2012
JustinH2 in Manhattan

First Time NYC Visit For 2 Days (Rooftop, Beer Recommendations)

Looking for a sushi place that wont cost $200 for two people...looking for a nice sushi place and looking to keep the bill around $100

Oct 07, 2012
JustinH2 in Manhattan

First Time NYC Visit For 2 Days (Rooftop, Beer Recommendations)

I'll be making my first visit to NYC in a few weeks for my girlfriend's birthday. She has been to the city a few times but this is my first trip. The last time she was there she went to 230th & Fifth rooftop and loved it and wants to go back for her birthday. I'd rather see if there was a better rooftop bar since she has already been to that one and I'm sure there are other great ones out there.

Also, I was looking for a couple recommendations as far as:

Best pizza...

Best place to get a craft beer (preferably Capt. Lawerence)...

Restaurant...looking for a place that is beautiful inside


I'll be staying at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square.....Thanks for any help, I do appreciate it!!!

Sep 27, 2012
JustinH2 in Manhattan

South Beach

Only thing wrong with those are they only serve beer right? My girlfriend isn't a beer drinket

South Beach

Looking for some recommendations for a few restaurants/bars. Ill be staying on Collins Ave and I an looking for some great restaurants and bars/happy hours. As for restaurants i have looked at Juvia, Michaels Genuine, The Forge and Pubbelly Sushi...are there any i should also check out? Also as far as bars I've been looking at The Clevelander...just looking for good happy hours (prefer bars with a good craft beer esp cigar city) and great views

Restaurants Near Richmond Landmark Theatre

Looking for a nice restaurant to get a meal and a few drinks before going to a show at Landmark. I would like a place within walking distance and am open to any kind of food

Apr 11, 2012
JustinH2 in Mid-Atlantic

Where to pop a nice bottle of champagne?

U can bring your own bottle to komi?

Where to pop a nice bottle of champagne?

I have a bottle of Dom P and am looking for a nice place to pop it and was wondering if there is anywhere in DC....a nice rooftop would be great...thanks for any suggestions