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baked stuffed potato

Thank you. I can't wait to try

Jan 25, 2015
knitone in Home Cooking

baked stuffed potato

I used to make a backed stuffed potato with a tuna filling. I can't recall all I did. Does anyone have a good recipe? I would love another. Thanks.

Jan 22, 2015
knitone in Home Cooking

Follow up

Some do. Some people have trouble finding orig threads to follow up

POULTRY SOUP! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (January 2015)

I love Mulligatawny soup. Would love to know your version

Soup question

I haven't but maybe similar to wedding soup greens?

Jan 01, 2015
knitone in Home Cooking

Chow Lunch at Taqueria Habanero - Report

I have to agree with Steve's assessment. Fish was good but not special in any way. Loved the huaraches. Loved the guacamole but I love avocados any way I get them. I thought the place was good but not to go out of your way for.

Which DC area restaurants would close if there were no expense account diners?

Do they go?

Any recommendations for brunch

Thanks for all your help just visiting. Yes dmv would be best for that group. I will check out the web site.

Any recommendations for brunch

Well, Just Visting, I think the group wouold be willing for MD or VA that is the area everyone lives in. I was just asking for something that people have tried and liked. I would go anywhere. I have a anohter group that went to PA for a good dinner. I will use the open table idea, as well. The brunch group is more into the getting together and not as concerned about the food as long as it is good and allows for sitting and talking awhile. They asked me to see if there was a good brunch place in Md. I suggested Normandy Farm but only because I heard about it. I have never eaten there. I will go with my spouse at some point to Lyon Hall since Steve recommended it and I find his rec's are good.

Any recommendations for brunch

Yes it was J. Gilbert's in McLean. We are thinking for after April. We have always met at the holdiay time and wanted to try something new. Thanks for the suggestions.

Any recommendations for brunch

A group of about 9 former coworkers have been meeting several years for brunch. Would like recommendations for place with outdoor seating. We sit a talk a long time. Have been going to Gilbert's. Ready to try new

Little Serow line update

Good luck. I think you'll get in

Anything halfway decent really close to Skyline

The recommendations already listed are all very good. You would do well at each of them. Also the Edan center is down the road.

Christmas dining?

Oh yes. I'm seeking a good place as well. I checked on L'Auberge already.

Group dinner for 40th birthday- BLT or Bourboun steak?

Went to Bourbon steak with a group of 8. Two of us got fish and had a good dinner. But the people who got steak were unhappy. One returned hers but was still not happy with it. It may have been an off night since I know they are known for steak. But just wanted to give you this info. What ever you choose I hope you get a great experience

Solo dinner in DC this week

I had not heard of Indique. I'm going to try it. I have gone to Risika and have enjoyed it

Doi Moi

Thanks for the detailed review

I too need help on uninvited guests.

Don't know what to tell you. Parents will probably take offense if you ask them to control their children. Good luck

Nov 28, 2014
knitone in Not About Food

Weight your own vegetables at Wegmans

I used to but not any more too difficult die to using scooter to shop. I have seen many not do this. You do what you are able. She was just rude. How much extra time does it really add

Nov 27, 2014
knitone in Chains

Best Seasonal/Holiday Trader Joe's Items.... for 2014

What useful info

Nov 19, 2014
knitone in Chains

Capitol Hill tower area

Thanks I don't know the area at all.

Saba, Yemeni Food in Fairfax - Report

Thanks for the report

Capitol Hill tower area

Thanks both are good bit was trying to find non chain

Capitol Hill tower area

Any good restaurants in the Capitol Hill tower area New Jersey ave se?

Thip Kao in DC - Report

Thanks for the report. I would love to join in some of these chowhound dinners. When do you post them or is this a group of you that already know each other?

Female Sushi Chefs: do they exist?

Never thought of it, but I have never seen a female sushi chef. Started eating sushi in 1974 in NY

Nov 08, 2014
knitone in Not About Food

Slow Roasting Turkey Times... Spatchcocked, Boned & Tied Roll/Porchetta and Single Breast... with Pictures.

Thank you

Nov 07, 2014
knitone in Home Cooking

Cut up chicken before or after putting in slow cooker

What a great idea to make soup after cooking the chicken. I will use that

Nov 05, 2014
knitone in Home Cooking

Cooking from SLOW COOKER Cookbooks

I will have to try. Sounds good

Nov 05, 2014
knitone in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #333 - The end of Daylight Savings Time Edition [through Nov. 10, 2014]

I miss those voting booths as well. Some have never experienced them. It did make it seem special

Nov 05, 2014
knitone in Home Cooking