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Peter Chang opening restaurant in Rockville in early 2015

Thanks for the news

Red Apron Penn Quarter - quick take

Thanks for the review

It's Saturday. It's summer. I want shrimp. And NO I DON'T want to clean/make/prep/grill/ it myself at home.

I have eaten at captain mas. I don't recall all you can war shrimp. Food was good but a bit pricy

Rum Buns

Thank you

Growing Up In D.C./Balt: Who Else Remembers....

Thank you. I remember the ice cream

Last minute ideas for a date-night reservation?

She may not. I will sounds great

Last minute ideas for a date-night reservation?

Call up a place you like. Give them the finally have sitter first time out in how long. Maybe they can squeeze you in

Fairfax Inn Restaurant - Filipino Breakfast

Thank you for the pic. Looks good

Expand this list to 25? AROUND THE WORLD IN 10 DC RESTAURANTS


I-Thai in Tysons Corner



THANK YOU for such a great review. I will know what to expect.


thank you. I have not quite figured out how to see past reveiws. I will work on it now.


Has anyone been there? Would you recommend the tasting menu? Going I'm July and just wanted an idea of what people have experienced

So annoyed with dinner guest

This may not help but giving him benefit of the doubt try ro speak to him privately. Say how you feel. Just in case he is dumbly unaware of how he makes you feel. Perhaps he thinks he is being honest and not realizing he is being rude

May 27, 2014
knitone in Not About Food

Fleet Street Kitchen and Petit Louis

Thanks for the reviews

New restaurant in Hampden - Le Garage

Thank you

New restaurant in Hampden - Le Garage


Tom Sietsema on foolishness

Good point

Tom Sietsema on foolishness

I agree. I wait for the policy to change. I see no reason to wait hours. Thanks for the Toki update

How to ask guest to pay for meal/drinks at dinner?

I would specify in invite this is the case. And if someone decides to order something else there it would be at there cost and desire I was invited to a dinner at a restaurant for a birthday parry once. They didn't say it was not paid for. At the end of the evening everyone was asked to pay part. I was surprised. And, would have liked to know in advance

May 17, 2014
knitone in Not About Food

Chow- please make a mobile app!!

Agreed. I have to do that as well.

May 10, 2014
knitone in Site Talk

Chow- please make a mobile app!!

What is your age, if you don't mind stating. I'm retired a bot over 5 years due to disability

May 09, 2014
knitone in Site Talk

Y no reviews? [moved from Washington DC/Baltimore board]

I have posted some reviews. But I'm not sure how to find past reviews

May 09, 2014
knitone in Site Talk

Villa Mozart

Going with a group for dinner there in a few weeks. Has any one eaten there? Any suggestions on what to order?

The Hot Shoppes Mighty Mo & Teen Twist are back...

I remember.

Jaleo - Jose's Way Tasting Menu

Thank you for such a complete report.

Berger Cookies in Northern Virginia?

Thank you for addeess

Fiola Mare dish recs?

I have eaten there. I enjoyed what I had. Others with me were disappointed. I ordered Dover sole It was not on the menu. Waiter "made it happen". The lobster ravioli was wonderful. Someone ordered a seafood pasta that lacked much seafood. I wouldn't recommend. I think any fish table side will be a good choice. Dessert too fou fou (if that is how to spell it). That is something you may want to skip. Overall, I think you will enjoy. Service was great. Ask for a table by the window. Great view

10th Anniversary-Corduroy or Restaurant Eve?

I think both are romantic I'd go with Corduroy for less adventurous.

New chefs at One (Chapel Hill)

Thanks for the review. Will have to try when in the area

Apr 28, 2014
knitone in Southeast