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Please help ladies with DC recs

What wonderful suggestions you gave

about 12 hours ago
knitone in Washington DC & Baltimore

Does every meal out have to be so Chowish or not?

I expect good service. Like really good food whatever it is. But will forgive a poor dish. Try again. Harder on poor service. Will ask for different server if try again.

Sep 27, 2014
knitone in General Topics

Southern Ingredients: What should I pick up when I'm in VA next week

I always love going to food markets wherever I go. My family thinks I'm strange. So glad to find out there are so many others

Sep 25, 2014
knitone in Mid-Atlantic

"Proper Pie Co." Richmond Va

Thanks. That sounds good

Places to eat in Virginia Beach

I'm not from that area but we have enjoyed Bubba's restaurant 3323 shore drive virginia beach. I enjoyed the steamed claims and the soft shell crabs. It is not a fancy place. I don't know if they even take reservations. But service was good and could see the water when we ate there.

Sep 23, 2014
knitone in Mid-Atlantic

Kapnos in DC - Report

Thank you. I'll save it for a group dinner. And go else where for the anniversary. Maybe corduroy or volt

Rural Society - Garces' Argentine restaurant

What a wonderful review. Thank you. That sounds terrific. And I really l love being surprised with tastings

Kapnos in DC - Report

Thank you all for the reviews. I will make reservations for our 40th anniversary. Do you think Saturday would be all right or should we pick a less busy resraurant night Thanks

Bond 45 National Harbor

Thanks for the review

30th birthday dinner in DC?

City Zen is great a bit higher priced. When is the current chef leaving

Sugarland Deli

So sorry. Yes off Sugarland run drive in sterling VA. We enjoyed but we are not that familiar with the food. Mostly the chains.

Sugarland Deli

I just tried the Sugarland Deli and it is good Mexican food. We had the steak asada and beef burrito. Tasted homemade. It is a very small place in the neighborhood

Peter Chang opening restaurant in Rockville in early 2015

Thanks for the news

Red Apron Penn Quarter - quick take

Thanks for the review

It's Saturday. It's summer. I want shrimp. And NO I DON'T want to clean/make/prep/grill/ it myself at home.

I have eaten at captain mas. I don't recall all you can war shrimp. Food was good but a bit pricy

Rum Buns

Thank you

Growing Up In D.C./Balt: Who Else Remembers....

Thank you. I remember the ice cream

Last minute ideas for a date-night reservation?

She may not. I will sounds great

Last minute ideas for a date-night reservation?

Call up a place you like. Give them the finally have sitter first time out in how long. Maybe they can squeeze you in

Fairfax Inn Restaurant - Filipino Breakfast

Thank you for the pic. Looks good

Expand this list to 25? AROUND THE WORLD IN 10 DC RESTAURANTS


I-Thai in Tysons Corner



THANK YOU for such a great review. I will know what to expect.


thank you. I have not quite figured out how to see past reveiws. I will work on it now.


Has anyone been there? Would you recommend the tasting menu? Going I'm July and just wanted an idea of what people have experienced

So annoyed with dinner guest

This may not help but giving him benefit of the doubt try ro speak to him privately. Say how you feel. Just in case he is dumbly unaware of how he makes you feel. Perhaps he thinks he is being honest and not realizing he is being rude

May 27, 2014
knitone in Not About Food

Fleet Street Kitchen and Petit Louis

Thanks for the reviews

New restaurant in Hampden - Le Garage

Thank you

New restaurant in Hampden - Le Garage


Tom Sietsema on foolishness

Good point