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santa barbara bound

I would suggest the Burger Bus (food truck) for great burgers; Wine Cask, Opal, Julienne, bouchon or Downey's for fine dining; Eureka Burger, Hollister Brewing Company, and Intermezzo for more casual but delightful dining. For sushi, I prefer Goleta Sushi House over Arigato; Arigato is excessively loud and can be hard to get into, where as Goleta Sushi House is cozy, has great food, and you usually get personal service from the owner.

Apr 05, 2013
oldtypewriter in California

Santa Barbara wedding reception

Can anyone help?? I'm struggling to find a restaurant in Santa Barbara or Goleta for my wedding *reception* dinner. We're doing a small wedding on a tight budget; however, we're spending money on photography and food, as both are important to us.

We've talked to a number of places and it's been interestingly challenging to find places that can handle 25-30 people, allow them to stay a few hours (because this is a reception, not a rehearsal, and our family would like to linger), and have dessert (cupcakes) brought in -- while still being affordable.

Dessert issues: one restaurant actually told us flat out, NO, nothing can be brought in -- which was sad and caused us to strike it off our list. We just want to bring in cupcakes and no service would be required! I'll even give the staff some cupcakes for being good sports...

Some of the restaurants we've liked and could handle us require buy-outs of space or the whole restaurant, which have costs way beyond our budget. $60/head PLUS alcohol costs PLUS tax and tip PLUS a room buy-out of a couple thousand is just not workable. Our wedding is on a Friday and I totally understand that Friday is a tough night for restaurants, but in light of that I'm struggling!

If any Santa Barbarians have advice or suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!

Mar 29, 2012
oldtypewriter in California

Santa Barbara Wine tasting

Santa Barbara resident here. I'm learning about wine but am hard pressed to tell you exactly where to go based on varietals, so I'll just talk about the pleasant experiences I've had. Zaca Mesa is pretty and the service good; I enjoy wandering their property after tasting fine wines. Alma Rosa feels super old-school and is kind of awesome to visit. Melville makes you feel like you're in Italy and the wine is excellent; plus, you can call ahead to have lunch there and sometimes they'll let you picnic. Definitely try Au Bon Climat's (ABC) tasting room as their wine, along with Qupe, is superb.

Friends of mine love Kalyra for its dessert/sweet wines and casual Australian style (in the tasting room).

Mar 29, 2012
oldtypewriter in California

Breakfast and Lunch in Santa Barbara

Breakfast at Renaud's or Crushcakes is a good idea, as others have said. I really enjoyed Crushcakes' lunch as well. The croque monsieur at Renaud's was fantastic, and you can't go wrong with a cupcake... (Hmm, I didn't mean to imply Crush Cafe was only cupcakes. They have good sandwiches and salads!)

Norton's Deli has great pastrami sandwiches--that's a hearty lunch for you. They may only be open during weekdays.

Tupelo Junction has good breakfast and lunch food, and they're extremely well-located on State Street for people-watching. They have eclectic but good food. The breakfast beignets are delicious, the scrambles are tasty, and they have good French toast.

Esau's is also a good/fun place for breakfast and lunch, though it there is usually a line out the door!

Mar 07, 2012
oldtypewriter in California

Santa Barbara Rehearsal Dinner/Wedding

I visited Seagrass's banquet room recently for the same reason as the OP. It's nice and vert private for a small group. It has a circular table, which I felt was also a nice touch and it would be quite roomy (of a room) for 11 people. One drawback: there is a bathroom in the corner less than five feet from the table, though you obviously could keep the door closed and have no issues.

Mar 07, 2012
oldtypewriter in California

Santa Barbara must-try restaurants

A lot of Santa Barbara dining is on major streets with limited parking; you usually have to park a ways away from your restaurant. Keep that in mind!

I second the Crushcakes/Crush Cafe recommendation. I think you can sit on the patio with your puppy. The menu is quite tasty too. You might have similar luck with Renaud's, which also has a patio. Both of these places are breakfast/lunch though.

Hollister Brewing Company, which has great food and beer, in Goleta may allow dogs in the patio; at the very least, you could see your car since there's an adjacent parking lot.

Feb 26, 2012
oldtypewriter in California