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I have $100 for two hungry foodies- where should I go?

Thank you all for the recommendations! We ended up at Jean Georges and it was amazing :)

Jan 22, 2009
hungrycoed in Manhattan

Quaint Romantic and Authentic in Chinatown? (Please Help!)

I've recently moved back to the bay area, and my east coast boyfriend is flying out for valentines day weekend. He's craving good Chinese food after having to endure so much mediocrity in DC. Does anyone have recs for some quasi-romantic, tasty (but NOT upscale/$$$) Chinese sit-down restaurants in Chinatown? He's never been to the neighborhood and we're staying the night in a hotel nearby.

I really appreciate any recommendations you may have! Thanks!

I have $100 for two hungry foodies- where should I go?

Happy Holidays All,
I'm going to be in New York for the first week of January and I was given a check for $100 bucks with explicit instructions to take my boyfriend out for lunch or dinner. So this is a no holds barred invitation for suggestions for a $50 pp including alcohol (tip can be excluded) that will make his little foodie heart swell with glee from you chowhounds lucky enough to live in new york city. We're both adventurous and all cuisines are welcome. Thanks and Happy New Year!

Dec 25, 2008
hungrycoed in Manhattan

Double(/blind) Date... Suggestions?

So, my best girlfriend has made it her mission to set me up, and she's arranged a double date for the two us. Clearly, the situation is going to be awkward enough, so I wanted to pick the restaurant, to avoid recommendations like CPK or Joe's.

I'm in search of a good restaurant thats $20 pp or under with tip (no drinks, though I'm sure I'll need one), in the back bay/ south end/ fenway area, quiet enough on a Tuesday evening to carry a conversation, and preferably with outdoor seating. I don't know the guy or how adventurous he is with food, so a more conventional cuisine would be a plus.

I appreciate any suggestions you may have! Thanks again!

Dim Sum near civic center??

Where can I find a good dim sum place within walking distance from the civic center? It can be order at the counter, but preferrably the traditiobnal sit down with carts. Thanks for any input!

Is Iruna still around?

Does anyone know if Iruna in harvard square is still open? None of their numbers I've found online are working.

I'm broke, and I'm going to Maine. Help!

Hello all,

My boyfriend and I are going to Maine on a last minute trip. We will be in portland for the day, freeport for the night. Tomorrow we'll be driving to camden to camp. I'm looking for recommendation for lunch and dinner along the way. My one rule is that these needs to be $10.00 or less per person, including tax and tip. We're open to anything, including ethnic... but would love to find some tucked away seafood joint that fits this budget limitation. =) Thank you for any suggestions you may have.