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London Restaurants for Single Women

Thanks for all of the wonderful tips, everyone! Looks like my trip is shaping up nicely.
Currently the plan is:
--Friday (arrival day): Lunch in the food hall at Harrod's en route to Victoria and Albert Museum; a wander around Kensington, and dinner at St. John Hotel.
--Saturday: Breakfast a Borough Market (hopefully a grilled cheese!). I"m keeping lunch flexible because I'm also planning an early dinner, but I'm sure I will pick up snacks somewhere along my Tate Modern/Millenium Bridge/Walk along the Thames plan. Having an early pre-theatre dinner at Arbutus.
--Sunday I plan to spend the morning at the British Museum and afternoon browsing on Oxford and Bond Streets, with lunch in SoHo in between. Thinking Spuntino, Barrafina, or Polpo are possibilities. Then...dinner at The Ledbury that night!
I think I've put together a good itinerary--hopefully after this and a further 6 days of eating and cooking classes in Ireland, I'll fit on the plane home!
I'll report back with reviews after my trip.

Mar 30, 2012
DCMolly78 in U.K./Ireland

London Restaurants for Single Women

I'll be visiting London for three nights in April (Fri, Sat, Sun). I'm looking for dinner suggestions as well as pubs/wine bars/cocktail spots where I'll feel comfortable as a single woman. I've travelled alone a lot and am generally comfortable eating and drinking alone--I'm just looking for pubs/bars where I won't feel like a lone gazelle at the watering hole and restaurants where they don't sneer at parties of one.
I"m staying in Bloomsbury. Ideally I'm looking for one blow-out dinner, and a couple smaller, more casual places.

Feb 26, 2012
DCMolly78 in U.K./Ireland