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Please help me figure out this cake and frosting recipe!

I'm still working on it. It's a cake made by Dutch maid bakery in MA which gets delivered to numerous supermarkets. I took a pic of the ingrediants and did some research. The icing is made from egg whites, sugar, water (syrup) and shortening. This icing is usually called a bakery frosting but I find it best with a mix of butter.
As for the cake, I find butter better than oil and shortening in a cake. Also using the reverse creaming method results in a moister crumb which has Been my favorite cake.

Nov 16, 2012
ak165 in Home Cooking

where can I buy maltose syrup in manhattan?

I've been to hong kong supermarket in chinatown, h mart on 32nd and other supermarkets trying to find maltose syrup and I cannot find it anywhere! Has anyone had any luck finding it? I want it to make char sui bbq pork. I've tried using honey but its just not the same. I also bought some powdered maltose on ebay (which i'm awaiting and not quite sure how to incorporate it) but would love to buy some cheap maltose syrup somewhere

Nov 05, 2012
ak165 in Manhattan

meatball problems! (seriously)

I need to make perfect meatballs for a crowd this week but everytime I make them, something always goes wrong
1. too hard
2. falls apart, especially when I pan fry them, even if I bake then put in sauce- same problem
3. dry, not enough flavor, not moist
I love sbarros meatballs and the combination of pork and beef (not a fan of lamb), any ideas?
I've tried so many different recipes, tried to to overwork the meat, tried fresh bread and boxed bread crumbs, wrong type of meat (80/20,95/5%)?
Could it be too many bread crumbs? maybe egg yolks instead of eggs? Add an extra egg? buttermilk?
What am I doing wrong?! I love meatballs!

Nov 04, 2012
ak165 in Home Cooking

need: almond powder, banana leaves, black cocoa powder

Almond powder online is always sold out, black cocoa powder is so expensive with the shipping (over 15/lb or sold out) and I really need banana leaves for a vietnamese dish i'm making.
Any idea where to get there? I live in midtown so theres some spanish places on 10th but mostly delis, does whole foods sell it? western beef?

Nov 01, 2012
ak165 in Manhattan

Please help me figure out this cake and frosting recipe!

My husbands birthday is coming up and I wanted to make something special. There's a d'agastinos nearby and they sell this birthday cake that is out of this world.
1. The cake is stale when cold but at room temp it's perfect. I don't taste butter so it must be oil, it's also not heavy so I'm guessing it was made in "the two stage method"
It doesn't taste light enough to be a sponge or chiffon and neither or those could hold up the shape and frosting.
2. The hard flower on the top that melts in your mouth is delicious. I have tried researching it and found candied rose, fondant flowers but I don't know which one it is or how to get it/make it
3. The white and colored frosting is the best part. I looked on the ingredients and it mentioned sugar and fondant. It doesn't taste like fondant and its actual frosting, not a layer placed on top of a butter cream. I've tried making it but haven't succeeded :( it's not buttercream as it has no trace of butter, it's not the icing where you boil milk and flour then add to buttercream, it tastes like confectioners sugar but its not hard like royal icing.
What could it be? Has anyone ever tried this cake? Or know what kind of frosting it might be? I've been on a hunt for a year trying to figure it out

Oct 14, 2012
ak165 in Home Cooking