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Mangal 2, Dalston, London

Good to see the Dalston Turkish resturants getting a mention, my regular haunt is 19 Numara Bos Cirik. Love their warm onion and tomato salad, and the bread rubbed with meat

Oct 10, 2013
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Mama Thai (Aldgate) [London]

Just discovered this small cafe just off Commercial Street, has a interesting selection of meat and veg curries, I get a box for a fiver that contains 2 curries rice and a little salad

Real comfort food, nice authentic tasting meat, and friendly service

This is my new goto lunch place when working in the city

Oct 10, 2013
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Top 5 best under 15 pounds a head - 2012

My favorite category (coz I am a tightwad)

Not in any order but..

* 19 Numara Bos Cirrik I - Dalston, London, best of the Turkish BBQ IMHO
* JasJasJas - Cheadle, Manchester, middle eastern home style food, cheap filling, good and great family run place.
* This & That - Northern Quarter, Manchcester, stalwart 'curry cafe' in the city, fab food, fab prices.
* Maxi’s Rotisserie - Kirkgate Market, Leeds, small chinese place that only does rice with roast meats. Can't knock it for tasty, and filling.
* Rook Lane Fisheries - Bradford, family run, traditional chippy, great tasting, hard to drive past without stopping.

Jan 11, 2013
portseven in U.K./Ireland

London Post Theatre Large Group Meetup

So a bunch of ex-mormons are going to see the new Book of Mormon musical in london (Prince of Wales theatre) later this year. They will be going to a matinee and are looking for a place to meet up afterwards and talk about the musical and moan about the mormon religion.

So we are looking for a place that could accommodate a group of about 15-20 people, that wouldn't mind us hanging round for a while talking too.

No preferences on cuisine, but has to be 'moderate' pricing as don't want to exclude people on cost.

Trying to avoid having to use the TGI Fridays next door, as I know people will be tempted by the convenience.... So if I can suggest something now, we can focus on that.

Jan 11, 2013
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Inspiration for a London weekly commuter

Cheers for that Limster, perfect set of ideas.

Travel wise I don't really want to go beyond zone 3, I keep meaning to try east ham and the various keralia places there.

Apr 15, 2012
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Inspiration for a London weekly commuter

Currently spending a lot of time in London for work, usually tues to thurs. Food wise I have £25 evening meal allowance, and I have been rotating between Testi & Mangal Oakbasi in Dalston, Maoz, Yalla Yalla & Wong Kei in Soho, and the nearest Nandos or Wagamamma.

I stay either at Tower Hill or Southwark (office is in Bankside) and am looking to venture out food wise, whilst staying in budget and keeping to a reasonably healthy diet. Don't think I can give up my Turkish Oakbasi craving just yet but want to try something else.

Anyway chowhounders, inspire me!

Apr 14, 2012
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Recommendations for Lebanese and other good places near the City

What about hopping on a 149 (comes through Gracechurch st) and going to one of the Turkish Okabasi resturants in stoke newington, Mangal, Numara or Testi get my vote

Feb 04, 2012
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Treacle Vinegar

It's a dark brown in colour, easily mistaken for balsamic

Not seen it elsewhere so maybe it's a Nigel original???

Jul 29, 2011
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Treacle Vinegar

anyone know where you can buy treacle vinegar?

they have recently started serving this with rapeseed oil as an acompniant to bread in Nigel Haworths RVI pubs (3 fishes etc), I guess it's the Lancashire take on balsamic vinegar and olive oil

anyway its wonderfull stuff and i want some for home

Jul 28, 2011
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Ethnic Cuisines in London

For ethnic London you need to visit a Pie and Mash shop, good ones within walking distance of Bethnal Green Tube, also Pease Pudding and Saveloy from the stall on Chrisp St Market, get off at Poplar on the DLR line, or take a no15 bus from central

Jul 03, 2011
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Cheap eats in London

I like the Paper Tiger in South Ken, it's slop, but comforting slop

Apr 14, 2011
portseven in U.K./Ireland

NW and NE England Must Eats - Produce and Restaurants

On the way from the lakes to the NE you could pop into the Highwayman in Kirby Lonsdale, then on to Tebay services for their farm shop

Mar 27, 2011
portseven in U.K./Ireland

South Indian food in Manchester / elsewhere in the North

The Punjab in Rusholme

Feb 06, 2011
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Manchester / Leeds - anyone out there?

I am a lurked too

Can second the rec's of the Northern Quarter 'curry cafes' with their rice and three. I was a regular at the This an That when I worked at the Coop. Some of my regular haunts are Jasjasjas Lebanese deli in Cheadle, and The Three Fishes up in Mitton nr Clitheroe

Anyone tried the stalls in the new Arndale Market?

The Northern Quarter Restaurant & Bar
108 High Street, Manchester M4 1HQ, GB

Feb 06, 2011
portseven in U.K./Ireland

London, Euston Station

Try Drummond St, come out of the west entrance past the lost property booth, and in about 1min walk you will be surrounded by a load of south Indian places

Oct 24, 2010
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Testi [Stoke Newington, London]

Monday night in London found me meeting friends in London for dinner. We ended up at a Turkish Ocak Basi place up on Stoke Newington High St called Testi

Great cold Meze of various dips and Dolmades accompanied by hot flat bread that had been rubbed with the hot meat off the charcoal grill, soaking up some of the flavour.

Had a Kofte like thing that had been wrapped in thin flatbread, served with rice and yogurt. The kofte was good, nice flavour with nice meaty flavor. They also do a great side dish of grilled onions that were served in a v nice sauce (sumac and lemon?)

And if you were wondering they do serve a 'special' that you can work out from the Resturant name.

I will be back

Oct 03, 2010
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Burritos at Salad Factory and the newly opened Chipotle [London]

I guess they are trying to get in before Taco-Bell who are opening in the UK later this year.

May 23, 2010
portseven in U.K./Ireland

[Lancs] 3 Fishes Alternatives in Manchester

Cheers for that Harters

Never tried Sutton Hall, so might give it a go. It appears that the Highwayman is now closed, which is a shame as that was probably the closest too me, and I know the road well.

Never tried the other 2 you mention, so will put on my to-do list.

We also recently tried the Didsbury, which was OK, though not up to 3 Fishes Standards.

Feb 03, 2010
portseven in U.K./Ireland

[Lancs] 3 Fishes Alternatives in Manchester

So yesterday we had a very pleasant meal at the 3 Fishes up near Clitheroe in Lancashre as we often do. I had the veal, and she had the Lamb Roast.

We go as it's good quality locally sourced food, family friendly and the seating arrangements are really good, you never feel like you are crammed in.

Though we live in North Derbyshire (High Peak) and the trip up to Clitheroe can be a bit of a pain sometimes, so I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere similar in the Manchester / North Cheshire / High Peak area?

Feb 01, 2010
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Jas Jas Jas [Cheadle, nr Manchester]

Just discovered this place in Cheadle, its a small family run Lebanese deli / cafe / take-out.

They do a variety of Lebanese / Middle Eastern dishes, both hot, cold, meat and veg. Lamb and Chicken Sharmwa, Lemon Chilli Chicken, Houmous, Feta Salad, Tabouleh, Shanklish.

We often just get a 50:50 box, which is a polystyrene container filled half with whatever meat based dishes he has on that day and half with whatever vegi dishes. And its all very delicious, one of my co-workers who is Albanian, rates it highly and say its like his Mum would cook at home, which in my mind is high praise indeed.

Their belly pork is amazing too, but not being a Lebanese expert I wonder how authentic that is???

Today I had a 'Chefs Special Wrap' which was a bit of everything thrown in

It's tasty and cheap, recommended. They have a website too

Dec 17, 2009
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Family Eating nr Borough Market? [London]

Staying near Borough Market soon, with wife and kids

Anyone recommend any good family places in the area? I know about the Nandos and Wagamamma's, though as much as I like those places (Chicken Livers from Nandoes, mmmm!) it seems a shame to have to resort to them being so near Borough Market.

Sep 02, 2009
portseven in U.K./Ireland

The Three Fishes [Mitton, Lancs]

So today we had a drive up to 'The Three Fishes' in Mitton, which is near Blackburn in Lancashire. It's a celebrated 'Gastropub' that I have been meaning to visit for ages.

All their food is sourced from the North West, much of it from Lancashire.

I had the 'Treacle Baked Free Range Middlewhite Garstang Ribs with Black Peas' for starters and they were *very* good, the meat was tender and dropped off the ribs, and the glaze was really good too.

For mains I had the 'Breast of Deviled Cornfed Goosnargh Chicken' with 'proper' chips (cooked in dripping, a rare find these days)

Wife had 'Heather Reared Bowland Lamb Lancashire Hotpot with Pickled Red Cabbage'

I was stuffed and too full for pudding, but the wife managed to sneak in some Pancakes with Lemon and Cane Sugar.

The place itself is done out nice, all slate with solid wooden furniture. We were glad we went and will certainly be back with reinforcements. This is what all pubs should be like when it comes to food.


P.S. They also have a good selection of Real Ales for you who are CAMRA members!

Aug 29, 2009
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Dublin Eats

I enjoyed 'Elephant and Castle' on Temple Bar, they had lots of interesting breakfasty egg related dishes, and I enjoyed their Chicken Wings

Jul 21, 2009
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Lily's Indian Vegetarian - Manchester

Just discovered this place after years of driving past it, its in Ashton-Under-Lyne, attached to the ASM Indian Cash and Carry on Oldham Rd.

It's a Indian take away / cafe specializing in South Indian / Vegetarian dishes. So Dhosas, Thali, Uttapam, etc.

My first visit, so went for the Masalla Dhosa, nice big one, crispy on the edges with a nice Potato Masalla in the middle. V-Nice Sambal and a milk based chutney I have never had before, really tasty. So that and a small Bottled water came to £4.50. Very satisfied, and am looking forward to my next visit, I think I will try the Thali!

These types of Indian food outlets are rare here in Manchester, the only other one I know is the Punjab in Rusholme

Cheap, tasty and on my route home from work!

Jul 20, 2009
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Flamin Nosh - Stalybridge, Manchester

After attempting to get into Nando's for a Saturday afternoon meal, we chanced upon this place on the way home.

Flamin Nosh, is a locally owned family oriented resturant in Stalybridge. The menu is a bit of a TGI's wannabe. With ribs, fajitas, burgers, pizza, pasta. Though their selling point is that it is all freshly made, and locally sourced (where possible).

So took the Mrs and the little'un (2yrs old)

Starters - I had 'garlic and lemon' wings, she had 'tortilla platter, with salsa, hummous and sour cream', little one had garlic bread. All obviously homemade apart from tortilla chips, and the garlic bread was v-nice homemade and with rocket on the top.

Mains - I originally requested Lamb and Rosemary Fajitas, but as the butcher hadn't made delivery I plumped for a very nice Fritatta instead. Wife had Morocan Lamb with Cous Cous, and baby had chicken strips with flatbread and chunky chips.

Desert - Only wife had a pear and almond tart.

Overall the food was very nice, flavours were not overpowering so no MSG there. Bit confused about wifes Lamb dish being available but not mine, I suspect the butcher does lots of work for them!

Nicely presented, and good staff. Would go again.

Jul 20, 2009
portseven in U.K./Ireland

Frank's RedHot?

You can get it in most Tesco's or Sainsburys now. I have a stock of bottles from local supermarkets, from here in the wilds of the Derbyshire Peak District

Regards the cooking of the Wings, do people fry or bake? I have been baking, under the possibly unfounded assumption that it's not as unhealthy

Feb 20, 2009
portseven in U.K./Ireland

supermarket w/American foods


Glossop, Stockport. If they have them in out of the way places like that, I would imagine they would be everywhere.

Jan 07, 2009
portseven in U.K./Ireland

supermarket w/American foods

Try Cybercandy on Garick Street in Covent Garden. They stock mainly sweets, though they do other bits and pieces I think. They have a website, just Google for them.

On a related note, I see Tesco have started selling Reeces Pieces!

Jan 07, 2009
portseven in U.K./Ireland

[St Helens] - Larkins any good?

I keep hearing people mention Larkins in St Helens, anyone been, any good?

From what I hear, its a family run place, and popular with a number of local celebs

Dec 22, 2008
portseven in U.K./Ireland

[Manchester] Trafford Centre - lunches at the mall

I am going there tonight, I am going to try and swing the missus in the direction of Barburrito who now have a branch there. Though I suspect we will probably end up in Tampopo (which is not a bad thing).

Jun 12, 2008
portseven in U.K./Ireland