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Best and worst on the Outer Banks

Thanks to everyone who posted here! I've been following and researching for the trip to the OBX my husband and I are taking next month (the 3rd week in September). I have a list of restaurants that we are planning to visit while we're there and I'm hoping you all can let me know if anything has changed:

On the way down, we're planning on stopping at Currituck BBQ Co.

Breakfast we'll probably eat at our rental most days, but I plan on getting out to try:
Duck Donuts
Nags Head Fishing Pier (we'll be staying very close to here)

Lunch - again, we'll probably eat at our rental most days also but if we go out:
John's Drive In

Lunch or Dinner - we'll be eating out for dinner every day:
Maybe 1 "fancy" meal - Blue Point in Duck if we feel like driving that far, or else Colington Cafe, Flying Fish Cafe (which I see has new owners - has anyone eaten here since the switch?), or Ocean Boulevard
We are most excited about Blue Moon Beach Grill, Kill Devil Grill, and The Brine & The Bottle - from what I've read, these are all very good - has anything changed?
We'll probably also eat at Lucky 12 since it's very close to our rental
I also have Goombay's on my list as a place we might try.

Will all of these places be open since we'll be there at the start of the off-season? Any recommendations for other places to add?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Aug 15, 2012
arae1017 in Southeast