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How would you handle someone who doesn't make an effort to pay?

This is interesting. I don't want to hijack this but I have a related question for the board. For whatever reason, the way the OP is written, it sounds like the relative is from out of town.

The way I was raised, when someone comes into town, they are the guest. Thus, the Oracle and Oracle's hubby would have been on the hook for the bill. HOWEVER, the guest is not supposed to show up empty handed. The guest should have brought a small gift.

Furthermore, the guest is definitely required to reciprocate when Oracle and spouse visit her town. Again, Oracle and hubby are obligated to bring a gift.

What say ye?

May 22, 2012
flubber2012 in Not About Food

What's the best thing you personally can make with white sliced sandwich bread?

Grilled cheese

Feb 29, 2012
flubber2012 in Home Cooking

What do do with a lot of saffron?

Great tip. My parents brought home a fairly large amount from, I think Spain. I could be fake. I'll test as you recommend. If it's junk, it "solves" my problem.

Many thanks to all the other posters for the great ideas and recipes.

Feb 24, 2012
flubber2012 in Home Cooking

What do do with a lot of saffron?


I apologize if this was covered in another thread...I did a search and no joy.

I have a lot (I would say 20-30 times the amount that you buy in a bottle of Spice Islands at the grocery store) of older saffron (maybe 2-3 years old...unopened) that I found in my cupboard...way too much to use in risotto or boulabaisse or aioli.

Any other ideas?


Feb 22, 2012
flubber2012 in Home Cooking