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Ghosts and Good Grub in Louisville, Eureka Springs, and all points in between.

first of all, I love middle-aged broads so glad to hear you'll be coming to town, you guys are wack for going to Waverly.......

Louisville - Mayan Cafe, Taco Punk, Jack Frys are my faves
Wild Eggs for breakfast, Proof for drinks, Garage for drinks
safier for shawarma
maybe some old ghost stories in downtown hotels, dunno...

Moonlight BBQ in Owensboro
House of Como in Evansville
Henderson has some old Mansions on main st. that are reputed to be haunted but are private residences. one is house from A League of their own, also big green mansion restored on main st. dunno how you could get in there.

Whiskey Kitchen, City House in Nashville, Catbird Seat looks awesome there, haven't been able to score reservation yet.

have a good trip

Feb 22, 2012
SirTasty in Kentucky & Tennessee

Bachelor Party in Louisville - Thoughts?

Doc Crows would hit the BBQ and Bourbon marks, haven't been there. Downtown and nearby Market Street likely best to hit, lots of variety and walkable. bachelor party you say... im sure you're too sophisticated to hit the gentlemen's clubs which happen to be in between downtown hotels/bars and market street bars restaurants...

For general hanging out/eating/drinking but not BBQ per se - Garage, Taco Punk (some BBQ tacos), Mayan Cafe, Wiltshire pantry all great for their own reasons, haven't tried Rye yet

bistro set to move into spot next to T. Punk sometime (old 732 social spot) dunno when though.

best to stay walkable from hotel since cabs need to be called, 30-45min wait usually.
Jeff Ruby's is nice for a bachelor's, threw my bro in law one there myself

in ref to Littleman post, I loves me some Jack Frys too but have never seen BBQ on menu....ever.
Mark's Feed Store is pretty ho-hum in my opinion, sorry to be a hater.

Feb 22, 2012
SirTasty in Kentucky & Tennessee

Louisville, Late-night Recommendations

Market Street is taking off, in my opinion the best area to hit a few places, variety without having to get back in a car. Esp on gallery Hop nights (some fridays)

Garage, Taco Punk open late
I think T. Punk just has (good) beers for now, Garage has liquor
Bars downtown (Proof etc.) walkable from Market street

hope that helps someone (old thread)

Feb 22, 2012
SirTasty in Kentucky & Tennessee

Where to eat during long weekend in Louisville?

Mayan Cafe is one of my favorites, so is Jack Fry's
Mayan is walkable from downtown, jack Frys isn't
cabs aren't "hailable" really in Louisville, need to call

used to go to 610 Magnolia all the time, probably hard to get in now due to Top Chefness. They started going off the radar a bit in past year or so. I had some funk crab gelee bs there early last year that was the first big turn-off. would stick with the upscale regional/farm to table stuff and steer clear of the molecular. some shakeups in the kitchen last year is word on the street but definately worth a try

haven't tried Rye, some mixed gossip

Proof is a cool space due to the hotel, great bar, food not worth the hype/$ in my opinion
very close to hotels

Corbett's not worth going to the Costco parking lot for

Taco Punk really cool, great fast food, guy is from 610 magnolia I hear, left last year (coincidence?) also walkable

I love Vietnam Kitchen out by airport for hole-in-the wall ethnic goodness.

Also Dakshin out in Buchel strip mall for same

Wild Eggs is best breakfast, worth the drive.

Safier is great for Shawarma, on 4th street - fast food as well

skip Ramzis (jack of all trades, master of none), Seviche is so/so (don't really like their version of namesake)

Harvest is ok, but Wiltshire Pantry close by is better, both walkable

Feb 22, 2012
SirTasty in Kentucky & Tennessee