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One night in Haight Ashbury - Magnolia Pub?

Magnolia and Alembic share the same owner. I believe I have had a Magnolia beer at Alembic, the food is a step above Magnolia. I do recall the burger being tasty at Magnolia. I would agree with the others...go to Alembic.

Some place for Sunday lunch between SFO and Mt. View please

Refuge for pastrami, as well a pretty good cheese steak, and a great beer list (if that matters).

Town in San Carlos has brunch I believe

SF treats that ship well

Second Boccalone

East Coast Subs - Where to Find or How to Recreate

Jersey Joe's in San Carlos has "Hoagies". The Italian Combo was pretty damn good. Bread could be better, but all of the requirements were there. If I recall correctly it had coppa, genoa, and dry salami, shredded lettuce, provolone, onions (almost too many), O+V, S+P. It was on the large side also, which was fine by me. Jersey Joe's also does Cheesesteaks, however I haven't tried one.

Jersey Joe's Hoagies
21 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA 94070