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I-Thai in Tysons Corner

I work nearby there. I've had lunch there a couple of times. I agree the buffet was okay. I tried a few dishes off the menu. I did ask for the papaya salad to be very hot. It was as hot as Thai hot at Bangkok Golden. As for the taste, the food was good, but there are better Thai places in VA. However, it is probably the best Thai in McLean. The price is also on the high side.

fun DC restaurant for English guests

1789 is currently running a 3 course dinner for $45 from Sunday to Friday. I was just there a couple of weeks ago. They can do a table for 8-10. Great service and food. Another option for a large party is Blue Duck Tavern. I also like Casa Luca and Mio.

lunch in Georgetown with kids on Monday

I like Kafe Leopold or Cafe Bonaparte.

Texas Hound coming to town for 3-4 days. Correct my itinerary . . .

I agree about Bangkok Golden in Seven Corners Shopping Center. You don't get Laotian food that easily. We are one of the few cities lucky enough to have it. There are many reviews out there on what to order. Also, I like Steve's rec on Lyon Hall as well. Also, forgo Ben's Chili Bowl. It's great purely for nostalgia, but I don't think the food is really that good. I like DGS Delicatessan if you want to stay in the city for lunch.

Expand this list to 25? AROUND THE WORLD IN 10 DC RESTAURANTS

Afghanistan, Bamian, Falls Church
Iran, Amoo's House of Kabob, McLean

I used to go to Kopitiam for Malaysian on M St, but it's gone down hill in the last couple of years. Anyone have a Malyasian place?

Rooftop Dinner in DC (26th birthday)

I believe it's a fixed fee of $1000 and the food is enough for 8-10 people. Not sure if drinks are included.

Rooftop Dinner in DC (26th birthday)

I like Perry's in Adams Morgan.

DC Dinner & Lunch Recommendations

I like 1789, but it's not very kid friendly. I'm not sure if the family includes young kids. Do you have kids with you? I also like Kafe Leopold in Georgetown. Right now, I think the dining scene is kind of spread beyond Georgetown. I really like the ramen at Daikaya in Chinatown. I'm not a vegan, but I love their vegan broth.

Eden Kitchen - Eden Center

I just had lunch there this past Saturday. They now accept credit cards. I had the summer roll with the ground pork and boiled rinds (bi cuon). I thought it was great. I followed that with a small pho with rare beef. I thought the broth was great. Then, I started looking around and noticed most of the Vietnamese families were ordering a variety of other noodle soups, noodle salads/wraps, and rice dishes. They all looked really good. The restaurant is clean and the staff is very friendly. I'd definitely come back to try other dishes.

Best Finds in DC Metro area

Steve, what are your Indian options in NoVA?

Chowhound Group dinner at Thai Ghang Waan in Springfield, VA

I've only had the noodle soups at Bangkok Noodle House. i wasn't too impressed with their noodle soups, so I never ventured into the other dishes.

Chowhound Group dinner at Thai Ghang Waan in Springfield, VA

It's basically catfish meat with flour that gets air dried first. Then, it gets deep fried which causes it to puff up. It's laid on top of the salad served with a sauce on the side. You toss the whole thing with a sauce at the table. Steve is right. The version at Thai Square is better.

Chowhound Group dinner at Thai Ghang Waan in Springfield, VA

Last Saturday, six of us gathered for a dinner at Thai Ghang Waan in Springfield. On my two previous visits, I was greeted with two menus. One was a one pager written in Thai and a folded menu with Thai dishes you would typically find in a lot of Thai restaurants. On this trip, they handed me the folded menu and a two pager that was written in English! I am so glad to see that there is a translated version for my friends that don't read Thai. Being a fairly large group, we were able to sample quite a lot of dishes.

Overall, I thought it was an excellent meal. We didn't have a bad dish all night. Below is a list of what we ordered. The group favorites are marked with **. Most of the dishes were on the small side, so six of us were able to finish most of the 12 savory dishes and two desserts. On average, I think if you order 3 plates for every 2 people, you would have a very satisfying meal. The crispy pork with chinese broccoli was just done so well that we ordered it again on our second round. I could go back just for the Goong Chae Nam Pla and Hoy tod. I just don't know where else to get them in the area, and they were some of my favorite dishes in Thailand. However, I will probably be making my way around the menus as everything was done so well. Attached are photos of the translated menu. The total including a big tip (~25%) was $180 with no drinks or $30pp.

Dishes ordered:

**Goong Chae Nampla (Raw shrimp with a chili, lime, garlic, sauce)
Som Tum with Pickle Crab and shrimp paste (Papaya salad)
**Sweet liver (Spicy liver salad)
**Naem Kluk Kao Tod (Thai crispy rice salad slightly different than the Lao version)
Yum Pla Dook Foo (catfish puff salad)
Suki Haeng with Seafood (stir fried bean thread noodle with suki sauce)
**Hoy Tod (Mussels Omelette)
**Pad Kana Moo Krob (Crispy pork with Chinese broccoli)
**Crispy chicken wings with basil (on the Thai written menu only)
Gaeng Ped (roast duck in red curry)
Green curry with Pork
Mango with Sticky Rice
**Khao Niew Sang ka nya (Taro custard with sticky rice, not on the menu)

Thai Ghang Waan in Springfield, VA

I decided to stop by for a late lunch at 2PM today. Since I spoke Thai when I walked in, they handed me both the English and the Thai menu. I decided to order from the Thai menu today which is attached. It's a small menu, but it has the dishes that really reminds me of my trips to LA and Bangkok. I ordered Goong Chae Nam Pla and Suki Haeng with chicken. I think the Goong Chae Nam Pla itself is worth a visit. It's basically shrimp sashimi soaked in a sauce of garlic, lime juice, and fish sauce. Then, each shrimp is topped with crushed fresh green Thai chiliies with a thin sliver of fresh garlic. Suki is the Thai and Lao take on Sukiyaki. The sauce is peanut and fermented tofu based. It comes in a soup (Nam) or dry (Haeng). I had the dry version. I thought it was just as good as my mom's. I love that it wasn't sweet which can happen in a lot of Thai places. While I was there, there were a lot of other Thai patrons coming in ordering food to go. That kind of gives me hope that their other dishes are good as well.

Bangkok Noodle House (Springfield) and Filipino grocery store next door

The fried watercress is really good at Bangkok Golden. I haven't had the fried flounder anywhere in a long time. So, I can't really say. Same goes for the crispy duck dish. It used to be my go to dish whenever I was in Herndon. I would go to Thai Luang. Unfortunately, I don't work out that way any more. I've been to Thai Square about once or twice a month the last three months or so. I think they have been a lot consistent than they were a couple of years ago.

Bangkok Noodle House (Springfield) and Filipino grocery store next door

I agree about the Floating Market Noodle soup at Bangkok Noodle House. I tried it last year and was very disappointed. It's was bland and watery. I had it at Nava a couple of weeks ago. It was better, but still not worth a drive from VA. The best place to get it sadly closed their doors last year at Po Siam in Arlandria. I've tried this soup in multiple places including Thai Ghang Waan. It was decent. Recently, I tried it again at Thai Square. To my surprised, they've improved their recipe. It's really good! What dishes are you looking for besides the boat noodle soup? I have my go to places for certain Thai dishes in NoVA.

Best Korean Places in Annandale?

I love Bang Ga Nae. I go there quite regularly. I've never had Korean goat stew or the Cornish hen dish before this place. Now, we crave it. It really is worth a try. The new owner has also expanded the menu to include more standard dishes like bulgolgi and kalbi. The menu used to have only about 10 items.

In Your Opinion, What is the Best Thai Restaurant in Northern VA?

Steve, I have to agree. My go to dishes have not changed much from its hey day. I usually order the papaya salad with shrimp paste and pickle crab, yam poo dong, plaa goong, and pork jerky with sticky rice. Recently, we tried their boat noodle soup. The soup has improved tremendously from the last time I had it which was a couple of years ago.

South China (formerly Chef Chen's) on South Pickett Street

Thanks! I can't wait to try it! I don't live too far away.

Labor Day Weekend DC

I want to take advantage of a lot people being out of town this weekend. Any suggestions of hard to get into restaurants that I should try? I have no dietary restrictions.

Restaurants in Eden Center

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll have to give these a try. I used to love Huong Viet, but I stopped after a mediocre experience last summer. Nha Trang's noodle soup peaked my interest and so does the fish dish at Hai Duong.

Restaurants in Eden Center

I seem to be going to only the same three restaurants in Eden Center (Viet Royal, Lacay Cho Lon, and Cho Cu Saigon). Has anyone tried other places in Eden Center and would consider a revisit?

take-out/catering suggestions for dinner party in Northern Virginia

Depends on your budget and type of cuisine you are looking for. You can start by looking at to get ideas. You can also call the restaurants or vmeals directly if vmeals doesn't have exactly what you are looking for. Also, most Asian restaurants will do catering as well and they tend to be very affordable.

Why does Pho in Northern VA suck?

Takadi, I should really shadow my mom when she makes it. It's impossible to ask her to write things down as Asian mothers don't measure when they cook. Unfortunately, if she's going to do Pho Saturday or Pho Sunday, she starts the broth around 8AM to have the broth done by noon. I have no desires to wake up early and drive over to her house at that hour. Lol. I will need to one day, though. You should definitely give the Bailey's Golden Cow a try. It is more consistent and a better broth than the Rt 50 one.

Is Ben's Chili Bowl worth a visit?

Definitely go for the vibe and lower your expectations on the food. It's quite fun around 2AM.

Why does Pho in Northern VA suck?

Which Golden Cow location are you referring to? I agree with the Pho 75 comment. It's been mediocre for the last few years. I've been to the Wilson Blvd one, Herndon, Rt 50, and eventually stopped. The Golden Cow on Rt 50 has had too many inconsistencies and I've stopped going there, too. Now, I'm down to the Golden Cow in Bailey's Crossroads. I'm still happy with it. I tried Pho 50 a couple of days ago and wasn't impressed. I'll have to note the time of day next time I go to a pho place. The best pho is still the one my mom makes, but she doesn't make it often enough.

Presidential Thai Food

Me, too!