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Looking for a good Mexican (tex-mex) breakfast place in/near Plano

Although it is no where near Plano, Esperaniza's in Fort-Worth is an authentic spot for a tex-mex breakfast and the tortillas are homemade. I have a full review of this place on my breakfast blog, below is a direct link to that article. Be sure to let us know if you find any other great breakfast places in your travels.


Fort Worth - don't Texans eat breakfast??

I am compiling a list of the best breakfast restaurants in Dallas Fort Worth 2012, on my blog and I am looking for great, full service breakfast restaurants to review. Go to my site ( and submit your favorite and I will check it out! I am on the quest for the best breakfast, so only submit what YOU think is the BEST!

Breakfast in Dallas?

I second that! Old West is a great breakfast cafe. They offer a good mix of traditional and tex-mex breakfast options. I have been to a few different locations around DFW and all were good! Good food, good portions, good value, and friendly service.

If you know of any other good breakfast places in Dallas Fort Worth tell me! Check out my blog and submit YOUR recommendation. Working on the "Best of 2012" now and want to try some new places.

DFW - Breakfast Spots

I am very surprised to hear that something happen so bad you won't go back to Benedict's. This is one of my favorite places. I actually have a breakfast site of my own, and have it as one of my favorite local joints! I also like the Dallas Diner too, it used to be called Norma's in Farmers brach.