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foods you eat to get full without consuming too many calories?

Tanita BC-554 Ironman Innerscan Body Composition Monitor - measures body weight, body fat percentage, hydration level, muscle mass, BMR, Metabolic Age, Visceeral Fat. This is not your basic scale. However, the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is considered one of the best out there for determining true body composition. If you do the measurements as well, you can even find if you are losing muscle mass. Very useful! But, expensive.

foods you eat to get full without consuming too many calories?

Actually, BMI has been found to be not accurate measurement of body fat. And, if muscle, being more dense, can make you weigh more, then you still would weigh more then with fat. However, people tend to freak because they think they are overweight just because of what the scale says without any regard to how much muscle they really have.
Article I read:
Quote: "A research team from Michigan State University and Saginaw Valley State University measured the BMI of more than 400 college students – some of whom were athletes and some not – and found that in most cases the student’s BMI did not accurately reflect his or her percentage of body fat."

foods you eat to get full without consuming too many calories?

Legumes and fiber is what is going to fill you up.
Protein will help you gain muscles, but does help in filing you.
Vegetables are considered "freebies" in that they don't add any real calories.
Fish is considered the healthiest non-vegan protein source.
Tofu is the healthiest protein source and is a legume.

Peanut Butter and Apples as a snack between meals gives you protein and satisfies cravings. Ants on a Log (Celery with peanut butter and raisins) are also good.
Non-traditional Sushi filled with fish, thin sliced vegetables and rice, wrapped in Nori.
Cabbage Leaves Wraps filled with thin sliced vegetables and Pinto Beans.

Any Bento Box recipe idea. The Japanese pack a lot in those little boxes. And, you can be very creative too, if you want.

May I suggest you discuss with a dietician what would be healthy for you and your body type? If you do not eat enough calories for your activity level, your body can go into starvation mode. Also, muscles weigh more then fat which makes most scales not very accurate. I forget which kind my sister has, but you stand on it bare footed, and it takes a special reading. Its not a traditional scale. Sorry, but I'm not remembering the details. It's considered better. Just a FYI. ;)

Best wishes on your food choices!

Tell Me About Your Favorite "Square Meal?"

Square Meal Vegan style: I made a Portobello Mushroom sauce poured over Mushroom Meatloaf and sliced potatoes with peas. No dessert though. I should make this more often.

I also like a good Vegan Cottage pie. Obviously not authentic but is good. I like to serve it with Red Leicester cheese (not Vegan) on the side, instead of over the mashed potatoes.

Requesting separate boards for Vegan-Vegetarian and Allergic-Intolerant

It would be nice if you had a separate boards for...
1) Vegan/Vegetarian diets
2) Allergic/Intolerant diets

Why? Its much easier for us to find each other and get or give good answers. Personally, I would even accept one heading for both if you can come up with an appropriate heading.
? Alternate diets
? Special diets

I'm not sure if any of those titles would be considered offensive or not. lol

Feb 19, 2012
alergkvegtarian in Site Talk

Vegetarian sausage?

Boca brand products general have a good texture and a good taste if you aren't allergic/intolerant to allium. (onion/garlic) family. I have to make my own tofu sausage because my intolerance to onion became worse, but used to tolerate Boca.

Why Faux meats? Some of us are allergic to the real mccoy. Also, protein source being only beans gets old real quick. Tofu takes on any flavour you want it to, so why not give it a meat based flavour?

Tofu too processed argument: So is your mashed potatoes too processed. Yes, I would like to say this to my brother who is vehemently against the concept of tofu. ;)

College dorm cafeteria food -- which ones are the best?

As one with unusual food allergies, I found that having kitchen access and cooking for myself something to die for. I have yet to find a college or university who knows how to make Tofu taste good. Gluten free largely does not exist. Most University and Colleges that I've heard of are allergy unaware and think that if they offer a wide enough selection that we should be able to find somethng we can eat. They also assume that all vegetarians/vegans can eat onions and garlic and the entire mustard/cabbage family. And, that none of us are gluten free.

Lastly, they are not trained on cross-contamination issues nor are they trained on what makes a complete nutritious diet for a Vegan/Vegetarian. This isn't even mentioning someone with allergies on these diets.

Personally, I would avoid living on campus and avoid any place that requires freshman to live on campus. Studying is usually quieter and your grades will usually improve immensely.

Foods Most Eaten

Great Northern Bean, Spinach and Mushroom Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuff Red Bell Peppers with Garbanzo Beans

Mushroom Stir Fry

Tofu Garbanzo Burger with Romaine Lettuce, Tomato in Gluten Free Teff wrap.

Sushi (made with seasoned fried rice and sweet baby bellpeppers)

Vegan Agnolotti Cavour (totally NOT authentic. Wheat pasta would be better then my Gluten free version!)

Rice with Tofu Chicken and Vegetables

Vegan Cottage Pie with Vinegar free "HP" sauce

Macaroni and Red Leicester Cheese with Sweet Baby Bell Peppers

Vegan Mushroom Meatloaf with Rice noodles and Red Leicester Cheese and Mushroom sauce.

I make everything Allium and Gluten free, mustard/cabbage family free and either vegan or vegetarian. I would say my Agnolotti Cavour recipe is not the greatest only because I use a makeshift gluten free dough and attempt to recreate the traditional meats using only tofu and spices. LOL