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Sri Lankan food in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

Nothing yet in the Cities on the Sri Lankan restaurant? Was hoping since its been a couple years since the last post.

What is your biggest recipe pet peeve?

Peeve 1 - Baking recipes that are not measured by weight.

Peeve 2 - recipes that have useless ingredients in them.

Peeve 3 - People that look at recipes online and instead of just simply commenting on the recipe - good, bad, hard to make, whatever... they go into this long novel about what they did different to the dish, and then end it by saying, but your way sounds good.

Jul 10, 2012
VirtuaFoodie in Home Cooking

Pho at Ngon

Ngon is part of the family that owns Caravelle (his parents) his aunt owns Pho 79 (Uptown), and I believe is other aunt owned Pho Ahn which was what Ngon was converted from. I also thought is brother owned Senor Wong's in downtown st. paul. Things could have changed since I last spoke with the Chef... but.