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Do you eat the...gulp...fat?

To answer your question... yes absolutely! Steaks, pork, ribs, chicken, duck... love all of it. Surprisingly no one has mentioned an Indian pork dish called goan pork vindaloo. Hands down some of the best pork fat EVER! Its basically pork w/ the fat cubed and stewed in a mixture of spices. Its fiery and tangy and just amazing. Thankfully my dad makes it when we crave it. And coming from a family of fat eaters, you can bet there's usually a fight over the fat in that dish.

Aug 24, 2012
kraveit in General Topics

Best Restaurants in Clear Lake Area (HOU)

T-Bone Tom's is good but by far my favorite place is Frenchie's. I have not been to Villa Capri (same owners) but have heard it is just as good. Frenchie's used to be where we'd go to from UHCL for lunch. The sandwiches are excellent. Great price and huge portion. The lunch specials are great for an awesome price. I've been there for dinner once and it was amazing! I was looking for a specific taste and could not find it on the menu but the server was happy to speak to the chef and put together what I wanted (in terms of a lite olive oil and lemon sauce). Point being that they aim to please and food is so fresh. Price wise, dinner is of course a bit more expensive. Other than Frenchies, Mamacita's is good. Cullen's Upscale is pricey but nice for a special occasion. I've hear their brunch is a good deal though. Abe's Cajun Market and Cafe is small but a good deal and you find all kinds of Cajun specialties to buy. They have a freezer and deli section aside from the cafe. Sushi Coast and Tokyo Bowl has good happy hour specials. I also was not a fan of Cuisine of India and never really cared for Moghuls. (I get authentic Indian food at home :)) I did however, like Bombay Tadka. I thought their lunch buffet was pretty good. Like Floyd's a lot but never had the frog legs. Will do that next time I'm there! Have not been to Korean Bar B Que but have heard good things. I don't live in Clear lake anymore so I'm sure there are a lot of new places to try. I do return that way and would love to hear if you came across something good too!

Jul 21, 2012
kraveit in Houston

Diner's Drive-In's and Dive's Type Stuff Near The Strip?

Totally agree on Lotus of Siam. Went last year and did not have a rental. From looking at a map it seemed close enough to walk to from the bus. Not so much. Sketchy surroundings with little traffic. We were even willing to grab a cab at that point but couldn't even get one to stop. Nonetheless... the food was so worth it. It is with out a doubt my favorite Thai spot.

Jul 21, 2012
kraveit in Las Vegas