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Gloria pizza heads that think Amore pizza are the same owners?

Ok lets set the record straight... Tom started out in this business from his father in law, my grandfather Lucio Musco. The original owner of Gloria Pizza and Lucia Pizza in Flushing. Once we left Queens we opened LaVera Pizza in New Hyde Park. We then sold it several years ago and went to NYC. LaVera is still open but my father has not owned or operated it in years. That is why it is not the same. If you remember LaVera from the 90's you have had a taste of "the good stuff". I worked there for years and people were coming from all over to enjoy it and I often heard about how it brought them back to the "days of Gloria"!! There is nothing like it. I never tasted amore but I know they did work for my grandfather back in the day and I have heard it's good.

Feb 17, 2012
Pizzaprincessj in Outer Boroughs