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Best/cheapest mail order dry aged steaks

Thanks for the tip fourunder. As a regular joe who doesn’t own or operate a restaurant or store, can I just go to Hunts point? Do they have regular business hours? Should I call ahead to place an order? Are there minimum orders? Master purveyors looks like the real deal and would at least cut out the middle man of ordering the same meat from the luger’s website at a markup

Best/cheapest mail order dry aged steaks

North Jersey and work in New York City. I am willing to travel if I can find some good local butchers. I know there are places in the city to get it (Fairway, Citerella), but again the cost becomes a factor. I am looking into ottomanelli in the west village and also potentially Wegmen’s in NJ. I found this NY Times article from over a decade ago which gave some good local leads. Honestly though, I sort of figured the internet would be the perfect place for this since dry aging means having the real estate to house big pieces of beef in the right environment. It would make sense to me that some place in the middle of nowhere (no offense) is better equipped to do that than a small mom and pop butcher in the city

Best/cheapest mail order dry aged steaks

I have access to one yes. But, a quick glance at their website reveals that most of the their prime beef is wet-aged or not aged at all. This may vary from location to location, and might be worth exploring, but I am looking for true dry aging, hopefully for at least 21 days

Best Mail Order Bacon?

i would definitely vote Benton's simply because the amount of smoke on it makes it a one of a kind product. plus, you could also get your husband some country ham to fry up alongside. if you are looking for something really different, you could try and cure and smoke your own bacon. i use pink salt and smoke my own on a weber kettle grill with a lot of success. that way i can cut the bacon to whatever size i want. check out ruhlman's recipe from his charcuterie book if you are interested in going the homemade route

Best/cheapest mail order dry aged steaks

I am looking for the best deal (though I realize this is kind of an oxymoron) for dry-aged, USDA Prime steaks for a large group for this memorial day (preferable ribeye and ny strip). Does anyone have any ideas? I stumbled upon the New Brunswick Steak Company and Bryans Fine Food and they seem to fit the bill. Has anyone tried them and had success? I cant seem to find any reviews or articles online about either company. I know LaFrieda meats sells some, but only their ny strip is dry aged. Any other sources on the internet I am missing? I know there are a few like Lobels, Peter Luger and Allen Brothers that do it, but their prices leave something to be desire. Thanks for the help,

Help finding a ubiquitous cocktail for a booze hater

I am a scotch and bourbon drinker and will always happily drink some variety of those beverages on the rocks or a Rob Roy. My girlfriend, however, does not have a taste for hard alcohol, though weirdly she does like specialty cocktails from various bars and restaurants. More specifically, she does not like the flavor of the booze itself (martinis, gin and tonics) to be the primary flavor of a drink. She does like a variety of drinks such as a dark-and stormy where the ginger takes the primary flavor. But, when you go to a new place and try some specialty cocktail, it is often 50-50 on how good it is, and whether or not the primary flavor is the booze and whether she actually likes said drink. Thus, getting a drink with her can be pretty hit or miss depending on the establishment. So, my question is: what drinks would people recommend that are A) ubiquitous enough to be able to order at any bar? And B) whose primary flavor isn’t just the booze itself?

My first thought is something along the lines of a negroni. Where the flavor comes from the aperitif, and isn’t overwhelmed by the fire of the gin. Any other suggestions besides a screwdriver?... Thanks

Feb 15, 2012
Bourbonandbacon in Spirits