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New Pizza Place in Fair Lawn, NJ

I visited the store yesterday. There is about 4 tables with seating for 12.
I ordered the regular slice which was considerably cheesier than other kosher pizza I had. It was very good. They have lots of pizza with toppings, calzones, bourekas and some salad. They also offer falafel and a few pastas.

Delivery is free in the area.
I hope this place does well.
They only charge 1.99 a slice.

Apr 14, 2010
ilovemooshoo in Kosher

New steakhouse coming to Teaneck

Any recent reviews??

Aug 11, 2009
ilovemooshoo in Kosher

Rosa's pizza - Empire State Bldg.

Ate there on Sunday, and was very happy. Fresh, delicious, and the staff was very nice...especially the sushi chef!

I wanted to order today with some coworkers and, despite being told by the owner that they would deliver to my office (which isn't close) for the $10 minimum, when I called today, a very rude woman told me that it would be "$15...I mean $20 minimum." Just for fun, my husband called half an hour later and gave my office address, and the woman told him $25 minimum for delivery. I am unhappy because good pizza is surprisingly hard to find in NYC. Bummer.

May 26, 2009
ilovemooshoo in Kosher

Fairway opening this Wednesday in Paramus!

a NEW Shoprite on Rt 4? Do tell!

Mar 24, 2009
ilovemooshoo in Kosher

Best Produce in Bergen County

Hi Everyone,

After moving to the area from Brooklyn, land of the small fruit store, I am unimpressed with the produce offerings (both quality and price-wise) at my local supermarkets.

Can anyone suggest a place to go for Fruits and Vegetables in the Teaneck/Bergenfield/Hackensack area? I am willing to go further if the low prices and quality are worth it.

I look forward to reading your responses!

May 30, 2008
ilovemooshoo in New Jersey

kosher near houston airport

There are two airports in Houston. Hobby and Bush Intercontinental. You have a MUCH better chance of getting something delivered to Hobby that Bush....if you have a chance at all.

Mar 13, 2008
ilovemooshoo in Kosher

Pesach in Ixtapa

Has anyone been or know anyone who has been to Ixtapa for Pesach? I am speaking specifically about the Hotel Dorado Pacifico that is run by OrganizaciĆ³n Hafikoman. Please--I am looking for the good, the bad and/or the ugly. Thanks so much!

Mar 02, 2008
ilovemooshoo in Kosher

New Kosher Restaurant In Highland Park-Park Place

Took out from there on Saturday Night. Three of us had different wraps (veggie, chicken and beef), which we all enjoyed. The fries were excellent. The buffalo wings were good, but nothing special and the poppers (which is not what they were called on the menu, but a popper is a popper no matter how you pop it) were the same. The place itself was clean, and the counter staff was fine, though he couldnt tell me much about the heat in the poppers, as they come in mild, regular and super hot (we got regular and i would put them as spicy but leaning towards mild). Would definitely go again and try out other items on the menu. They also have a sushi bar which was not open when we were there, but the fish looked fresh (and on a Sat night!)

Nov 19, 2007
ilovemooshoo in Kosher

Sushi Metsuyan in Queens

A correction, while he is taking a client, it doesn't seem like its the "big client". He said specifically he wants "one step above a diner" (I guess that's what the client likes) and the client wants it to be in queens

Nov 15, 2007
ilovemooshoo in Kosher

Sushi Metsuyan in Queens

Hi everyone. I know there are other topics about Sushi Metsuyan, but they all seem to be more than a year old. I just suggested to my boss to take a big client there because he is looking for a place in Queens with a nice ambiance...but I wanted to make sure they were not going to have a bad experience there. Obviously, nothing is ever guaranteed, but can anyone tell me if Sushi Metsuyan is a good idea, and if not, can you suggest something in Queens, not terribly expensive with a nice atmosphere?


Nov 15, 2007
ilovemooshoo in Kosher

Aaron's Gourmet in Queens, NY

Does anyone know anything about this place? It was written up in Metro this morning (gotta love free newspapers on the train) and sounds awesome.

Whats the story with the hechsher of O.K.S. (Rabbi Harry Cohen)?


Sep 20, 2007
ilovemooshoo in Kosher