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Any suggestions for St. Patrick's Day in SF?

Yeah, no . . . drunken masses are not what we are looking for. Good to know what to avoid. Thanks to all for your help.
p.s. I'm new to this chowhound posting and am curious. Does 'OP' stand for 'other posters' or something else?

Any suggestions for St. Patrick's Day in SF?

Hello all,
We are a couple in our 50's traveling to SF in March and St. Pat's falls smack dab in the middle of our visit. Staying in the Union Sq/Chinatown vicinity without a car. Looking for suggestions for inexpensive to moderately-priced ideas for food. Prefer food on-the-go, not fancy or finicky. Is March too early for street food options?

With regard to St. Pat's, just curious about what to expect, suggestions of where to go for fun and people watching.

Any other suggestions for places not to miss would also be appreciated.