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"Tiger Cry" Thai Beef Salad.

There's no real substitute for the taste of fish sauce. But if you can't have fish sauce, try a premium brand soy sauce. Adding some soy sauce and some rice vinegar, in addition to the lime will give you the kick and tang you're looking for.

Oct 26, 2009
thangmap in Recipes

Peanut Sauce

yes adding Fish Sauce is the way to go, also try Sautéing some minced onions and garlic, and then add everything else to the pot and heat it up a bit, its not necessary to heat this sauce up, but in my opinion everything will mix better when heated.

I also don't like my sauce to be as thick as most restaurant likes theirs so I add some VN nuoc mam to mines and it thins it out a bit and it's superb with almost everything....I would leave a recipe for the mixture but growing up I was taught by my mom and she never went by measurement....but heres the ingredients and I'll try to eyeball it for yal...

VN nuoc mam:
VN fish sauce - 1/2 a cup
Lime - Juice from 3-4 limes more if you like it sour
Garlic - mince 3 gloves of garlic
Chile - paste or fresh or both to preferred spiciness
Sugar - 2 tbl spoon
Water - about 1 cup of hot water

Mix everything in a bowl with the water being last item to go in, and then just fine tone the sauce to your taste by adding more fish sauce, lime juice, chile, or sugar....

Sep 20, 2007
thangmap in Recipes

Tsunami, Baton Rouge

hey there I was trying to find a good spot for sushi in Baton Rouge, while I'm visiting getting ready for the LSU game and the Saints game this weekend....any recommendations? I've heard Tsunami was the place to beat, hows the sushi there...?

Sep 20, 2007
thangmap in New Orleans