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HELP FOR VALENTINES DAY....My sweetie is craving sea scallops for home cooked romantic meal guys are fantastic...I'm off the couch until the next anniversary at least ! I'll rundown the results of my hunt below for anybody else that might be looking....

Laurenzos.....did not have....but I have seen them there before....almost everything there is overpriced anyway....cute atmosphere but I'm Irish not Italiano

Captain Jims....I was close by so I went in....The counter man could not even tell me if they were wet or dry pack or chemical additives....15.99 pound..looked like 20-30 size...stick to the Florida seafood here

Delaware Chicken Farm....knowledgable and helpful...I would definately shop here for other items...BUT....Scallops as described were wet pack with additives $13.99/pound approx...20 size....they get points for honesty but not what I was looking for.

And THE WINNER IS......TRIAR Seafood in Hollywood by a mile....Sounds like they are trying to get more retail website coming lady was very helpful and wanted my business....They were all dry pack no chemicals added....18.99 for the big boys 6-8 per pound...$15.99 for 8-12 per pound......can't tell you how fast I got my self up there.

The meal was a smash....grilled asparagus and hollandaise.....Risotto....and a quick hot sear on the Scallops. With some yummy applewood smoked bacon bits

I'd really like to make a reference to a fine Chianti and some Fava beans but that is just not a Valentines day movie !!!!

Very much appreciate everybodys input and Props to Triars Seafood

HELP FOR VALENTINES DAY....My sweetie is craving sea scallops for home cooked romantic meal

Thanks Frod........I'm calling capt jims as we speak....Laurenzos said they don't have right now..I have heard of Delaware Chick Farm....good reports..I will try them also

Thanks so much....the couch is very

HELP FOR VALENTINES DAY....My sweetie is craving sea scallops for home cooked romantic meal

OK so I'm a budget hound. I can't afford $35/pound diver scallops. I live in the N Miami Beach area. I saw previously frozen, dry pack, kinda small, but still sea scallops not bay scallops at my local Publix seafood display case. $17.00 pound. No tryphosphates they say but hey had that way too white look to them.

Anybody have any last minute suggestions. I have no Costco card so I don't know their deals. I do know Whole Foods, Epicure and Fresh Market are usually way overpriced. Although I saw asparagus ( Mexican ) for $1.98/Pound.

I don't mind getting IQF and defrosting them in the fridge myself. I don't mind a 2 pound bag as I know she has other Scallop recipes we can make later. I also don't mind a minor road trip if I have to.

I'm thinking a simple sear but if anybody has any can't miss scallop recipes let me know. I will peruse the recipe links.

thanks in advance for keeping me off the couch