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Help with where to eat in Paris for 3 days/nights

I just realised that Le Cinq has changed a few chefs in the last three years. While it has maintained the top spot and it has always been classic French, I do feel like I won't be learning about the chef through his food. That has always appealed to me more. That said, u can't deny excellent food the praise it's due.

Feb 17, 2012
germaine01 in France

Help with where to eat in Paris for 3 days/nights

My husband and I will be in Paris in late March for 3 days before we leave for Spain. I would really like to lunch at a Michelin-starred restaurant as dinner would be too pricey. Despite having trawled the threads and especially because of trawling the threads, I am totally lost. I was thinking of either L'Aperge or L'Astrance. Any advice or other recommendations will be much appreciated!!

I've also been reading a lot about Spring, Frenchie and Saturne, albeit mixed reviews. Should I set aside one lunch or dinner at one of these restaurants?

While we could do one or two fancy meals, it'll be great to just dine at a Parisian cafe/bsitro (steak + frites!) and soak up the culture and atmosphere. From what I've read, I assume we won't need reservations at these more casual eateries? Please advise.

Since this is our first time in Paris, we will obviously be doing the touristy stuff. But we love food so can't pass up on a chance to indulge!

Feb 12, 2012
germaine01 in France