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Afternoon tea in Baltimore?

A couple of my friends from home are visiting for a big girly weekend, and have suggested that we find a place that serves afternoon tea (we had a place that did this growing up on the Eastern Shore, and it was really pretty adorable). It doesn't seem there are any places in Baltimore that do this though, at least, not anymore. Any ideas or alternatives are hugely appreciated.

Summery Crowd-Pleasing Pitcher Cocktail

We're getting hitched in August (semi-outdoors by the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland) and are trying to narrow down options for a "signature cocktail" that would be pre-mixed in pitchers and featured at the bar. The venue/caterer has expressed that we can have two, and as we're both whiskey drinkers we've decided the first will be something akin to a Lynchberg Lemonade.
We've hit a block for the second though. We'd like something crowd-pleasing that would be sufficiently distinct from the other drink. Also, since I chose the lemonade, my fiance feels that it should be the "bride's" drink and the second drink should be the "groom's," so we're looking for something not-too-girly.
Of note, we are having an open bar either way, so it's not as though our guests will be limited to only these cocktails- it's just something fun and personal.
Thanks for your ideas!

Feb 17, 2012
mobtownculinarian in Spirits

Seeking the perfect make-ahead drunk food

You are all my kind of people. Thanks so much for the terrific advice and fantastic options.

I ended up making bacon mac and cheese (using some bacon fat in the roux), because I had everything on-hand, but the evening progressed into the kind of night where you do NOT want to eat anything when you get home- it happens.

The next morning though, I make a huge breakfast with bloody marys, good coffee, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and sausage gravy, and scrambled eggs, which were devoured by my bleary-eyed guests & boyfriend. Sent most of the mac and cheese home with the little bro (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCAS!). May have to plan another bar night soon if only to try more drunk food options. Thanks again for your outpouring of ideas.

Seeking the perfect make-ahead drunk food

My little brother is turning 21 on Saturday, and I'm taking him out for a hopefully epic Baltimore pub crawl. It's my sisterly duty to take care of the kid, so I'd like to have some terrific, crave-able, hangover-fighting grub in the fridge ready to heat up at whatever time we stumble back to my place. I was thinking I'd make a stove-top mac n' cheese with bacon, but I'd love to hear other suggestions. Thanks all!