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Veal Sweetbreads

Thank you!

Veal Sweetbreads

Thank you so much for your help; I will have to try this place :-)

Veal Sweetbreads

Ooh they do - and I like the way they are prepared; thank you.

Veal Sweetbreads

I'm looking for a restaurant in the Livermore,Pleasanton,Dublin,Danville, Walnut Creek area that serves Veal Sweetbreads. So delicious and so hard to find.

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I love kitchen gadgets and best of all I ALWAYS use one or two daily. Bring it on!

Jul 23, 2012
chefdara in Features

What's The One Thing You Can't Eat, even for money.

carsu marzu - the nastiest food i've ever heard of. it's cheese with maggots and people actually eat it. You would have to pay me at least $10,000 to eat it and even then I would have to close my eyes and pinch my nose, i'd probably lose it right after swallowing. ick factor off the scale.

Apr 06, 2012
chefdara in General Topics

New resto: Lake Chalet in Oakland... anyone been? Oyster bar recs?

I went to LC in Oakland on Saturday evening. Ordered the tuna ceviche, clam chowder, salmon with grilled vegetables, and the Mahi Mahi with Basmati Rice. All were really good. I was a little dissapointed with the ceviche; it was more like a non-spicy poke; however having said that I must add the tuna was very fresh. The service we received was top notch. The restaurant location, atmoshpere, and decor are fabulous. I saw the oyster bar as I entered and was impressed. I will definitely be back; I would like to try some of the other dishes on the menu. I would give it three out of four stars.

Food paranoia?

I am totally with you rainey....i grew up the same way. Drank water from a garden hose most every day because no way was going inside in case there was a chore waiting for me. Played in the creek and ate my fair share of food dropped in dirt, sand, tan bark. For me it has to be personal choice. I have been known to eat leftovers after they have been in my fridge for two weeks and even more; one sniff is all it takes and if it doesn't have an offensive odor I eat it. I grew up eating leftovers; my mother never wasted food and the same holds true in my household now. I am lucky I have a child that is happy to eat whatever I put in front of her and as long as I would eat it then she will too.

Dec 11, 2009
chefdara in General Topics

What was your favourite childhood concoction, which you now think is disgusting?

It's from my childhood but I still eat it. Fried bologna, fried egg, and velveeta sandwiches - yummy. Also peanut butter, mayo, red onion, and salami sandwiches love em!

Dec 09, 2009
chefdara in General Topics

Kick-Butt Uni Dishes

A great place for live Uni is Ray's Sushi in Hayward at the Bedford Plaza Shopping Center on the corner of A street and Hesperian Boulevard. I ordered the live Uni last week on a Friday and when it arrived at my table I was so excited. There were 6 very large pieces of the freshest Uni (5-6 inches in length) draped over the top of the Urchin Shell, which was filled with shaved ice and bits of fresh seaweed - it was a spectacular presentation and the best Uni I have ever had. People were stopping at my table to admire the presentation.

Shabu Shabu

I was visiting friends in So. Cal a couple of weeks ago. We went to dinner at a Shabu restaurant. It was fun, delicious, healthy and very filling. If anyone knows of a GOOD Shabu restauarant in the Bay Area please let me know. Thanks a bunch :-)