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Spending the weekend with my daughter after 4 years apart. Need restaurant, bar suggestions

Long story short, I'll be seeing my 21 year old daughter for the first time in 4 years (ugly, ugly divorce). I could use your help with:

North End Restaurant. We need to be able to talk (we have a lot of catching up to do) but I don't want to share the conversation with the whole restaurant so not too tiny. We're headed to a Celtics game that night so it will be an early dinner. A place that excepts reservations will be a plus (although maybe at 5:30 that's not an issue).

After the game bar. It can be in the North End or Back Bay (she lives in Allston so I'm open to other recommendations). Someplace where we can continue the conversation so quiet and intimate.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner the next day. Can be anywhere in Boston/Cambridge.

Money is no object but it doesn't have to be blow out food. It's really where would you take you son/daughter if you hadn't seen them in ages and wanted to be able to spend time together.

Thanks. This obviously is a huge deal for me and I could really use your help.

Feb 08, 2012
DiscoDC in Greater Boston Area