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What are your favorite cold, bite size appetizers?

I like to do something I call "new caprese". I made it one day because I love the flavors of caprese but was tired of the same set up..
• Small slices (or chunks) of fresh mozarella (the best you can find)
• Thomas Keller tomato tartare : http://www.eatitatlanta.com/2010/03/1...
• Homemade basil oil and basil leaves
• Aged or reduced balsamic

Place the mozz in a small serving dish or cup, quenelle or spoon on tartare, drizzle with basil oil, add a few drops or balsamic and season with salt and pepper, top with small basil leaf or torn piece.

The color is great and it is really fresh and clean. Serve chilled.

Nov 28, 2012
sean907 in Home Cooking

Thomas Keller's Fried Chicken

I've used his recipe many times- with a variation. It is not as much work as it seems, with brining the only main difference between TKs chicken and your standard recipe. My variation is that I do not use the lemon in the brine- a personal preference. I also generally do not use the more expensive peanut oil. Besides heating the brine and waiting for it to chill the recipe is standard- seasoned flour, a liquid (buttermilk for TK) and frying. I think the brine is worth the trouble and something that is good to be familiar with for poultry dishes. Try it!

Sep 30, 2012
sean907 in Home Cooking

Place for a wedding dinner in Florence

20-30 People

Moderately priced- 20- 30$ Main course or cheaper.

Any help will be appreciated!

Apr 17, 2012
sean907 in Italy

Best kabob in Florence

I was a study abroad student in Firenze for a year 2007-8. We used to eat the kabob (schwarma) sandwiches often, as they were inexpensive and filling. We had our favorites, like mesopotamia, but I dont know how many are still there. Does anyone have any favorites that they have visited recently? If so, what stands out

Apr 17, 2012
sean907 in Italy

Favorite cooking blog?

My favorite for recipes:

My favorite for photos:

What are yours?

Mar 22, 2012
sean907 in Food Media & News

Authentic Bistecca Fiorentina in Florence

Where is a good, non touristy place for authentic Canina beef cooked Bistecca Fiorentina style?

Mar 19, 2012
sean907 in Italy

Need a wedding cake in Florence, Italy

My family is having a wedding in Florence in early August 2012. Suggestions for finding/ordering a wedding cake?

Mar 19, 2012
sean907 in Italy

Ingredient search

Looking for these ingredients in Queens or NYC area.

Dehydrated glucose syrup
Rice oil
rice starch

Thank You!

Mar 09, 2012
sean907 in Outer Boroughs

Reverse engineering a "glass shard" !

Thank you both for the replies- I have a good idea of how to start now.

Mar 04, 2012
sean907 in Home Cooking

Reverse engineering a "glass shard" !

Mostly what I have tried is different ratios of sugar to water. I do not know if it was baked - when I came back to help garnish they were on baking trays with silpats

Mar 04, 2012
sean907 in Home Cooking

Reverse engineering a "glass shard" !

I attended culinary school in Florence, Italy and for a catered dinner we made a multiple course menu. One of the items was a cake with a sugar "glass shard" garnish. As I was working a saute pan I did not have a hand in making the dessert. I have tried to reverse engineer the glass shard but have not had success yet. I do know it was baked on a silpat but that is about it. Please help!

Mar 04, 2012
sean907 in Home Cooking

Gambardella's in Fairbanks

This place is rotten on the inside- I was inside the kitchen 4 years ago and have not eaten there since.

Feb 08, 2012
sean907 in Pacific Northwest

Little Canadian Quail

I visited a local Asian market and bought a package of four little frozen quails from Canada. I am an experienced cook and have eaten quail but never cooked it as it is not generally for sale in Alaska. Recipes/ plating ideas?

Feb 08, 2012
sean907 in Pacific Northwest


Hi, I live in Fairbanks and have experience with some great restaurants around the country in addition to have attended culinary school in Florence, Italy. Let me tell you that good food experiences are few and far between in Fairbanks. The places that are known as "fine dining" are unimaginative, flavor constricted, 90's style protein, veggie potato places. We dont even have any restaurants that take advantage of the great seafood available in the state. Having said that the best available include:
Lemongrass Thai restaurant. Quality ingredients and strong flavors. (Fairbanks has a decent selection of Thai restaurants, Thai house is another popular one)
Lavelles Bistro: 90's style fine dining but on the right night will put out good food that will not disappoint. Best dining atmosphere in town and strong wine selection. Most cosmopolitan spot in town.
Silver Gulch: Locally brewed beer, hit or miss food, probably a better spot for seafood
After those three the drop off in sit-down restaurants is severe.
Alaska coffee roasters has good coffee and ala carte items.
J-Robs BBQ has homemade sauce and slow smokes meats.
Local spots for atmosphere but non-memorable food include soapy smiths (burgers....), sams sourdough cafe, food factory and cookie jar.

It is 350 miles from a real city and the food scene shows it. We are at least 10 years behind and probably 20.
For an Alaskan experience there are great restaurants in anchorage, or a couple hours from Fairbanks is one of the better restaurants in Alaska- 229 Parks, just past Denali National Park. Worth the drive.

Feb 08, 2012
sean907 in Pacific Northwest