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Slow-Cooked Stuffed Cabbage

My Mom,German (the Germans from Russia that were under Catherine the Great and moved to the Dakotas)always made them with cooked rice. Her recipe (which I now have) also has ground pork in them along with the hamburger. I cut a circle on top of the cabbage and cut out part of the spine; somewhat of a top shape, so the leaves just basically fall off; then pick them out of the water with tongs. No apples in my recipe but the meat is laid on a bit of sauerkraut. I also lay halved or quartered potatoes on top of the rolls the last 45 minutes of cooking; they get nicely steamed.
I think I will make these soon. Mom called them holuptsie (or pigs in the blanket). Also after they are rolled they were fried in a bit of butter to get a little brown on them before baking them in the oven in a large dutch oven. They are definitely not covered with water, that would make them all soggy.

Feb 07, 2012
hiRosemary in Recipes