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Help me pick some restaurants for my family's first time in New Orleans

Hello -

My family is going to be in New Orleans for the first time in March. Our stay, however, will be quite short at just two-and-a-half days. I've personally been there several times before, but no one else has, and I want to make sure I make some good choices.

I should start by saying that my family comes from a very "humble" background and doesn't understand the idea of spending extravagantly on food. Therefore, Stella, Commander's, Galatoire's, Coquette, Patois, Restaurant August (and the list goes on) are off the list. I do want them to taste some great food, though. What would be your picks for restaurants where most entrees are no more than $20 a piece?

Two lunches/brunches, two dinners, and maybe a breakfast place would be ideal.

Feb 07, 2012
chinesecrawfish in New Orleans