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Driving from Coral Spring to Miami Tomorrow- where should I stop to eat

I need suggestions here, no chains please I'm looking for local spots. My stomach and my foodie soul thanks you.

Rice Gelato

I'm not exactly sure, I had it in Italy it was called Riso Gelato directly translates to rice gelato. It didn't taste like rice pudding, it lacked cinnamon but was amazing. One time vespaio had it but i haven't been able to find it anywhere else.

Feb 08, 2012
CanadianINaustin in Austin

Fantastic Poblano Peppers....Recipes Other Than Chile Rellenos???

This does not keep them whole or use meat, but it tastes fantastic.

Green Chili Mac and Cheese

Grill poblanos until they are charred, cool, peel off the skin (it usually flakes right off) and chop

I simmer the chopped poblanos with an onion and lots of black pepper and a little butter (45 mins)
While this is cooking I make a cheese sauce whatever cheese you have or feel like having

Now time for the magic, the poblanos add a lot of flavor but not really color so I put a bunch of spinach in the blender add the onion & pepper mixture and blend until smooth, the more spinach you add the greener it'll be. Add this mixture to your cheese sauce.

You could stop at this point, which I have and just eaten this with tortillas it make an amazing queso dip.

Or you can pour it over some cooked elbow mac.


Feb 06, 2012
CanadianINaustin in Home Cooking

Cast Iron Pans

I made his chicken last night, such a simple and tasty recipe. Next time I'm going to try it in my Lodge skillet what a great idea.

Feb 06, 2012
CanadianINaustin in Kosher

Rice Gelato

I know that there has to be at least one gelato bar in town that makes rice gelato, I just haven't found it yet. Any suggestions??

Feb 06, 2012
CanadianINaustin in Austin